Jeromy Allen: Atlanta Clothing Designer

Jeromy Allen: Atlanta Clothing Designer

He started designing clothes because what he wanted to wear wasn’t out there. A lot of people might have that same feeling, but few teach themselves how to sew and actually create what’s missing.

And even fewer jump from Moline, IL to sewing the nights away in their cramped studio apartment in Minneapolis to hobnobbing with celebrities as they launch their clothing line at the Sundance Film Festival.

But Jeremy Wiborg did. And his Jeromy Allen line of luxury sportswear is taking off in a big way. The shirts, the hoodies and the button-ups are blanketing backs from coast-to-coast and word is spreading internationally about the Atlanta-based designer.

The path from Moline to Minneapolis to Sundance and beyond was forged thanks in part to a supportive mother and Wiborg’s own punk rock sensibilities. Coming out of the closet in 7th grade will prepare a person early for societal pressures, and how not to pay attention to them.

He would make those three-hour drives from Moline to Chicago all through his late teens to hit up the clubs, fake ID in hand and The Clash blasting the whole way there. That freedom combined with a mother’s support allowed him to be an individual and take chances that others couldn’t. “I felt like I could do anything,” he says. “I could wear anything, I could listen to any type of music, I could be who I wanted to be.”

Cut to that sewing machine in Minneapolis. The beginnings of the Jeromy Allen line were taking shape but Wiborg needed a bigger stage, so it was off to Atlanta. He developed the line, networked like crazy, never forgot a face and found himself in the good graces of the owners of the popular Blue Jeans boutique. It was through that connection that he landed the spot at Sundance in 2007. “It was confirmation that I was on the right track,” says Wiborg.

So now Wiborg’s on his way, spreading the word farther and wider about Jeromy Allen. Every piece is one-of-a-kind, which speaks to that punk sensibility and individualism that he still carries with him from his Moline days.

Fashion and creativity is what drives him and helps him keep a sense of identity. “If I wasn’t creative in some aspect, I wouldn’t be happy,” he says. “That gets me through.”

And through Jeromy Allen, he’s able to pass on that independent spirit to others, one shirt at a time.

*You can find the Jeromy Allen line at and at Kitson boutique in Los Angeles, CA.

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