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Playing the Field | Gay Atlanta Sports



Springtime in Atlanta teems with wonderful scenes: patio season, shirtless runners on Piedmont and more gay sports leagues than there are group sings on “Glee.”

No matter if you were captain of the football team or last-picked in dodgeball, there is an LGBT sports league for you. And if you’re not ready to jump in or the season has already started, there’s a packed schedule through the spring for those who like to watch.

You’ll find the men and women of the aptly-named Atlanta Rainbow Trout at the GA Tech Aquatic Center putting in a swim, a dive or battling it out in water polo. And who doesn’t want to find their own little Michael Phelps or Dara Torres? Practices and meets run practically year-round.

If nets and rackets are your forte, head to the Glenlake Tennis Center where the Atlanta Team Tennis Association holds open play every Saturday. There are opportunities aplenty to join or form a team and compete against others, straight and gay, throughout the city.

And speaking of those shirtless runners, Front Runners Atlanta has got you covered with group runs on Saturday mornings and Monday and Wednesday nights. The group gathers after each trek for a post-run meal at an area restaurant so there ARE opportunities to get to know someone after you catch your breath.

The hotspot for many reasons this season though is Candler Park on Saturdays. The QB’s are tossing bombs, the wide receivers are diving for catches and the all-gay National Flag Football League of Atlanta is bringing the heat through the end of May.

If it’s futbol and not football you prefer, the Hotlanta Soccer Association has got you covered. Teams are competing against others (gay and straight alike) in leagues throughout the city.

And the spring season might be over for the Hotlanta Volleyball Association but the bumping, setting and spiking continues with open play at Agnes Scott on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Softball might be the ultimate spring sport though if the teams formed by Woofs, BJ Roosters and Crimpers hair salon are any indication. The Hotlanta Softball League battles it out through July before starting up again for “fall ball” in September. Just watch out for the lethal ladies who call themselves the Violent Femmes. Now those are Fenuxe Women!

And the scrums are nowhere to be seen till next season for the Atlanta Bucks rugby team, but we’ve obviously got no shortage of alternatives to get out, get fit and meet a friend or two. A lot of us grew up dreading gym class—now we’ve got the chance to make up for it and get our game on!

*Please visit for more information about all of these teams.

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