Interview: David Bromstad

Interview: David Bromstad

David Bromstad is easy on the eyes. Let’s get that out of the way now. Need a second?

Okay good, let’s continue. David Bromstad is also the talented, charismatic ball of energy known as the host of HGTV’s hit show “Color Splash: Miami.” And he’s family. The openly gay designer and his top notch team help transform homes from ordinary to extraordinary. He made the “Splash” landing by beating out the competition in the inaugural season of HGTV’s “Design Star,” therefore securing his own show.

Bromstad ducked out of the Miami sun for a spell to talk to Fenuxe about being HGTV’s first openly gay television personality, the hottest colors of the season, the biggest design mistake to watch out for, and what it’s like living in the public eye.

Fenuxe: Thanks for joining us David! So before you went on “Design Star,” did you ever consider not being out on the show?

Bromstad: Yeah of course, that was one of the things where I was like “Hmm, I’m not the most masculine of people, but I could pull it off.” But, did I want to live that life? Did I want to be that guy that all the gays are talking about like “He’s a big ‘mo! I know it!” [laughs] I just needed to be myself and I was proud of who I was and proud to be gay, so I made the decision probably about a week or two before and it was all uphill from there.

Fenuxe: And how was the response to it?

Bromstad: Everyone has been so supportive. The audience has been supportive, HGTV has been amazingly supportive. I’m their first openly out person on the network. And they really got behind me. They just embraced it as much as I have and I think that’s incredible. And the public has been really great. And my castmates were just like, “Of course you’re gay! You’re way too sensitive not to be!” [laughs]

Fenuxe: How is “Color Splash: Miami” going? What can we expect coming up?

Bromstad: I’m so proud of my team. It’s so colorful and so different, and so not what you usually see at HGTV. We’re taking the traditional and making it really vibrant and doing really interesting concepts, which is really fun. You’re going to see a lot of different designs and different colors—more vibrant, more fabulous, really high-end stuff.

Fenuxe: Fenuxe has themes for every issue, just like you weave a theme into the rooms you design. Why do you find that to be a successful approach and what do you get out of it?

Bromstad: Because it becomes an environment instead of just a decorative space. When you make sure you’re carrying an idea through and you’re being consistent, it becomes such a really well-developed room. And what I get out of it? Pure satisfaction. [laughs] I do it for the after pictures, I do it for the homeowners, I just want America to look at my designs and go, “I never would have thought of that. How cool.” It’s about inspiring people to use color that they’re afraid of.

Fenuxe: What’s the biggest mistake someone can make when they want to redecorate?

Bromstad: They just don’t finish their idea, they don’t finish their thought process. They might get stuck on a little thing like, “I need a chair here.” Well figure out your color scheme before you go in and buy things. People don’t seem to do that. They go purchase by purchase. Thinking through your design before you actually run out and buy stuff is really important.

Fenuxe: What are the hot colors right now?

Bromstad: Purples and magentas are really, really hot right now and those are going to continue to be hot through the fall. Yellow is a really hot color this year. Turquoise is a really hot color this year, it was named color of the year by Pantone. We’ll see through the pinks and the purples into next year and after that there will be another hot color. Then the cycle starts all over again!

Fenuxe: Does that constant change spur on your creative energy?

Bromstad: I love it! Yeah, change is great. Change is necessary for the world to go around and for color and fashion and home, it just keeps evolving. If we didn’t have any changes in colors twice or three or four times a year then everything would look the same forever and it would be really boring and you wouldn’t be inspired.

Fenuxe: What’s your favorite thing about designing? Is it the creative process? The final product? Helping people see what’s possible?

Bromstad: It’s all of the above, it really is. I’m working with my team to create a really interesting and beautiful concept for the homeowner. We want to change their lives through design. And then since it’s a television show, I’m doing it for my fans. It makes me just equally excited too.

Fenuxe: Are you used to being in the public eye? When people stop you on the street, what do they ask you for: a design tip, your autograph, or your phone number?

Bromstad: All of the above. [laughs] No, it usually starts with a scream or an, “Oh my God, there’s that color guy!” Am I used to it? I don’t know if I could ever get used to it. I think it’s a huge compliment. All my fans are so excited and so appreciative and always have good things to say. If it were the opposite where I was a hated character then I would think it would be awful, but right now I think it’s pretty cool.

Fenuxe: So you’re not planning on throwing paint on any of the people on your show or anything like that?

Bromstad: Not quite yet. [laughs]

Fenuxe: So do you have a longterm plan for your career?

Bromstad: Yes, I would love to take over the world. [laughs] No, we’re starting to develop the whole product and merchandising aspect of it and that’s really exciting to me. That’s part of the reason why I got into this business because I’ve always wanted a product line, I just didn’t know how to go about doing it, ya know? And now it’s finally starting to happen, so hopefully you’ll see me in stores soon!

*“Color Splash: Miami” with David Bromstad airs Saturdays at 10/9c

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