Rainbows and Radiators

Rainbows and Radiators

Heads swivel as a fleet of pristine cars take the turn off North Druid Hills into the parking lot of the restaurant, surrounding the lot’s perimeter. Jags, Caddies, Alfa Romeos, Beamers, Vettes, vintage muscle cars—the sun bounces off the body of each waxed, polished wonder. Doors open. Out step the drivers.

They’re here. They’re queer. And they love their gears.

The monthly “cruise-ins” are part of a spate of activities held by the Lambda Car Club-Dogwood Region—the Southeast’s premiere club for the LGBT car enthusiast. The members of LCC-Dogwood gather at car shows, how-to clinics, road rallies, and other social events over their shared love of all things automotive.

Gay car clubs aren’t a new phenomenon by any means. LCC chapters started sprouting up across the country in the early 80s, with the Dogwood Region planting its oil-soaked rainbow flag in Atlanta in 1989. LCC now claims 30 chapters with over 2,200 tire-shining, dash-dressing friends of Dorothy nationwide.

Gay gyms, gay bars, gay sports leagues, and gay churches aren’t for everyone so it’s yet another option for those looking for “social fellowship” as LCC-Dogwood puts it. “I’ve got friendships around the country that go back more than 25 years,” says John Muller, President of Lambda Car Club International and co-founder of LCC-Dogwood. “The car club is what brought us together.”

Don’t worry, you don’t have to own a collectible car to take part in LCC-Dogwood either. You just have to like cars. And being gay doesn’t hurt.

Lambda Car Club-Dogwood Region



*September 19th, 5-7PM: Board Meeting & Cruise-In at the Piccadilly Cafeteria-North Druid Hills

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