Junior High Asks Students If They’re Gay

Junior High Asks Students If They’re Gay

Edgemont Junior High recently distributed a survey to its students asking their grade level, gender, race and sexual orientation. Students at Edgemont are in 7th through 9th grade.  The survey asked: “Do you identify as heterosexual/straight, lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, unsure or prefer not to say.”

Edgemont Junior High distributed the survey while participating in a nationwide program called Challenge Day designed by Challenge Associates.  However, Challenge Associates never intended for Edgemont Junior High to distribute the survey to children. According to Ockemia Bean at Challenge Associates, “the survey was originally [designed] to help with demographics, as a support tool.” However, Bean pointed out that “it was an older survey that was posted on our site, as a tool … for community members. It wasn’t something that we included in our actual [Challenge Day] program or that we forwarded to coordinators to pass out to school members.”  Additionally, Bean explained that the survey is no longer available on their website and that “it has been over a year since it has been down. It’s pretty old.”

Concerned parents complained to the Puyallup School District who subsequently destroyed any remaining surveys.  Karen Hansen, an employee with the Puyallup District School System, told Q13 Fox News that distributing the survey to children was a “mistake.”  Hansen also issued an apology and stated that the survey would not be used in the future.

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  • Tim P.

    The survey was totally inappropriate for that age!

  • William

    Why is it inappropriate for that age? Surely some of the pupils there are gay, having an idea of numbers would surely be a help in keeping an eye out for homophobic bullying.

  • Kaitlynne

    The survey is still available, because we just took it this year. And the survey is anonymous, so there was really no point in putting down “sexual orientation”. My friends and I laughed when we read it.

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