Historic Night for Republicans in Midterm Elections

Historic Night for Republicans in Midterm Elections

Republicans are smiling wide this morning. The GOP took back control of the House of Representatives last night, adding at least 60 seats with 12 still undecided—the most House seats to change over since 1948.

The GOP also picked up six seats in the Senate with three still undecided, ensuring that the Democrats will remain in control there. 10 governorships switched from Democrat to Republican.

It was a mixed bag for pro-equality candidates. Three pro-equality judges on the Iowa Supreme Court who voted last year to legalize same-sex marriage were all ousted. Gay-friendly Rep. Patrick Murphy, a high-profile fighter against Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, lost his seat in Pennsylvania.

But four openly gay representatives, Rep. Barney Frank, Tammy Baldwin, and Jared Polis, were all re-elected. And one openly gay candidate won a seat in the House, David Cicilline out of Rhode Island.

In Georgia, Republican Nathan Deal was able to avoid a runoff with Roy Barnes and won the governorship. GOP Sen. Johnny Isakson easily won a second term over Michael Thurmond as most expected. Longtime LGBT rights champion Rep. John Lewis won re-election, as did gay-friendly Rep. Hank Johnson.

Votes are still being tabulated and results continue to come in across the country.

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  • Frustrated Voter

    Well, I guess it was inevitable. The dems couldn’t keep their massive amounts of seats, but this is just terrible for our country.

    Let’s just sit back and watch Nathan Deal make Georgia a joke. He’s already done a pretty good job making us look stupid during his campaign.

  • Alan

    Let’s see how happy the tea baggers are with the new crop of crazy town politicians in a few months.

    How about the Rand Paul already back peddling on his campaign promises and he ain’t even in Washington yet.

    Yeah, if Nathan Deal’s commercials R any indication of his term in office we can expect a lot of cliches and sitting in rocking chairs.

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