Gay Atlanta Designer Lands On HGTV’s Design Wars

Gay Atlanta Designer Lands On HGTV’s Design Wars

Michael Peters (left) & Jason Dunn (right)

Local interior designer Jason Dunn is about to go to battle on HGTV’s brand new show Design Wars.  The Vinings resident is the co-owner of 2 Gays & A Design along with his partner of seven years, Michael Peters.

Design Wars pits three designers against each other in a remodeling battle at a residential home, with the winner chosen by the family. Dunn got word from HGTV on Monday about making the cut after nearly three months of phone interviews, Skype interviews and in-person interviews.

He hasn’t received word yet on an official shoot date but he’s been told it will be sometime in June or July. The Design Wars team will be in Atlanta for two to three months filming with different designers and families.

“It’s all been sort of surreal because our company has only been around for less than two years,” Dunn told Fenuxe. In that time 2 Gays have built up a solid following with a diverse client list.

Dunn is nervous but excited about all the attention the company has received. “There’s a lot going on and we’re very proud of it,” he says. “But yeah, there’s a lot of nerves involved with it too. We never thought that we’d be in this situation two years ago.”


Design Wars

Premieres Summer 2011 on HGTV

2 Gays & A Design


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  • Amanda Cole

    I cannot wait to see Jason on Design Wars. Best Wishes to him!

  • Angleworks35

    Are all of these ‘DESIGNERS’ manufactured by HGTV? I have never heard of this guy and the name of his business is really sophomoric. I’m tired of grown men being cutsey!

  • 2gaysdesign

    @angelworks35…I’m not sure what you mean by manufactured? My partner and I have worked very hard to started a business at 25 and do our best to make it successful. In regards to the name I’m sorry you feel that way but our clients seem to disagree. Thanks!

  • Zucky

    Those male designer’s on HGTV couldn’t design a paper bag!

  • luis

    thought your designs were pretty cool. Maybe one day I will reach out to you for some work.

  • Rlnova71

    someone please help me find a designer? this designer had a show few years back which i cant remember the name of and i cant remember his name either…lol yeah i know senior moment…he was a good looking blond, well spoken, slim build, gay, very knowledgeable….u ever cant think of someones name and it bugs u until u do? well, this is bugging me…thanks everyone…..

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