A Few of Fenuxe’s Favorite Things!

A Few of Fenuxe’s Favorite Things!

It is 4PM on Tuesday in Atlanta and we all know that means it is time for Turn it Up Tuesdays!!! Today we are going to check out a couple of our new favorite things.


You think Nicki Minaj didn’t have any competition, but oh sista she does now!

Wish hails from Baltimore, but now calls the Big Apple home. She got her start signing choir tunes when she was 7 and quickly became a local “must see”. She moved to NYC and started throwing down some serious tracks with longtime friend and songwriter Donny Roc. They dropped a promo disc in 2009 and caught on like wildfire.

In 2010 she signed with Jive records (home to the one and only Brit Brit) and is ready to hit the music scene hard. Don’t try to pigeon hole her cuz she won’t take that. She blends the best in Rap, hip-hop, R&B and even a little alternative into some pretty dope ditties.

If you are ready to dance, turn your music loud and check out her video for “Feel Ur Beat”!

Also check her out more of her stuff at www.wishishere.com! You can even download her “Mix Tape” for free!!!

Ellie Goulding

We end Turn It Up Tuesday with the British chart-topping Ellie Goulding who will make an appreance in the ATL this weekend. Even if you don’t know the name chances are you have heard her music. Her latest song called “Lights” is being played all over the radio and the remixes are lighting up dances floors across the city.

See for yourself what all the fuss is about this Saturday 9PM at the Center Stage Theatre when she performs all her hits!

Check out her beats here!

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