Exclusive Fenuxe Interview with Greg Bennett (the witty gay roommate) from “the Real Housewives of New Jersey”

Exclusive Fenuxe Interview with Greg Bennett (the witty gay roommate) from “the Real Housewives of New Jersey”

If you are a fan of “the Real Housewives of New Jersey” than you have probably seen the Manzo boys’ hot roommate. If you are like us, you wanted to know more. We had Malcolm Montgomery track him down to get all the dirt on him, the wives and his new bravo.tv web show.

Fenuxe: How was Beyonce last night!?

Greg: OMG, it was out of control! My friend Gina waited in line all day from 10 in the morning till 8 at night when they let us in, it was crazy, we were right in the front of the stage. Everybody hated me because I’m 6’5 but she sang right to me the whole time and that’s all that matters. I know all of the words, I lip-sync better than the drag queens so she was really into me.

Fenuxe: That’s awesome; I can’t believe your friend waited there for 10 hours!

Greg: It’s the least she could do! She doesn’t have a real job, it’s the least she could do! But she’s a good friend!

Fenuxe: So what do you do Greg?

Greg: I actually work for an affiliate marketing network, and I’ve had this same job since I graduated college and I work remotely from home, (that’s how I’m able to get on the phone with you right now) It’s an awesome schedule.

Fenuxe: Where did you go to school?

Greg: I went to Fordham University with Albie (Manzo) actually, and that’s how we met.

Fenuxe: Are you from Jersey?

Greg: I’m from central Jersey actually, so I didn’t know any of the Manzo’s growing up, I met Al at Fordham and we became friends there and that’s how I met his family and kinda got mixed up in all of this (RHONJ) we weren’t roommates in college, but senior year we all hung out at this one apartment complex, we called it the brothel because they only let girls be tenants there because they are cleaner. We would all go hang out there; it was kinda like Melrose Place. They always had parties outside every weekend and I actually introduced Al to his girlfriend that he had in college. We all went to the same parties and it was a small school so everyone kinda knew everybody. We just kept in touch after graduation, because you know people fall out and lose touch but I’m not like that.

Fenuxe: That’s interesting to hear, watching the show I was under the impression that you were friends with Lauren (Manzo) first?

Greg: No I actually wasn’t. I was friends with Lauren. She actually said on the show, “Greg was my friend too” (not first) Lauren and I are great friends and she’s like a sister to me. I met Al first. She’s the best and a lot of fun

Fenuxe: How’s Lauren’s make-up business doing? We watched her starting up on the show?

Greg: It’s going well, you know, everybody is trying to get their businesses off the ground, the boy’s have a water line that they are promoting that is doing really well, their bottled water is called blk. It’s black water; turns black because it’s infused with fulvic acid. It’s a miracle for hangovers, and improves your overall health. I’m obsessed with it; you can get it at Whole Foods and Earth Fare. (blkbeverages.com) Lauren is doing her makeup thing. Everybody has a very positive outlook. Lauren actually does her mom’s (Caroline’s) makeup. If you look on the show credits, she’s credited as the makeup artist.

Fenuxe: Well good for her, that’s a good place to get started. This show seems to get lot of its success from its family oriented nature, how did it happen that all of the cast mates are either related or friends of the family?

Greg: I wasn’t around during the first season, but I think that’s just how they cast it. I think they went into a hair shop or something and asked if there were any groups of women that would be good for TV. I really don’t know the whole story, but Andy Cohen has said in interviews before that each franchise has its own niche that it fits into, Beverly Hills is decadence and opulence and crazy money, and New Jersey is all about family, the OC is based on some 80s TV show, Knots Landing. I don’t know, is that a TV show? He said they are all unique in their own way. I think New Jersey just kind of naturally became about family.

Fenuxe: I think that’s why this series, as opposed to the others, has become so successful because it is relatable. People have strong opinions about the characters and situations because you almost feel a part of the family

Greg: Everyone always comes up to me when I am out and tells me how much Caroline (Manzo) reminds them of their mother. People really do relate to the series, as if they think it’s their family and they see their family in a lot of the situations that are going on which is why it makes it so real.

Fenuxe: Do you get recognized when you go out?

Greg: I’m starting to, actually, though I have a boyfriend now so I don’t really go out to the gay bars like I used to. When I moved to Hoboken from the City, I kinda settled down and started to focus on my job, my boyfriend, and things here. It’s cool to get recognized, it’s unique, I don’t know why anyone would want to take a picture with me, but they do. They love the “gay best friend”

Fenuxe: Obviously you have fans! You have a fan page on Facebook just for you!

Greg: I know isn’t that crazy? I thought that was so funny, I love them they’re cute. But I didn’t start it! That would be so douchey of me to start my own fan page. It’s kinda funny, it’s a guy who runs the page and he kinda speaks on my behalf, they are sweet and they write nice things about me. Until someone gets on there and writes something like, “he’s fat” then I don’t care!

Fenuxe: Hearing you have a boyfriend makes me want to clear up some of the rumors that we hear about you, why does everyone seem to think you are secretly dating Albie Manzo?

Greg: Um, I don’t know, I’m sure people would love to believe that because we are both two good looking guys, but he’s been a friend to me for years. He has a girlfriend now, not Billy Joel’s daughter Alexa Ray Joel, the girl he was crushing on the show. But he’s not my type to begin with, so even if there was a chance of that it wouldn’t happen on my end! But, no, he’s straight and a good friend. Reading all of the blogs and comments and things like that, it kinda sucks that there are all of these ignorant people out there that say, “I’ve never heard of a gay and straight guy moving in together just to be roommates”. That’s so stupid, shame on them.

Fenuxe: I’m sure if works out great though; you probably keep them in line!

Greg: I do! I clean, Chris cooks, Al kinda delegates. We are like a little family, its great.

Fenuxe: We love the series that you guys have on Bravo.com, called “Boys to Manzo.”

Greg: We are hoping it could possibly be picked up as its own show someday. I don’t know what anyone has planned for that but people seem to like it and its gotten a very positive response, so we are happy with that and hope we can do more, who knows.

Fenuxe: Well back to your claim to fame, the Housewives of New Jersey. There’s a whole feud going on with Theresa Giudice and pretty much everyone on the show at this point, but specifically with her sister Melissa Gorga what’s your opinion on this?

Greg: That’s a whole family issue. I don’t think there is really a right and a wrong or a good guy and bad guy. Each side has their own points that they bring up during their arguments, the boys and I try and stay out of everything out here in Hoboken. But I love them both; I think they are both really nice girls. I love Melissa, she’s a lot of fun, she’s a hoot, I love Theresa as well, I was actually at the fashion show with her in season two when Danielle got here hair pulled, I’m sitting right next to her if you look back and watch. They are both very nice, I can see why they would argue, they are both very similar, but they are both great and will get over it eventually.

Fenuxe: It’s just kind of sad to watch this family feud get played out on television.

Greg: I guess it’s upsetting to watch yourself fight with your family on TV, but I think it’s done nothing but make them want to make the situation better, to be honest.

Fenuxe: I think even Theresa was quoted recently saying that she pretty much regrets doing the show because of all of the family drama.

Greg: I’m sure they are both upset about how things have played out, but I know they are working on it. I didn’t film with them much this season. I’m kind of watching it happen as you are. I hear things and see things but I don’t get to see it play out until the show actually airs.

Fenuxe: Have you heard Melissa’s new single, “On Display?” Do you like it?

Greg: Of course, I have! It’s on my cardio playlist! I do like it! I actually have heard it since last winter when she was recording it on the show and she had it on my computer and she made me delete it. So, I love it when I first heard it and I’m very happy for her. It’s doing so well on iTunes! It’s like number 14 on the dance charts; it’s doing really, really well. She’s doing her thing

Fenuxe: What do you feel about how Ashley Holmes is being displayed on the show? It seems like they are making her out to be a huge bitch?

Greg: I know Ashley enough to know that her issues with her mom (Jacqueline) are mother daughter issues, that the boys and I try and stay out of because it’s none of our business, but I know she is a very talented artist with a lot of potential. I know she is trying to get her act together. I know that everybody goes through their early twenties and they don’t know what they want to do. It just sucks to have those growing pains and I’m sure she will be fine. It has to be hard, but I know she loves her family very much and her family loves her.

Fenuxe: I’m sure she has her fair share of haters, that I’m sure you have no idea about! We love your snarky comments and attitude on the show!

Greg: Thank you, I appreciate it!

Fenuxe: Love Deloris, Deloris van Cartier via Sister Act, your dog. She’s a great character for the show.

Greg: Thanks, she’s a bitch, though she’s 700 years old, so it’s acceptable.

Fenuxe: Tell us about Theresa Giudice, she seems to be living a luxurious lifestyle to be going through all of these supposed financial issues?

Greg: You know, I really don’t know. I don’t count her money; I don’t know what she’s doing. I know that she’s working hard and selling her books and has 900 book signings a week and she’s hustling making money, good for her. Both of her books are on the New York Times best seller list, she’s a bestselling author now, not many people can say that, I wish I could!

Fenuxe: Ok, understandable, now tell us what you think of the infamous Kim G?

Greg: Ugh, I don’t even know her, to be honest with you. She was at the holiday party and that fashion show. I’m friends with her son, Johnny, Chris’ best friend; love him he’s a great guy. I don’t know what her deal is or what planet she lives on or what she’s trying to do. She’s whatever; I don’t think she’s going to be around anymore. The only times I have ever seen her in public, she’s trying to cause trouble. Some people just think that negative attention is a good idea. I just don’t understand how she thinks starting drama with these established women with fan bases is a good idea. But to each his own.

Fenuxe: What do you think about the whole Jersey Shore “Situation”, getting paid to stop wearing Abercrombie and Fitch?

Greg: I know, isn’t that hilarious! Though I think it’s all a publicity stunt, because I know Abercrombie has a shirt that says GTL on it. I think they were just trying to get attention.

The housewives are taking the weekend off in honor of labor day so while you are waiting their return…check out a webisode of “Boys to Manzo.”

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