Dancing in the Dark with Dev

Dancing in the Dark with Dev

YOU MAY HAVE never heard the name Devin Star Tailes, Dev for short, but most likely have heard her music. She is the voice and mind behind the words “Like a G6” which were sampled from her song “Booty Bounce” by the Far East Movement. Dev is a star on the rise with an album that will drop on November 1st. The songstress took time from her busy schedule to have a little one-on-one with Fenuxe.
Words By Malcolm Montgomery

Fenuxe: Tell us a little about yourself.

Dev: I grew up in a town called Manteca. It is about an hour outside of San Francisco. Complete suburbia. I grew up in a Mexican and Portuguese family. Very traditional on both sides and I wouldn’t have changed that for the world. It is the coolest thing to me that people in the year 2011 act as if they never left their countries. I think it is so rad.

Fenuxe: How did growing up in the suburbs affect your music?

Dev: Growing up, I was always into expressing myself. I always wrote, I always played sports and I always studied music and painted and did whatever I could. I think a lot of that came from my parents influence. They were the same way. They taught me, “simple things in life could make me happy.”

Fenuxe: Was it hard to practice so many talents growing up in Suburbia?

Dev: I didn’t always have the best tools there. I did what I could. Now I have a lot more at my finger tips and run wild with it like anyone would.

Fenuxe: You were discovered on MySpace by the Cataracs?

Dev: Yeah, I recorded a diss song for this girl who dated my ex-boyfriend and I covered Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black” over a random beat that my friend made. You could probably find them on Myspace. They are so shitty I literally sang them into my laptop. The Cataracs found them and liked them and said come to Berkeley. You have a weird voice, but it’s cool and let’s make some music.

Fenuxe: Your first album, “The Night the Sun Came Up”, is about to drop. How does that feel?

Dev: It feels good. It is about time. The public has only heard “G6” and “Bass Down Low” from me for the last year and a half.

Fenuxe: What was your goal with the music on this album?

Dev: This is my chance to let everybody know who I was because the public only knows me from “Bass Down Low” and “G6” and I wanted to express everything that I had to say and everything that I have been through and my stories for these last few years. It was important for me to be honest and be vulnerable. I think you can hear that on the album. Songs like “Perfect Match”, “Getaway”, “Dancing Shoes” and “Shadows” that are all really pretty. That is what I want to do. I want the next album to have more of those and be more mature. And be able to perform beautiful songs with instrumentation. I think that I am getting there. It meant a lot to me for this album to not only be sassy, but to be really pretty as well.

Fenuxe: Have you been working on this album since day one?

Dev: When I first started with the Cataracs it was more like one off songs. I started working on the album in Costa Rico in January.

Fenuxe: I bet that was a fun time.

Dev: Yeah, it was me the Cataracs and our managers. The whole skeleton for the album was made. We recorded like 13 songs. Over the last few months during our off time from touring we turned it in.

Fenuxe: What are you doing to support the album?

Dev: More shows, more touring and tons of videos. We have already shot four videos. I just want to get it out to people as much as possible.

Fenuxe: Who are you going to be touring with?

Dev: There is not an official tour yet, but once we get through the next couple of months we will find a perfect match.

Fenuxe: What is your life like with your album dropping? Is it stressful? Exciting?

Dev: Everyday has been busy. I am usually on a few flights a day. I do a bunch of shows. I do radio. Press stuff just to make sure everybody gets to hear everything that I have to say and for the album. It has been tiring and a lot work, but it is really exciting at the same time.

Fenuxe: Does it get monotonous to do a bunch of interviews?

Dev: Not really. It is for a good cause…my album is really important to me.

Fenuxe: Who is your dream collaboration?

Dev: It would probably be like Karen O and/or Crush or Nicki Minaj. I like Elton John too. It would have to be really swagful.

Fenuxe: Who is your celebrity crush?

Dev: My boyfriend, he is so cute. His name is Jimmy, but I won’t get too much into detail.

Get Dev’s new album
“The Night the Sun Came Up”
on November 1 and her new single
“In The Dark” on iTunes

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