The Fenuxe Interview: Sean Paul Lockhart and Richard Harmon

The Fenuxe Interview: Sean Paul Lockhart and Richard Harmon

words by Michael Vorndran
Out on Film is in full effect. If you haven’t caught a flick yet you need to peruse the schedule and get to one today. To get you in the mood we caught up with Sean Paul Lockhart and Richard Harmon from festival closer: Judas Kiss. The film screens closing night at 8:45pm October 6 at the Landmark Midtown Arts Cinema. Check out what the boys had to say…

FENUXE: Thanks for taking the time to chat boys. Richard, give us a quick rundown of what Judas Kiss is all about.

RICHARD: It revolves around Zachary Wells who is a washed up filmmaker in Hollywood who never made anything of the talent he had. And he was very talented, he squandered his possibilities. It’s a chance to redo the mistakes he made in his life and he gets the opportunity to go back and convince the younger version of himself to take things more seriously and think things through a little bit more.

FENUXE: What characters do you guys play in the movie?

RICHARD: I play the cocky young film student that he sees himself in my character, for good reasons. He tries to help me, but I feel like I am doing everything right. In my mind I don’t need his help in anything.

SEAN PAUL: I play the character to Chris Wachosky. He is also a young filmmaker. He is the previous winner of the Keystone Film Festival. Richard’s character is up for the same scholarship. They meet and have a good strong connection. I have always looked at the characters in the film, the different roles as different approaches as to how we can take on decisions in life. I think Richard’s character and Charlie David’s character and my character and even Abby’s character all represent a different way on how we approach life.

FENUXE: How did you get involved in the project?

SEAN PAUL: A handful of years ago I did a short film with Jody Wheeler who is also a producer on Judas Kiss. There were just two of us in it. He cast JT (director of Judas Kiss). We did this three day shoot in Southern California. I play this body inhabiting creature from the closet world and take JT’s character home and sacrifice him to the monsters. It was one of the first times I had an opportunity to take on a role and see some value in my ability as an actor. I think JT saw some of that as well and asked me to come on board Judas Kiss. They attached my name. I lent a helping hand in bringing some visibility to the film at an early stage when they were looking for funding. I was very happy to be a part of that because I thought the writing was stellar from the very beginning. I was proud to be a part of it.

RICHARD: My story of how I got involved isn’t as interesting as Sean’s. My agent found out about the movie, thought I would be good for the role of Danny, sent me the sides, I auditioned, felt a good connection to the character. I really didn’t see it coming. A few weeks later JT flew to Vancouver to ask me to do it and I was ecstatic to do so.

FENUXE: Richard, you recently got some attention for your role of Jasper Ames in AMC’s The Killing. How long have you been acting?

RICHARD: I have been acting professionally for about 10 years now. I did a reoccurring on Caprica a few years back, a feature film called Trick or Treat.

Fenuxe: Most of your work has been dramatic. Is that the direction you want your career to head?

RICHARD: I love comedy. I think I am pretty good at it. When I audition for comedy they always tell me that I am good, but then they tell me that my face looks angry. Unfortunately that is just how my face is built. (laughs)

FENUXE: Did you do The Killing before or after you did Judas Kiss?

RICHARD: I got the role of Danny and then we had a few months before we started filming Judas Kiss. In that time I booked the pilot for The Killing and we did the first episode. While were waiting for it to get picked-up I shot Judas Kiss and then it got picked up and we filmed the rest of the season. It kind of happened all at the same time.

FENUXE: Are you going back to season 2 of The Killing?

RICHARD: I have no idea if I am or not. You never really know with that show they keep it very close to the vest.

FENUXE: It is a great show.

RICHARD: I also loved it. Even after my character was gone I watched every episode.

FENUXE: Sean what has the journey been like for you with this film. It has picked up a lot of traction since it was released in April. What is it like to be a part of something from the beginning and then see it come to life?

SEAN PAUL: You are cautious when one becomes attached to something, particularly at the level that I was attached. And you go through a lot of ups and downs, but then you breathe a sigh of relief and say yes it is actually happening. What is so great about it and I think Richard can attest to this, especially with hearing him talk about The Killing and Judas Kiss, alot of this stuff happens right on top of one another. I got another role in another film right after I did this and it was a starring role. Both of the films have been doing the gay and lesbian festival circuit at the same time. I have had two films in a lot of the same festivals which is really exciting and it is also exhausting because you are in a different city every weekend. As much as I love to travel, I have had to learn how to pace myself. It has always been go big or go home. You know when you travel as much as I have been traveling; you certainly have to realize you don’t need a blow out at every opportunity. More than anything it has been overwhelming, but it has also shown me quite literally that even though I come from a place where it is not common, or hasn’t been done, that basically it can be done, as far as moving from one direction to another. It is not much of a secret where I got my start, but I am sure hoping that by this time next year people will have a clear idea of where I am going with my future.

FENUXE: Are you completely stepping away from your past?

SEAN PAUL: Am I stepping away from it. I still produce, I still have my website. I like to say I am officially, unofficially retired, which is my way of saying I have not made any such distinctions yet. Things are going really well in main stream. It’s where my heart is, it’s where my head is, it’s where I want to be in some capacity. At some point I would like to make my own films, I’d like to direct. I have already been doing that in the adult genre. With the recession things have changed. It has changed the playing field. It just isn’t something that does it for me anymore. If we all had the pleasure and the opportunity to do what we love than I would be doing acting.

FENUXE: It is great that you are not trying to hide it and put it all aside. It is what made you and the reason you have the opportunity you have today.

SEAN PAUL: We all know there is no putting Brent Corrigan back in the closet. He’s not going away anytime soon. (laughs) I am proud of the fact that a lot of my fans have been very respectful toward me, they stand by me. One thing that I hope that they can do is recognize that there is so much more to me than that one element and they see some value in that as well. All I am asking is “just give me a chance.”

FENUXE: Richard, what was it like for you to walk onto a set with mostly gay actors?

RICHARD: Honestly it wasn’t uncomfortable at all. I can fully give credit to Charlie, Sean and Timo. They knew what to do to make me feel comfortable when doing scenes like kissing.

FENUXE: What are you boys working on next?

RICHARD: I have a few things in the works, but can’t discuss them just yet.

SEAN PAUL: I just got an option for my book and my film based on my book. The business end of it is done and I can start taking it more seriously. It is largely a memoir; I kind of get frustrated when people call it an autobiography because I am 25 years-old. It is called “Incorrigible”. We are looking at our first draft in January. I have a couple of other projects in the pipeline. I am also developing a website called It is basically a social commentary website that kind of touches on all the facets of queer culture. My observations, my stance in the world. I did a lot of that on the website. I want to carry that on to a more main stream.

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