Take 5 With Fenuxe: Shannon Jenkins

Take 5 With Fenuxe: Shannon Jenkins

Fenuxe is proud to announce a new member of our family. This week’s Take 5 introduces Shannon Jenkins, who will start later this month as an associate writer. Shannon likes to keep busy running his portrait and wedding business, Offhand Photography, and improvising at various comedy theaters around Atlanta. As part of his art and comedy, this Mississippi native loves to learn about people and share their stories, which is why he’s so excited to join the staff at Fenuxe. He’s eager to embed himself in Atlanta’s gay community and showcase what makes them special.

What would be your perfect date night?
Dates make me nervous, so I’d need to kick things off with margaritas. I love to dance, so I’d want to go country two-stepping at the Heretic. After we’re tired and buzzed, we can end the night at IHOP with conversation and pancakes.

Who is your celebrity crush?
I know it’s cliche, but I’m infatuated with Jake Gyllenhaal. Other crushes have come and gone, but he’s still the one celebrity that mesmerizes me. There are more pictures of him on my screen saver than anyone else, and if I stare at them for too long I go dumb. He really melts my butter.

What is your favorite thing about Atlanta?
For the most part I’m a true Gemini, so I crave change and constant entertainment. This city always has something to offer. I love dining out or seeing a show or exploring a unique neighborhood. It’s hard to be bored here.

What would your drag name be?
Birdie King. As an improviser I’ve developed one character in particular that would serve as my drag personality. She’s a sweet housewife type that’s perfectly pleasant yet says everything that crosses her mind, and those thoughts are often very dark. I think “Birdie” represents the lighter side, and “King” comes from my obsession for Stephen King’s horror stories.

What’s the first thing you would buy if you won the lottery?
I’d buy a permanent home for Relapse Theatre. I spend a lot of time with my theater family, and I’d be lost without them. Not having to worry about paying a mortgage would give us the opportunity to focus all our energy on making people laugh.

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  • Tom Todaro

    Great to get to know you better through this interview, Shannon. I hope to see you soon at Relapse or elsewhere.

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