Take 5 with Beth Keller

Take 5 with Beth Keller

Beth, a graduate of Clemson and the University of Utah, has served as the development director for CHRIS Kids since 2008. Her responsibilities at the nonprofit, which provides housing and support to LGBT and other youth, include cultivation, donor affairs, grant-writing, corporate relations, community partnerships, strategic planning and major gifts. She said her most important volunteer role is being a Big Sister through Big Brothers Big Sisters for the past six years. Her partner, Amanda Zbinden, works at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta saving lives every day. Beth and Amanda love hanging out with their three Rhodesian Ridgebacks–Diesel, Akeelah and Abby.

What is your favorite thing about Atlanta?
I love the people and sense of community. Atlanta has some of the most interesting and diverse people/neighborhoods. The city welcomes and accepts multiple lifestyles and has a broad range of restaurants, festivals and cultural events.

What would be your ideal night out on the town?
Ideally the limo drops us off at some of our favorite spots throughout the evening like The Shed for dinner; Holy Taco and Midway for drinks; Midtown Arts Cinema for a movie; Amsterdam Atlanta and Bellisima to see who else is out on the town; The Majestic because it’s late and time for pancakes; and last stop [would be] Cockpit because it is awesome (and on the way home). And you thought I would say, “Ideally the limo drops us off at Alluvia.”

What is your guilty pleasure?
Since I do not have a fancy phone, I am only able to email and call from my phone. So, I get “app envy” when I see other people checking ESPN, Scoutmob, weather, etc. Whenever possible, I like to play Angry Birds. I like to get three stars on every level. It is insanely addicting; I can’t stop.

Who is your personal hero?
My personal hero is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I’m deeply inspired by his vision for total inclusivity and believe he set a standard in which all of us value each other, as humans. His passion for community, volunteer service and taking care of others is certainly admirable.

If you could make any three wishes, what would they be?
I wish that hate and greed are no longer motivators, innocent children do not lose innocence as a result of immoral adults and that all people experience true happiness.


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