Beauty Behind the Brand

Beauty Behind the Brand

Calisto Harvalias

Calisto Harvalias

Dino Thompson-Sarmiento, Fenuxe Contributor

If you’ve ever set foot in one of Atlanta’s gay hot spots you’ve surely spotted Calisto Harvalias. The tall, dark and gorgeous Greek has become a staple in many gay circles and usually shows up with an entourage of beautifully sculpted men scantily clad in ancient Nordic combat attire. But that’s just part of a normal work day for Calisto.

During daylight hours, he works as a stylist for Richie Arpino Salon in Buckhead. “Sexy starts with your hair,” Calisto says.

Before he was making others look like models, Calisto was walking the runway and posing for photographers himself. He had a successful run as an international model for such fashion powerhouses like Prada and Dolce & Gabanna, and he has graced the pages of GQ and Details. Calisto even snagged the title of Mr. Congeniality for Mister USA 2008. He has been in a number of TV shows, including “Wife Swap” and “Housewives of Atlanta” and most currently will be in the upcoming Hollywood movie “What to Expect” with Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz.

And what about all those barely dressed hunks we mentioned earlier? Well, they come as complements of Calisto’s other work endeavor as the nation’s first LGBT brand specialist for premium drinks giant Diageo. These hot men help support Atlanta’s diverse community while providing a variety of flavored ROKK Vodkas during their nights on the town.

In addition to ROKK, Calisto and his team provide tastings of Smirnoff, Ketel One, Jose Cuervo and Tanqueray at many local watering holes and special non-profit events.

Diageo, Calisto said, has supported a variety of Atlanta’s LGBT charities and events, including GLAAD’s 25 Year Anniversary Awards, For the Kid’s Toy Party, Human Rights Campaign, AID Atlanta, PALS, Atlanta Pride and Joining Hearts. They have done so with product, financial contributions, team support and of course the hot ROKK Vikings.

So, please don’t be shy and the next time you see him, say “Support the Spirit that supports you as you!”

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  • Courtney Lambert

    What a great article about an even greater man!

  • Calisto Harvalias

    Thank you gorgeous. I love you so much even back when we were “Buff Chicken It” around the country. Diamond, tassels, trixie, and pokey need a reunion stat;) big kiss!!!

  • Calktm3

    you ROKK Calisto :)

  • Andi

    Love you babe! Good article!

  • Naivasha Johnson

    Congrats my love!!! What a wonderful article. I’m so proud of you!!

  • Duramax60

    I am so proud of you sweetheart! Love the article and love you even more!

  • Nikki

    so proud of u little cuz! miss ya and love ya!

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