East Point Artist Unveils New Work

East Point Artist Unveils New Work

Shannon Jenkins, Associate Writer

Sources of inspiration for Patrick Hanson vary. Sometimes it’s a combination of colors or a scene in a movie, but many times it’s music that motivates him. The East Point artist is a huge fan of hard rock, alternative and pop.

“Nine Inch Nails have always been a huge inspiration for me because Trent Reznor writes and composes in a layered way,” Patrick said. “I feel his music actually has texture.”

Aside from the musical influence, Patrick’s new work reflects a recent series of difficult events within his life. In the last six months both his grandmother and father passed away, he ended a five-year relationship and he lost his job. He related all those experiences into his art.

“I’m trying to remain a positive person,” Patrick admitted. “I know there are a lot of people out there who have it worse than I do. It’s been a creative crutch as well as inspiration dealing with it all.”

The new pieces will be a part of his first solo art show of figurative works since 2000, and the show—titled “Progression Regression—will be on display at CherryLion Sculpture Studios beginning March 31 through April 21.

“I feel like I hit a plateau on my figurative work and for the most part stopped,” he said.  “I now have a new vision, direction and abilities. That is the next step for me and the reason I chose the title [because I’m] moving forward from my past.”

His artistic past, though, also offers happy memories.

“I remember as a child I was always interested in manipulating things and changing things,” Patrick said. “I painted on my toys. I still have a locker full of toys at home and probably every one of them has something on it.”
Another shining moment in Patrick’s life occurred while he was working as a production assistant on the set of Lifetime’s “Drop Dead Diva,” which is filmed in Peachtree City. He heard art was needed for the show, so he brought in some of his works and several pieces were chosen to adorn the set.

“What excites me the most about any of it—besides the exposure to millions of people—is the fact I have a platform to inspire countless others.”

For more information about Patrick and his work, visit www.handsonworks.com.

“Progression Regression”
Where: CherryLion Sculpture Studios, 889 Morris StreetWhen: March 31-April 21
Details: www.cherrylion.com

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