Gay Republicans: End Anti-Gay Bullying Through Home Schooling

Gay Republicans: End Anti-Gay Bullying Through Home Schooling

Ryan Lee, Associate Writer: News & Current Events

The gay Republican coalition known as GOProud released its 2012 platform yesterday, and the group offered a “unique” solution to dealing with anti-gay bullying in schools.

“The answer to the serious problem of bullying is not more federal intervention in education,” the GOProud agenda states. “Instead, we support empowering parents and families by supporting school choice initiatives and protecting the right of parents to home school their children.”

While resisting federal involvement into local school matters is a natural conservative position, it’s less clear how vouchers and home schooling – both pillars of conservative education policy – would do anything to make schools safer for LGBT students.

“It allows parents who have kids who are bullied to make sure they go to school in a safe environment,” Jimmy LaSalvia, executive director of GOProud, told Fenuxe Thursday. “If they decide that their school isn’t safe, they can take the child to a school of their choice.

“We have taken the position that big government solutions, government-mandated curriculum, is not the solution,” he added.

LaSalvia characterized anti-gay bullying as a widespread epidemic that must be confronted.

“I think first and foremost, bullying is a problem,” he said. “I certainly know, personally, and I know that many, many, many gay people across the world know personally, what it’s like to be bullied because of their perceived sexual orientation. It’s important for all of us to make it known that it’s not OK.”

LaSalvia countered the notion that GOProud’s “Education Reform” plank does more to promote tenets of conservative ideology than address anti-gay bullying.

“I think that this is an example of how a conservative policy proposal that’s good for everybody can have a unique benefit to gay kids and gay parents,” LaSalvia said. “Down the list of our agenda, you see examples of how conservative policies that benefit everybody may have unique benefits for gay Americans. This policy [of school vouchers and home schooling] that’s put forth by a lot of conservatives can help make sure gay kids are safe.”

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  • Tommy C

    So the solution according to “gay” republicans is to hide kids instead of teaching bullies better. That does not help anyone in the long run, you keep a kid from having the experience of school and you let a bully continue to present a harmful behavior. GOProud is not fooling anyone.

  • MissChris

    What if you learn better in a school environment? What is your parent works 2 jobs for minimum wage to keep a roof over your head and can’t home school you? Where’s the freedom in having to make a certain educational choice because you will get beat up at the other choice? There is so much wrong with this on so many levels. Proud — I think not.

  • Jaleopard

    Typical Republican BS, they want to shut down all public schools and make kids work. It’s fine if you are very, very rich and it’s hell for everyone else.

  • Tjfarrell

    Bullies will just find another kid to bully.

  • Brian Wheeler

    I wish that GoProud’s answer to politics was to remain invisible – and silent! – the way they want gay kids to be invisible.

  • ZnSD

    Another example of perfect logic from “GOProud”…in other words, it makes no sense, and is in fact, bullshit.

  • LizB

    Why not suggest the BULLIES be homeschooled? THEY’RE the problem, not the poor targets, gay or otherwise.

  • Meridianmck

    It’s okay to bully????
    Just have the victim run away and isolate themselves
    and conqtinue the hatred!
    I think Hitler liked this idea, too!

  • Mimi

    As a public school teacher, I can assure you that most schools, despite their written policies and programs, will not effectively protect your children from bullying. Even the best schools cannot adequately teach all or most bullies to think or behave differently despite their best efforts.

    While we as a nation try to change the thinking of those who would be so unkind and brutish as to bully others for any reason, parents have the obligation and should have the right to keep their own children safe.

    Try to be supportive of parents and children in this difficult situation before you become so judgmental or jump to conclusions about hiding children away; this is about safety, pure and simple.

    Offer some realistic solutions. On my campus, I try as hard as I can to support my students, but without the support of the entire staff, administration and parents who are raising the other students, I cannot guarantee anyone’s safety.

    Would you want your child endangered? Really? I would not.

  • Guest

    They aren’t suggesting that this is the ONLY or a full-proof solution to bullying. They are just illustrating that one of their basic, core beliefs as Conservatives could offer solutions and options in this situation as well. Also, they are suggesting school choice, not just home schooling.
    As a gay conservative, myself, I often see intolerance from both sides of the spectrum. We (gays) should be the picture and ideal of tolerance! It’s the de facto entire gay platform! Try to be open-minded and understanding of conservative ideas before shooting them down only because they come from the other side. I wish my fellow Christians and Conservatives would do the same; but I am especially ashamed and disappointed when my fellow gays are so hostile towards the very people they are trying to preach tolerance and acceptance to. There is hypocrisy on both sides! It’s politics, after all! But there are also great ideas and good people on both sides worth listening to.

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