Gay Prom Controversy at Ga. High School Leads to Federal Lawsuit

Gay Prom Controversy at Ga. High School Leads to Federal Lawsuit

Ryan Lee, Associate Writer: News & Current Events

Two faculty advisers to the student council at Alpharetta High School fired that body’s president last month after he introduced a resolution to make the Prom Queen & King competition more inclusive to gay students by renaming it the Prom Court, a federal lawsuit filed Tuesday alleges.

Reuben Lack, the former student body president at Alpharetta High School, presented the proposal at the Jan. 12 student council meeting. As the students began a “vibrant discussion” of the resolution, faculty adviser Michelle Werre intervened, Lack’s lawyer, James Radford, told Fenuxe Wednesday evening.

“Before there could be a formal vote, the adviser shut the discussion down,” Radford said.

At the next student council meeting two weeks later, Lack, who is not gay, re-introduced the measure “out of defiance,” but was again thwarted by the faculty adviser, Radford said.

“A week after that, he is called into a meeting with the two faculty advisers for student council, and they inform him, ‘We’re sorry, but you are no longer president of the student council,” Radford said. “It was that abrupt.”

Listed as defendants in the first amendment lawsuit are faculty advisers Werre and Emily Reiser, as well as school principal Shannon Kersey.

Lack and his family attempted to work with the school to avoid a lawsuit and publicity, but received a dismissive letter from the school’s attorney, Radford said.

The lawsuit seeks to restore Lack to his elected office, as well as unspecified punitive and compensatory damages.

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  • Murray Passarieu

    Hell yeah, Mr. Lack. Fight the good fight. These bigots are on their heels. Equality will rule the day.

  • Columbus, Ohio

    I just wish the teachers/advisors and principal could lose their jobs

  • Megan Nowak

    Makes me ashamed to be a resident of Georgia and see such bigotry going on. I am standing by your side Rueben Lack!! Fight the good fight!

  • Wileyty

    Alpharetta High School, Alpharetta, Georgia
    Principal Shannon Kersey
    3595 Webb Bridge Road Alpharetta, GA 30005
    (770) 521-7640

  • David Watson
  • lockewasright

    This child is more mature about the issue than the adults. Kudos to him for standing up for others. I hope that I succeed in teaching my children to stand for others too.

  • Videogameboy76

    I’m confused – what’s the problem with gay members of the court being called King and Queen?

    If a male can be elected Queen without a fuss, then there’s no big deal.

  • Mogli

    And I thought Alpharetta was a educated part of GA. Maybe I was wrong……….my respect to Rueben for being such an amazing individual.

  • Denise Neill

    Please let me know if I can do anything,Denise Neill on facebook.This is so wrong!This young man is more mature than most adults and also he is a christian!:Only true Christians love every one just the way God make us!!:)

  • Norman


  • Norman

    thats why you still live in your parents basement

  • Suckit

    They should drag him behind a truck. I know they probably have one.

  • Stanley J

    Those faculty people would vote for slavery if they could get away with it. After the civil war we should have split the south into a male and female part, with an impenetrable wall between them

    All males on one side, females on the other. In 50 years the problem with these “anything but christians” would have been solved by natural forces.

  • Stanley J

    Sounds like the address of the local Kluxers group.

  • Stanley J

    Unforutately Denise lots of Christians who think Jesus commanded them to hate thy neighbor, black, jew, gay etc.

    But hate and riling up the people helps increase the take in their “church” collection plate.

  • Stanley J

    Norman – I think videogameboy76 is supporting the gay community, IMO, or are you a bigot?

  • Gofoot

    This crap is getting out of control. I have no issues with gay people. This has nothing to do with it. It’s King and Queen – Someone has to be the cather.. = Queen…. Get over it….

  • Jodee Dex Page

    Thank you Reuben Lack. We are proud to share your story on the My Straight Hero facebook page!

  • bvierra

    Good for Mr Lack!

  • Goodfelling

    Haters gonna hate

  • Blahblahblahblah


  • GUEST take a look here, I’m sure your opinions of this kid will change… He’s just using the LGBT community to get attention.

  • guest

    This doesn’t change anything. Some of the most profound legal cases in American history were sensationalized. That aspect of the story does not change the ultimate holding (court decision) in any given case.

  • guest

    that is a heterosexual response from someone who doesn’t understand the LGBT community. Why would someone who does not have a sexual or physical interest in men or women (depending on their own gender) want to be portrayed as being coupled with that gender? A homecoming court takes away that issue.

  • AFV

    Yeah you got to hand it to a kid who attempts to right a wrong and is forced to deal with adult bigotry and bias. Hats off to you Reuben Lack.

  • samthor

    Today’s lesson: Alpharetta High School, You have gay students.
    You have always had gay students.
    And it turns out, they are people too.

    Reuben figured this out, and he does not deserve punishment or to be held back because of your fear and ignorance.
    Your attempt to silence this issue and to pretend it doesn’t exist will not make it go away.

  • samthor
  • Curious Outsider

    Although I agree that Lack shouldn’t have been removed from his position, his argument for “Prom Court” is completely absurd. There way prom King and Queen works at AHS is as follows: the student body votes for one male and one female, independent of each other. These two people form a “couple” for one dance and are given the title of prom King and Queen. There is absolutely nothing prohibiting a gay male from winning Prom King or a lesbian female from winning Prom Queen. If the rule is changed to allow two males to win Prom Court, all of a sudden we’ll have some other AHS female student suing the school for being sexist and not allowing women to win the title. Good for Lack for standing up for what he believes in, but there’s no point in trying to change something that isn’t broken.

  • Inis Magrath

    Interesting counterpoint — all of which will come out in the lawsuit. Justice will prevail.

  • Jbjr12

    Any time you have to preface your comment with “I have no issues with gay people”, you are making it perfectly clear to everyone that you do in fact have issues with them.

  • Kthinkers

    I truly hope this young man wins his case!

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