Step Into the Gay World of Local Comic Artist

Step Into the Gay World of Local Comic Artist

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Drew Green wants to turn his popular gay web comic into a full-time gig. The self-employed illustrator and comic artist could use a little help though.

The 23-year-old has nine days to meet the $5,000 goal through his Indiegogo campaign, which will allow him for the next few months to focus on creating the second episode of “The Super-Gay Adventures of Ross Boston.”

Ross is the title character of The Super-Gay Adventures of Ross Boston.

Fenuxe sat down with the self-taught artist in his Old Fourth Ward home to discuss his super-gay comic.

Fenuxe: Tell us about “The Super-Gay Adventures of Ross Boston.”
Drew: Conceptually it’s an all-ages comic meant to show varied LGBT characters in a way that isn’t pornographic. You see a lot of porn comics. For some reason homosexuality is very sexualized so I wanted to do something that wasn’t so sexualized. It’s an action adventure comedy about an former pizza delivery guy who is hired at an adventuring bureau which specifically responds to calls for help from the monster citizens of the comic setting. The team is composed of title character Ross, a sassy gay alien, an 80s workout video instructor, an ex-secret agent and their boss, who is a wizard. It’s very fun and innocent.

Fenuxe: What inspired the creation of the comic?
Drew: I came up with the idea before I came out at large. I wanted a simple and fun idea to work with but I also wanted something to force me to come out. That was very helpful in that process. It’s just another one of those products of pacing around my room and coming up with an idea.

Fenuxe: Which character do you identify with most?
Drew: Probably Ross. He’s very timid. He’s a little bit spineless. I’m used to being that person, and I’m working on not being that person anymore. I wanted to make sure the main character was someone I could relate to—somebody who had to work hard to overcome his challenges.

Fenuxe: When did all of this begin?
Drew: The comic went live June 17, 2011. I started concepts for the comic in December 2010.

A panel from Drew Green's gay comic.

Fenuxe: How has the response been?
Drew: Really positive! I think it’s a breath of fresh air. You have a lot of web comics who are really serious about making a statement. My comic is much more innocent and I think people really enjoy that. I’ve never had any backlash for it being a specifically gay comic. I think people really appreciate that aspect of it.

Fenuxe: What keeps you interested in the continuing the comic?
Drew: I like this cast of characters. They are very whimsical and funny and strange.

To catch up on “The Super-Gay Adventures of Ross Boston,” please click HERE.
To contribute to Drew’s Indiegogo campaign, please click HERE.

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  • Curtis Bathurst

    This guys is the future of the industry, and a fantastic tallent. Supporting him now is a very good idea.

  • Paula

    Just wanted to say this guy is really cool in person. I used to go to blockbusters just to have a nice chat with him. Really glad he doesn’t have to work there anymore.

  • MissNox

    This comic is fantastic. Please help is along by donating or spreading the word. <3

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