Spider-Man Reboot Is More Mediocre Than Amazing

Spider-Man Reboot Is More Mediocre Than Amazing

Adam Morrison, Fenuxe Contributor

“Oops, they did it again” should be the theme song for this movie. Just ten years after being treated to Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man,” we’re given much of the same in “The Amazing Spider-Man” which attempts to reboot the Spider-Man series. “Spider-Man 3” sucked the big one (The Sandman really???) but it still made oodles of money so I’m not sure why the reboot is necessary. The first half of the film rehashes much of what we saw in Spider-Man with a few changes to make us think we’re watching a different film. Oh, wait, Peter Parker is in high school in this film so that makes everything different, right?

British or gay? There are rumors out there that Andrew Garfield is gay (which I’m sure Emma Stone would find disappointing). Hard to tell. Some gays are really into spandex … but so are many Europeans, so who knows. Above, Andrew is pictured with Garrett Hedlund, right.

Well, not really. This time around, Peter Parker/Spider-Man is played by Andrew Garfield who brings a refreshing twist to Tobey Maguire’s bland Peter Parker. Garfield’s take is edgier, slicker, and all around more dynamic. He’s also more attractive than Tobey Maquire who I always thought looked like some kind of confused deer staring into headlights. Garfield is handsome and has a great body, but that doesn’t do much to take away from the film’s bland story which, again, has many plot elements that we’ve already seen.

Eventually we get to see Dr. Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans), who transforms into the menacing Lizard. As the Lizard, he forms a diabolical plan to turn everyone else into evil cartoon lizards. Yea, that’s right—the film’s CGI does a poor job giving life to the Lizard on screen. It wouldn’t be good for Spider-Man’s resume if he lost to a cartoon lizard now would it? With the lackluster CGI, it was difficult to have any investment in the film’s action scenes.

Fortunately, the actors bring some life to the characters they portray despite the weak story. Veteran actors Sally Field and Martin Sheen do great jobs playing May and Ben Parker and Denis Leary, who plays Captain George Stacy, has a refreshing on-screen presence.

But we don’t watch superhero films for the acting. We want to be lost in something spectacular—a film with an engaging story and great special effects. The “Amazing Spider-Man” fails on both fronts. I think the most interesting thing about this film is what they might do with a sequel. Now that they’ve rebooted the series, the film’s creators are free to explore their own storylines. Unfortunately, we don’t really get much of that in this film. It’s not a terrible film, and there are some redeeming qualities, but it’s very disappointing given Spider-Man’s place among the hierarchy of superheroes. I’d save the money for “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Rating: 5/10

Adam Morrison was born in Junction City, Kansas, and grew up in Savannah. He attended undergrad in Savannah and law school in Springfield, Massachusetts. His focus in school revolved around public speaking and appellate legal advocacy where he won two regional championships, a national championship, and a top orator award at the international level. Today, Adam is a practicing real estate agent and licensed attorney. His website is AdamHMorrison.com.

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