2012 Tech Guide

2012 Tech Guide

You have an addiction. Don’t even try to deny it. Does the thought of leaving your smartphone at home make you nervous? Does a stationary escalator piss you off? See? It’s OK. We’re all in the same auto-pilot boat. This is the age of technology, after all. We expect doors to slide open and toilets to self-flush. We want to check out all the profiles of hot guys within a ten-mile radius. So, we might as well celebrate our techy addiction. Here are our favorite gadgets and must-have technology.

From left: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1” ($400), Oster MyBlend Blender (Oster.com, $30), and the Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air (Bowers-Wilkins.com, $600).

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air
If it looks like Stewie Griffin’s head, it must be cool. This wireless iPod speaker dock connects to your Wi-Fi network for a room-filling sound. (Bowers-Wilkins.com, $600)

From left: Hercules HD Twist Webcam (Hercules.com $40), Brookstone Virtual Keyboard (Brookstone.com, $100), Body Media Fit Core Armband (BodyMedia.com, $150), and Doxie Go + Wi-Fi Portable scanner (GetDoxie.com, $250).

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1”
Who needs a boyfriend when you can love an innovative tablet? The Android’s Smart Remote turns the gadget into a universal smart remote, offers more than 450,000 apps, allows access to movies and TV shows from Google Play or Media Hub, and features Adobe Flash. Your ex couldn’t do all that. (Samsung.com, $400)

From left: Lady Gaga Heartbeats Headphones (BeatsByDre.com, $130),
2012 Asset CamelBak HydroBak (CamelBak.com, $43), and Eton Rukus Portable Sound System with Solar Panel (EtonCorp.com, $150).

Oster MyBlend Blender
You have to fight traffic after work, hit the gym to work those biceps, flirt with Steve on the way to the shower, go to a benefit, stop by the club for a cocktail, check your messages on Scruff and go to bed. You may not have time to eat, but surely you can spare a few moments to make a quick smoothie or protein shake. The individual-sized blender doubles as a sport bottle. Just don’t forget to switch the blade for the lid! (Oster.com, $30)

Hammacher Schlemmer’s Motorized Monocyle (Hammacher.com, $13,000), Water Powered Alarm Clock by Bedol (BedolWhatsNext.com, $26), Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser (TriaBeauty.com, $395), TankBot (MyDeskPets.com, $25), Ecoterra by Exogear (ExoGear.com, $150), and Pure Soda Maker (SodaStreamUSA.com, $130).

Hercules HD Twist Webcam
Just as colorful as a pride flag and nearly as flexible as that gymnast you once dated, this web cam adds some flavor to your virtual face time. (Hercules.com, $40)

Body Media Fit Core Armband
If you don’t have some type of device strapped to your arm during workouts, no one is going to think you’re serious about fitness. Honestly, have you ever seen an armband-clad hunk jogging down your street and thought, “He doesn’t mean that”? We tried out the Body Media Fit Core Armband, and we feel like health pros now. The intelligent band measures various components during a workout to track calorie burn, physical activity, steps taken, sleep duration and sleep efficiency. Paired with the online activity manager, this little gadget makes weight loss easy. (BodyMedia.com, $150)

From left: True Blood Headphones by V-MODA (V-Moda.com, $99-$230), ChiliPad (ChiliTechnology.com, $400 single), MP3 DJ Doorbell by Swann (Swann.com, $50), Opena iPhone 4 Case (OpenACase.com, $40), WiFi Connected Body Scale by Withings (Withings.com, $160), and Back Hair Shaver by Mangroomer (Mangroomer.com, $50).

Brookstone Virtual Keyboard
Sure the hologram of Tupac turned heads but could you type on him? Nope. This compact keychain projects a virtual keyboard on any flat surface and connects with your smartphone, laptop or tablet. (Brookstone.com, $100)

Doxie Go + Wi-Fi Portable scanner
The only bad thing about this hi-tech scanner is you can’t make photocopies of your butt. Trust us, we tried. But It does scan anywhere without the assistance of a computer and syncs wirelessly to a Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad or to the Cloud. Fancy, huh? (GetDoxie.com, $250)

Lady Gaga Heartbeats Headphones
You’ll be envied by all your fellow Gaga fans with these babies. The diva herself worked for months with Beats by Dr. Dre to create these in-ear headphones featuring gunmetal studs and a leathery cord. (BeatsByDre.com, $130)

2012 Asset CamelBak HydroBak
For some weird reason, the gays are into fitness. We can’t even begin to count all the hard, buff bodies we’ve seen strolling around Atlanta. But we certainly appreciate their tireless efforts to look good. So we just want to make sure those exercise nuts are taking care of themselves. This compact hydration system should do the trick. Whether they’re hiking or biking, this pack stores much-needed water and holds plenty of gear. We particularly like the pack in a bright marigold or imperial purple. (CamelBak.com, $43)

Eton Rukus Portable Sound System with Solar Panel
You can’t have a dance party on the beach without music. Lugging around a ton of equipment in the sand isn’t pretty. This solar-powered sound system solves all your music-related party problems. (EtonCorp.com, $150)

Hammacher Schlemmer’s Motorized Monocyle
Practical? Probably not. Insanely cool? Yes! Straight from the Netherlands, this circular vehicle demands attention in that style of Batman or Men in Black. (Hammacher.com, $13,000)

Water Powered Alarm Clock by Bedol
We were skeptical about its functionality when this cute clock arrived. A timepiece that runs on water? Let’s be serious! We filled it with H20 and, sure enough, it’s been perfectly accurate for a few weeks now. How does it work? Something about “metallic plates” allowing “ions” in the water to be turned into current that powers the clock. We just call it “magic.” The wondrous thingamajig comes in blueberry blue, kiwi green, tangerine orange, plum purple and smoke gray. (BedolWhatsNext.com, $26)

Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser
Bears, read no further! For all you guys who prefer a smooth body, this Jeston-esque gadget zaps away hair for permanent results in the comfort of your own home. Imagine those hairless chests, arms, legs … and a bear somewhere just fainted. We told you to stop reading this! (TriaBeauty.com, $395)

We know work can be a bit boring, but you surfing adult sites is just too risky. It’s no Falcon star, but this tiny mobile gadget will provide a safe alternative to your entertainment woes. It navigates mazes, avoids obstacles and you control it with a variety of Apple products or an Android phone. Maybe you could attach a tiny camera to it and send it to the men’s bathroom. We’re not condoning that behavior. We’re just saying you “could” do that. (MyDeskPets.com, $25)

Ecoterra by Exogear
Perfect for any water-related activities, this waterproof boombox protects your smartphone and other personal items while providing your favorite tunes. Now you don’t have to worry about your clumsy friends ruining your things. Or you could just get new friends. (ExoGear.com, $150)

Pure Soda Maker
Pssst. Keep this on the down-low. We don’t want any big name soda maker to put a hit on you, but you can make fresh, fizzy beverages at home. We inspected this clever product ourselves, and we’re drunk with the power of creating our own sodas. Plus, this sleek eco-friendly machine cuts down on wasted bottles and cans, and it doesn’t even use electricity. (SodaStreamUSA.com, $130)

True Blood Headphones by V-MODA
Inspired by the homo-favorite HBO series, these headphones come in both in-ear and on-ear styles. The on-ear headphones offer customizable plates featuring images from Fangtasia, the Tru Blood beverage Japanese symbols or even your own blood type. We asked if the headphones came with Joe Manganiello but, alas, they do not. (V-Moda.com, $99-$230)

What in gay hell is going on this summer? Our air conditioners are working harder than a drag queen for a crumpled dollar bill. Gurl, it’s just too damn hot. Slipping into a cool bed could help alleviate the heat (and some severe crankiness we might add). This mattress pad offers a cooling and heating temperature control system that will keep you cool all night long. (ChiliTechnology.com, $400 single)

MP3 DJ Doorbell by Swann
Gays have long embraced the art of individuality. We personalize everything, so why should our doorbells be any different. This wireless customizable music doorbell will play your favorite song every time a trick … uh, “guest” … comes a calling. (Swann.com, $50)

Opena iPhone 4 Case
For you serious drinkers out there, we recommend this clever iPhone case with a slide-out stainless steel bottle opener. Now you can open that hot guy’s beer and get his digits at the same time. Well, maybe not at the same time but one right after the other. No way you’re that coordinated. (OpenACase.com, $40)

WiFi Connected Body Scale by Withings
If you’re really serious about losing weight, this scale is the bomb. It automatically records your body weight, lean and fat mass and calculated body mass index. All that data is instantly transmitted to your private webpage or iPhone app via Wi-Fi. Doesn’t that make getting toned and muscular a bit easier?
(Withings.com, $160)

Hair Shavers by Mangroomer
Plenty of guys love fur. But a crazy jungle of man hair can be a bit distracting. Tidy up with the Back Hair Shaver ($50) and the Private Hair Shaver ($40). (Mangroomer.com)

HELO TC Assault by Griffin Technology
How could a remote-controlled helicopter flown by your iPhone not excite you? Well, not having an iPhone might be an issue. But with your smartphone aside, you have to admit this airborne toy is pretty sweet. (GriffinTechnology.com, $50)

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