Do Restaurant Satisfies Foodie/Techie in You

Do Restaurant Satisfies Foodie/Techie in You

Dino Thompson-Sarmiento, Fenuxe Contributor

I had no idea what I was walking in to when I arrived at Do restaurant (pronounced “dough”), but I sure am happy I went.

The walls feature moving art with your preferred music videos playing all around you. You get to send music and video requests to the DJ from your iPhone. That’s right … you are in control of what appears on the giant-sized screens. The contemporary sleek white decor accentuates the light show with hues of greens, pinks and gold shimmering and dancing around you as you feast.

My table for two had two comfy eight-foot white leather sofas on both sides and came equipped with an iPad so I could peruse the menu and cocktails. It was like shopping on The iPad also was our way to connect to the Do chat room with everyone else dining. This definitely makes it easy to find a new date if the one you are in isn’t working out.

On a visit to the bathroom I found myself in front of elevator-looking doors. A quick press of a button and the doors rapidly slid open like in a Star Trek episode. Once inside, the doors zipped closed behind me and I was looking in to a reflection of me—not in a mirror but on another iPad mounted on the wall that was filming my image. I soon discovered that I could leave a photo of myself for the next occupants … ooooh this could be FUN!

The menu is fresh and features contemporary pizzas with fun and light appetizers like spicy Chipotle Shrimp Flat Bread and flavorful Bruschetta. The bar is fully stocked with your favorites, and the masterful dessert menu makes for a perfect end.

Worry not if you feel like you won’t be pampered, the staff is Do’s best attribute. In addition to the handy iPad, a smiling server is just a touch of button away to make sure your visit is perfect. Owners Christian and Nacasha Ruffin have made bold and out-of-the-box decisions to make this dining experience one you will come back to over and over and over again.

Where: 955 W. Marietta Street

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