G-Star Raw Brings 3D Jean to Life

G-Star Raw Brings 3D Jean to Life

Shannon Jenkins, Associate Writer, Lifestyle & Culture

Sometimes I’d rather hug Ann Coulter than shop for jeans, and I’d take a bullet before I’d touch that hateful shrew. Aside from searching for a parking spot at the Midtown Promenade Center, finding a perfectly fitting pair of jeans is a painfully frustrating experience for me.

Thanks to the cheesesteak place near my house and a serious lack of willpower, I’ve packed on some pounds in the last year. If I had fat legs to match my behemoth butt, finding a good fit might not be so difficult. Maybe it’s time to consider kilts?

However, I did recently try on a pair of unique jeans at G-Star Raw, a new concept store that recently opened as part of Standard at Lenox Square. The store manager, Farshad, made me try on the brand’s Arc jeans.

“It’s the hottest look right now,” he told me. “It’s basically a denim pant with an over exaggerated curve on the leg.”

Despite my protests of being style-challenged and an ill model for trendy clothing, Farshad ushered me into a dressing room and assured me I’d like the fit. And I did. The unusual cut of the jean, which resulted in a layered look on the legs, would admittedly take some getting used to but the bottoms looked pretty damn good.

“You see a design element from every angle with the Arc jean,” Farshad explained. “It has a baggy feel and sits great if you roll up the cuff.”

Like many of the jeans at G-Star, the Arc is a three-dimensional pant.

“G-Star has done an amazing job creating what they consider 3-D denim,” Farshad said. “It’s a jean that has design from every angle. It’s not just two pieces of flat fabric sewn together. From a side view you have design concepts, and from the back you have design elements.”

Another trait of the clothing brand is its raw denim concept. Denim in its original form, Farshad said, comes in an unwashed and “un-enzymed” fabric.

“You wear this jean and let it take the shape of your body,” he said. “Let it wash naturally. Let it fade naturally. It gives it that organic wear. It’s personal.”

I’m all about personalized jeans and “organic wear” but I don’t want any pants shaping to my blob of a body just yet. It’s time to lay off those cheesesteaks and suffer through some crunches. Don’t you worry, G-Star. I’ll be back soon.

For details, visit G-Star.com.

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