Local DJs Divulge Their Secrets

Local DJs Divulge Their Secrets

Five of Atlanta’s most well-known DJs divulge their favorite adult beverages and personal weaknesses.

DJ Mike Pope
I’d have to say my favorite adult beverage and vice would be a Stoli Cape Cod (vodka and cranberry).  I think it tastes good and also kills some of the stage fright I get sometimes.
DJ Diablo Rojo of the quarterly The ManShaft: A Hot & Sticky Party for Men
My vice is man fur. Give me a thick pelted, unapologetic chest full of hair with a distinct flow or pattern and my mind becomes intoxicated as to where it starts and where it ends.  If you want to double the trouble add a dark and dense beard to this hunk of man package and you’ll have my attention all night long (whether you know it or not).
DJ Pat Scott
My favorite adult beverage is a good Belgian beer. It has many of the complexities and flavor as wine and usually an alcohol content of between eight and ten percent. Woohoo!
DJ Vicki Powell
I love champagne or anything bubbly. And chocolate. The darker the better.
DJ Lydia Prim
I’m a horrible procrastinator. Moderation escapes me in many ways. I can’t keep my mouth shut when I probably should. I challenge authority a little too much. And I am brutally honest.

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