Stung by an ESCORPION

Stung by an ESCORPION

Nico Stoerner, Staff Writer

Let’s face it: you live in a world of plenty. The wide selection of late night hot spots. The summer season of events and parties. The number of home-grown companies that support gay marriage…

But… and we say this with all due respect… “bless your heart, you just don’t know how a real margarita should taste!”

Not to worry: Escorpion is just a few blocks from the corner of 5th and Peachtree, open late, and staffed with some of the best tequila-slingers in town, like their epic bartender Slade. What’s more: you can opt to sit on the wrap-around veranda while sipping your “daisy” (because who doesn’t already know that’s what margarita means?) and make eyes at passersby while tuning out that tired story your best friend likes to repeat about PRIDE 2007…

As if that wasn’t enough, the ambiance is “Jalisco-chic” with seating made from beautiful cowhide, decorated ceilings, soft lighting, and a colorful array of skeletons laughing death in the face. This is the type of place you would find the Dos Equis guy stating he would bring his date… if he had one… and wasn’t wrestling a tiger.

But you’re not here on a date and you clearly missed the punch line of the PRIDE story so it’s time to get down to business. Grab a delicious Quesadilla de Carnitas (Citrus braised pork shoulder) to start and take a look at the taco menu. None are more than $4 so you’ll probably be keen to try a few, like the Barbacoa de Chivo Taco (braised goat, onion, salsa verde); Pastor Taco (pork, Mexican spices, caramelized onions, and pineapple); or the delicious Fried Shrimp Taco (served with fried shrimp, garlic, pico de gallo).

As we said before: you live in a world of plenty.

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