True Blood, Costumes, and Stars… Oh My!

True Blood, Costumes, and Stars… Oh My!

Níco Stoerner, Staff Writer

DragonCon Comes to A-Town

That’s right gays – DragonCon is in town and this year is better than ever. With countless appearances from film, to television, to comics this year is sure to be a great one.

Some of the most notable among them: True Blood’s Nelsan Ellis (the fabulous Lafayette), Joe Manganiello (the hunky werewolf Alcide), Carrie Preston (the fiery Arlene), and Sam Trammell (the furry shapeshifter Merlotte).

These are only a few of the fantastic guest appearances that will be made over the course of this three-day free-for-all with costumes, hotel room parties, and a wide array of events to attend.

Kevin Bolk’s, “The Avengers”

I remember the days of imagining myself as a superhero (you know, yesterday)… and I also remember the countless hours I’ve spent thinking about those outfits (or a lack thereof)…

Marvel’s “The Avengers”

I’m clearly not the only person to have given this a little thought, however, as illustrated by artist Kevin Bolk’s interpretation of the Avengers posing like female superheroes… and I don’t know about you, but I would certainly read more comics if they were a little more like this!

Well this weekend at the DragonCon marketplace you’ll be able to find all this and more, as well as have an absolute blast with an enormous group of people who have found the courage to have fun and break with the mainstream for a weekend. What better group of people for us gays to identify with, right?

Consider this a warm-up for all those Halloween parties you’ve been planning, a test-run for those costumes you’ve been constructing, and a great way to celebrate the hero within that only comes once a year. Don’t forget the parade that happens at 9:30 on Saturday.

After all – there’s a hero in everyone.

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