Virginia is for Lovers… and Nudists.

Virginia is for Lovers… and Nudists.

Nico Stoerner, Staff Writer

In Fredericksburg, Virginia it’s legal to be naked in public.

As it is written the city code does indeed prohibit indecent exposure, but it is defined as “public nudity with the intent to commit an obscene act.” It does not prohibit simply being naked.

Although you might think this could be great for tourism, reported:
“This gap in the code was recently exposed when city police cited a man for strolling downtown sans pants. When his case got to court, it was thrown out because prosecutors could not demonstrate that he had performed or intended to perform an obscene act”

The naked man didn’t approach anyone in a sexual manner, he just went about his day without the inconvenience of clothing.

On Tuesday, all but two members of the city council voted to prohibit nudity in all public spaces, regardless of intent.

Some citizens of Fredericksburg asked why the council was so concerned about it, doubting that Fredericksburg is going to become a hot new nudist destination.
In an interview with ABC7 station WJLA Mary Gay Pearson of Fredericksburg stated “They probably have better things to pay attention to so I don’t think it should be against the law.” Some others even said that the few people who want to go out naked should be able to, like James Spencer who said “You know summertime and stuff, the stuff that people wear, those tiny little bikinis and Speedos, it’s pretty much the same thing.”

The two city council members who voted against the ban? Brad Ellis and Matt Kelly. They stated that they didn’t think it was necessary to change the code after only one incident. This is probably because passing a city ordinance requires two readings and sets of votes, council clerk Tonya B. Lacey told NBC Washington. The second is set for Jan. 22, when it may be voted into law.

A word of warning: Although you can still go naked in Fredericksburg until January 22nd, I’d advise against it. After all, you won’t be “showing” your best if it’s shrunken into you.

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