Winter is Coming. (The 2013 Winter Beer Carnival, Actually.)

Winter is Coming. (The 2013 Winter Beer Carnival, Actually.)

Berlin Sylvestre, Staff Writer


Beer is good.

Good beer is better.

Lots and lots of good beer is best.

The 2013 Winter Beer Carnival rolls into town February 9th. This is the once-a-year opportunity (and perfect excuse) to guzzle more brew than you probably should. (Only Judy can judge, c’mon.)

Choose from more than 100 different flavors of the good stuff,  including traditional favorites and that sweet, sweet craft goodness that you can’t get all year ’round.

The star of the show, of course, will be an assortment of this year’s best winter brews. As before, the 2013 Winter Beer Carnival will be held at the special events area at Atlantic Station.

You know what else you’re gonna do? You’re gonna eat, pal. You’re gonna eat a lot to avoid getting too woozy, ok?  There’ll be plenty of food to choose from, so don’t be “that guy” who crashes the place and gets all mad about losing (one of the many) carnival games over and over ’cause your hand/eye coordination is screwed up 45 minutes after you got there because you drank all that beer on an empty stomach.

Don’t do it, man.

Also? Don’t drive drunk. Don’t even drive buzzed. Make sure you be sweet to your designated driver. Hell, the carnival is letting them in at half price!

Heads up: Take MARTA to the Arts Center Station, then hop on the (FREE) Atlantic Station Shuttle.

Pets rule, but they can’t come. Ditto for coolers. Lawn chairs? They can come. Invite your favorite lawn chair.

Who NOT to invite? Anyone under 21.

The fun starts at 3pm and the last pint pours at 7pm.

$20 for Designated Drivers … $40 for General Admission … and $60 for VIP (which lets you in at 2pm … “Dibs!” … and gives you access to your own restroom area and an extra surprise that you don’t get to see until you’re there, which is why it’s a surprise).

Tickets go fast, my friends. Don’t miss out.

391 17th Street Northwest #1012
Atlanta, GA 30363      
(404) 733-1221







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