Carmina Burana: Sinfully Entertaining

Carmina Burana: Sinfully Entertaining

Atlanta Ballet’s latest production, Carmina Burana, is a wild ride from faith to sin. Choreographer David Bintley is premiering his version of Carmina Burana for the first time in North America with the Atlanta Ballet at Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre this weekend. Simply put, the show is incredible and you don’t want to miss it.

There aren’t many times at the ballet when it is appropriate to laugh out loud; however, Carmina Burana will have you doing just that. Bringing the emotional experience full circle, you’ll go from laughing at the top of the show to panting at the end after a heaping dose of lust.

Even if you’re not a music buff, you’ve most likely heard Carl Orff’s score of Carmina Burana before. The Atlanta Ballet Orchestra and the Georgia State University Singers (GSU Singers) bring Orff’s music to life and do great justice to the striking and powerful arrangement. Adding to the grandeur of the score is the placement of the GSU Singers. The men were located in the theatre boxes on stage left and the women on stage right. Their voices surged toward each other above the full orchestra, giving the dancers on stage an emotional canvas to complete with Bintley’s intriguing choreography.

Carmina Burana

If you see a dancer bust out a modern move, don’t worry — you haven’t had a gay stroke, Bintley has breathed new life into this tale from the Middle Ages by infusing his choreography with an intoxicating mixture of medieval, 30s, and modern pop movements. This unique fusion helps make the story relatable, even if you’re not well versed in ballet.

The show is presented in three parts and tells three different stories. Each story follows a different hunky seminarian who rejects his faith (literally ripping off his clerical collar) to indulge in his ungodly desires from gluttony to lust.

Speaking of lust, the third and final seminarian begins his story fully dressed and in little time he is left in only his tighty whiteys. His performance, briefs aside, makes the ticket price worth every penny. Oh, and the ending … I won’t spoil it for you … but it is powerful and literally show stopping.

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