NBC’s “The New Normal” is History

NBC’s “The New Normal” is History

Berlin Sylvestre, Staff Writer

It may be Monday, but One Million Moms is probably exchanging high-fives.

After only one season, NBC’s “The New Normal” has hit the chopping block. Co-written by Ali Adler (an out lesbian) and the same gentleman responsible for “Glee” and “American Horror Story” (Ryan Murphy), the show started strong with 7 million viewers before plummeting to a mere 2.1 million at last count, leaving the honchos at NBC to declare it a goner after only one season.

One Million Moms, an organization hell-bent on bringing down any form of media and marketing that sheds light on just how normal gay family-life can be, has famously called for boycotts against ” The Ellen Degeneres Show,” as well as JC Penney for including same-sex couples in their advertising. The group of roughly 40,000 women said the “The New Normal” is “subject[ing] families to the decay of morals and values” and is “harmful to society” and “damaging to our culture.”


New NormalThe show was certainly brazen in its many topics, taking on (among others) Chick-Fil-A, the Boy Scouts of America, and the issues faced by gay couples who want to become parents. After being hit with the insults from One Million Moms, Ryan Murphy encouraged them to watch “The New Normal,” saying they might actually like it, but no dice. Later, the writers gave a shout-out to the organization by having the show’s conservative Republican grandmother, played by Ellen Barkin, attempt to persuade three young women to become future One Million Moms after a pretend gay wedding was to take place on an elementary school playground.

The cancellation comes as a suprise, especially because of its heavy-hitter line-up of celebrities including John Stamon, Ellen Barkin, Cheri Oteri, and Atlanta’s own NeNe Leakes. Seeing as how “The New Normal” won a Peoples’ Choice Award for Favorite New Comedy and a GLAAD Award for Outstanding Comedy Series, many are scratching their heads as to what went wrong.

The news comes on the heels of another instant-hit cancellation, “Smash.”

Fans of “The New Normal” are expressing their disappointment through social media outlets, but others don’t find it all that surprising, citing boring plot lines and so-so writing.

Haven’t seen the show? The Nielsen ratings would assume so, but check out a clip of Ellen Barkin doing what she does best on the (often controversial) show: being a polarizing figure who isn’t afraid to bite back at the gay liberal agenda:

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