BREAKING: Brandon Rudat’s Contract Not Renewed at CBS Atlanta

BREAKING: Brandon Rudat’s Contract Not Renewed at CBS Atlanta

Dwayne Kinney, Digital Editor

FENUXE has confirmed this afternoon that CBS Atlanta will not renew Emmy award-winning reporter Brandon Rudat’s contract. Gay Atlantans have been watching the sexy gay reporter since he joined CBS Atlanta in May 2010. He was the morning anchor on Better Mornings Atlanta from 5 a.m. – 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. – 10 a.m.

In an interview with FENUXE’s Dino Thompson-Sarmiento, Rudat said, “I love every part of the fabric of this Atlanta community. They have welcomed me with open arms. What they say about the South is so true. People here have treated me with such love. I loved giving so much of my time to local charities and helping the fight to end bullying especially those kids who are so afraid to come out and be proud of who they are. I’ve been blessed with such an amazing life that my faith will lead me to where I can help make a difference. I love this city with all my heart and I truly mean it. I’ve met the most amazing people here who have forever impacted my way of life.”

Ironically, Rudat was nominated for an Emmy this year for “Best News Anchor.” In 2007 Rudat won an Emmy for exposing a fire chief who was also a convicted child sex offender. Rudat was recognized as a FENUXE 50 in 2012 by this publication.

Additional information will be posted as it becomes available.

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  • Ron Gross

    Maybe WSB will pick him up! They need some new blood over there.

  • Manuel Robles

    This is sad to hear. He would be a great addition to WSB. Nothing there feels cohesive with the changes and retirements. He current, and relates to a large part of the population here in Atlanta. It would be ashamed to see him leave Atlanta. Who going to receive the awards he was nominated to win this year? Is that the kind of person you let go?

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