Hollywood Casts New Sex God

Hollywood Casts New Sex God

By Mikkel Hyldebrandt

Yes, we know the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy is labeled as ‘mommy porn’ and that the book describes in detail how Christian Grey seduces (to put it mildly) Anastasia Steele in various more or less sexually devious ways. You may not want to read the book, but would you see the movie?

Charlie Hunnam

Charlie Hunnam

We would, if for no other reason than to see the hunky male lead work his sexual magic–and of course to marvel at his body in its full splendor. Rumors we’re hearing say the film spares us no details. Can you say full frontal? Yes please!

And speaking of the male lead: he was announced just yesterday! The man who is going to play Christian Grey, in the movie trilogy with its first release in August 2014, is (drum roll, please) Charlie Hunnam!! Charlie who, you might ask (we certainly did)? But he’s been popping up on people’s hot male celeb radar for a while now it seems.

Hunnam had the lead role in the sci-fi flick Pacific Rim (no it’s not a dirty movie; get your mind out of the gutter, please!) and he’s also the leading man in FX’s adrenalin-pumped Sons of Anarchy. When he was younger he played a gay teen in the British (and much more explicit and raunchy) version of Queer As Folk.

Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer

The choice of Charlie Hunnam may surprise many Fifty Shades of Grey fans because his name was only thrown into the mix of contenders at the last minute. On the other hand interest was nothing short of red hot for Matt Bomer, who seemed to be one of the strongest candidates. However, he was plagued with questions of whether or not an openly gay man could portray this generation’s on-screen sex god. Bomer’s most vocal critic was American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis, who tweeted that Bomer was simply “too gay” for the part. But Bomer had supporters and Facebook groups like Matt Bomer For Christian Grey quickly popped up (with over 174,000 followers). Needless to say the page is now overflowing with messages of disappointment and sadness…

So who would you have like to prefer to play the sexy and sexual Christian Grey? Do you agree with the choice of Charlie Hunnam or do you think Bomer would have been a better choice? And more importantly: Do you think that being an openly gay actor prevents you from getting straight male leading roles?

Of course, we can only urge you to go online and look up as many shirtless pictures as possible of both Bomer and Hunnam. To help you make up your mind easier here are a couple of clips of both gentlemen. So which would you rather see on the silver screen?

Team Charlie Hunnam:

Team Matt Bomer:

Oh, and here’s a clip of Hunnam from his days on Queer As Folk:

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