American Idol Singers Line Up In Midtown

American Idol Singers Line Up In Midtown

By D. David Kinney

American Idol has apparently returned to Atlanta. On Tuesday singers lined up outside of the W Hotel Midtown and now they’re lined up again this morning. A representative from the hotel said, “American Idol isn’t here. This is a private event and there are no open auditions.” Well… the giant signs that say “American Idol” out front beg to differ.

With scores of people lined up outside practicing their scales this is definitely the Atlanta callbacks taking place. Selected singers, from auditions that took place earlier this summer in Gwinnett, will finally have the opportunity to get in front of this year’s judges: Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, and Harry Connick, Jr.

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I’m not sure why the W Hotel Midtown acted like this is some giant secret. Even American Idol’s Facebook page spilled the beans:


W Atlanta Midtown’s Marketing Manager, Angel Brown Touwsma, confirmed to FENUXE this afternoon that American Idol was indeed filming at the hotel this week. Touwsma also confirmed the auditions were for callbacks and were not publicized. She credited the hotel’s Operational and Security Teams for keeping the event running smoothly and remaining low key. 

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