Hot Guys Playing With Their Jingle Balls

Hot Guys Playing With Their Jingle Balls

By D. David Kinney

Have you ever imagined what a chorus of pitch perfect ball slapping would sound like? Yeah… I hadn’t either. But after we saw the video below… everyone in the office was intrigued. The video is from Kmart and features hot guys in Joe Boxers. The video is available on Kmart’s YouTube channel and is entitled “Show Your Joe.” 

These guys can show us their Joes anytime! But not everyone is happy about this video of awesomeness. Uptight internet’ers took to Kmart’s Facebook page to unleash their pompous ire:

Mary Brawner Facebook Comment FENUXE Gay Atlanta

Where exactly is the world of poor taste? I think it’s behind Walmart.

Louise Leonard Deist FENUXE Gay Atlanta Facebook Comment

This person must freak out during Football game commercials.

John J Rody Jr FENUXE Gay Atlanta Facebook Comment

This man truly has a soft spot in his heart for the “lower income and uneducated people.”

John Douglas FENUXE Gay Atlanta Facebook Comment

Whoa?! This man is seriously against going “both ways!” 

Anthony Morgan FENUXE Gay Atlanta Facebook Comment

Well I do declare! This ad has offended the delicate sensibilities of the women folk in this man’s life. You know… cause women can’t handle seeing men in boxers. 

In a statement to The Huffington Post Kmart responded by saying: “The Kmart ‘Show Your Joe’ commercial playfully showcases Joe Boxer’s men’s clothing available at Kmart. We regret if some people found the commercial offensive, as that was not our intent.”

We love the commercial! But we’re really saddened by the double standard for men and women some of the haters are promoting online. Where is their ridiculous anger over the countless commercials that show half naked women? Heaven forbid you show men on TV with bare calves! Oh, bare calves! Oh, the scandal! Oh, the outrage! Oh, give me a break! Cheers to Kmart for a cute ad. #ShowYourJoe

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  • MamaMia from IOWA

    I love the K MART COMMERCIALS. My sense of humor allows me a healthy belly laugh. Keep em and bring me more. Our world needs humor and love! I will buy em and support the cause. LOVE YOU :)

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