Twerk Your Turkey Video

Twerk Your Turkey Video

By D. David Kinney

Who said twerk’n is dead? Move over Miley Cyrus! There’s a new twerk’n fiend in town for Thanksgiving. Logo TV wants you to know: “This Thanksgiving you have only one thing to remember and that is to… twerk your turkey!” The promotional video was designed to kick off their “Friendsiving” week of programming. 

From November 27th until December 1st Logo TV will air Thanksgiving themed episodes of classics like “Roseanne,” “Golden Girls,” and “Will & Grace.” They’ll also be showing movies like “Clue” too.  And the twerk’n turkey? His name is Sparkle Turkey and he’ll be dressed up and covered in glitter for his Logo TV debut. 

Think this is the only turkey twerk’n video on YouTube? Nope! Here’s a video from “The Pet Collective” that urges people to reconsider eating turkey:

Is it wrong that this anti-meat video is making me really hungry for turkey?

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