Top 10 Gay Netflix Movies For Valentine’s Day Snuggles

Top 10 Gay Netflix Movies For Valentine’s Day Snuggles

By D. David Kinney

Valentine’s Day is usually about love, flowers, chocolates, restaurant reservations… but this year that’s all getting thrown out of the window. Netflix is wooing lovebirds to stay at home with the release of Season 2 of its Emmy Award-winning show “House of Cards” on February 14th. If you’re looking for something a little less political check out our picks for the top 10 “Gay & Lesbian” Netflix movies available to stream now. See a movie you’d like to watch? Netflix subscribers can click the movies below to instantly start watching:

Bridegroom:                                                                                   North Sea Texas:

Bridegroom                                   North Sea Texas Netflix Gay FENUXE

Morgan:                                                                                           Weekend:

Morgan Movie Gay FENUXE Netflix                                  Weekend Gay Movie FENUXE Netflix

Kiss Me:                                                                                          Bear City:

Kiss Me Netflix Gay Movie                                 Bear City Gay Movie FENUXE Atlanta Netflix

Boy Culture:                                                                                 Christopher and His Kind:

Boy Culture                                 Christopher and His Kind Netflix Gay Movie

Dirty Girl:                                                                                      The Kids Are All Right:

Dirty Girl FENUXE Gay Atlanta                                 The Kids Are All Right Netflix FENUXE Atlanta Gay

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