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Bert’s Big Bike Ride – Atlanta Moon Ride

Bert’s Big Bike Ride – Atlanta Moon Ride

By Dino Thompson-Sarmiento and Dean Boswell,

If you are in the know in Atlanta, you’ve likely heard of Bert’s Big Adventure. You probably also know that Bert Weiss of Q 100’s Bert Show started Bert’s Big Adventure in 2002 to offer an annual, memorable experience to children who endure chronic illness. Well listen up, my shrewd know-it-all friend.  What may be news to you is that last year an exciting fund-raiser now known as The Atlanta Moon Ride was implemented to support Bert’s Big Adventure.  The inaugural ride featured over 600 riders having a blast and raising money for a very worthy cause.  See for yourself what the excitement is all about:  

The successful Atlanta Moon Ride is now in its second year and, as Bert has said himself, promises to become an Atlanta institution. Now, we all know that when something is to be an Atlanta institution, it means a fabulous hello is in order from the LGBT community. Actually, it seems there were costumes last year, so how is it even possible that we’re late to this party?  I digress; we’re here now. Let’s talk about what we need to be doing to be prepared, shall we?  

This year’s ride is scheduled for Friday, June 13th. Don’t panic. There is still time for us to register and secure our places among the pack. Let’s really show the streets of Midtown Atlanta what it means to have the LGBT community show up to support a cause. Registration is simple and can be completed online. Even better, registration is a crazy affordable $25 (although there is an opportunity to make an additional donation to Bert’s Big Adventure at registration…so, dig deep into those bike shorts and dig out all that loose change, honey).  

Oh, and did I mention costumes? You and I both know that where there are costumes, there must be a costume contest.  So, let’s just settle down and get to it. The prize for the best costume is a one-night luxury stay at the W Hotel Midtown with Pool Cabana (fruit plate, champagne, flat screen – sorry, cabana boy not included) and dinner for two at Trace. Side note, ladies and gents – a full moon is already predicted for the evening of the ride, so you may feel free to keep yours covered. I am as disappointed as you are, but let’s focus on the mission at hand.    

After the ride: while the 6.5 mile loop both kicks off and culminates at Park Tavern, riders are also invited to an after party at Blake’s on the Park where drink specials and drag queens will be waiting to thank you for your support. Thanks in advance for what I know will be a great showing of support for the Atlanta Moon Ride and Bert’s Big Adventure.  

Don’t have a bicycle? Need help with costumes? Call the Spotted Dog Agency at 404-428-0497 and they will get you riding. 

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5 Stars From ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Performing Tonight At Burkhart’s Pub

5 Stars From ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Performing Tonight At Burkhart’s Pub

By D. David Kinney

There will be talent in spades at Burkhart’s Pub tonight as 5 stars from “RuPaul’s Drag Race” take the stage for a special edition of FEMME FATALE! You’ve seen them battle it out on TV and now is the chance to see them perform live in Midtown. Join Sonique (Season 2), Phoenix (Season 3), Nicole Paige Brooks (Season 2), Mariah Paris Balenciaga (Season 3) and Trinity K. Bonet (Season 6).

The show is sponsored by Bubbles Salon and starts at 11 p.m. For more information, click here.


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Today Is Official Harvey Milk Day

Today Is Official Harvey Milk Day

By Mikkel Hyldebrandt

Today officially marks Harvey Milk Day in honor of the gay rights activist who was the first openly gay person to be elected to public office on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in California in 1977. He only held this position for 11 months when he was shot and killed by his political opponent Dan White who had lost to Milk the year before. Dan White also assassinated mayor George Moscone during the same incident. 

Harvey Milk Day was inaugurated in 2009 after governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2008 had denied the request to honor the gay rights activist on this day, which also happens to be Milk’s birthday. Schwarzenegger felt that a celebration shouldn’t be of national proportions, but ought to be confined within local communities, which of course was protested widely.

Milk was posthumously inducted into the California Hall of Fame after being portrayed by Sean Penn in the film Milk, and awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Barack Obama this year. Sean Penn also received an Oscar for portraying Milk, who by many has been described as a martyr and visionary for gay rights.

If you are not familiar with Harvey Milk’s story we at FENUXE highly recommend you watch the movie Milk starring Sean Penn and James Franco, which by sources close to Milk has been described as an accurate depiction of the gay rights activist.

No doubt Harvey Milk has been a major force in how far gay rights have come today and for that he should be duly honored.

Source:, NYinExile


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CDC Launches ‘Start Talking. Stop HIV’ Campaign

CDC Launches ‘Start Talking. Stop HIV’ Campaign

By D. David Kinney

Atlanta’s very own Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) launched a new campaign on Wednesday called Start Talking. Stop HIV. The goal is to foster dialogue between gay and bisexual men about HIV risk and prevention by highlighting “real-world gay and bisexual men talking openly with their partners and sharing their experiences about HIV.”

It’s a bold step forward by the CDC, and the campaign’s timing is spot on after last week’s major announcement that the CDC now recommends health-care providers consider prescribing pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) to patients at risk of contracting HIV. If you’d like to learn how PrEP works, click here.

According to the CDC, “Research suggests that communication leads to behaviors, such as testing and HIV status disclosure, that can help reduce HIV risk. However, important conversations about HIV do not occur within many relationships due to fear of discrimination.”

For more information about the CDC’s new Start Talking. Stop HIV. campaign, click here.

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Who Are You Voting For?

Who Are You Voting For?

By D. David Kinney

With a marriage equality victory in Oregon yesterday and news today that Pennsylvania’s same-sex marriage ban was ruled unconstitutional, it’s a great day to go vote! But who are you going to vote for when you get inside the booth? Here is a list of local candidates endorsed by Georgia Equality:

State Senate:

District 22 – Harold V. Jones II (D)

District 36 – Nan Orrock (D)

District 38 – Horacena Tate (D)

District 42 – Kyle Williams (D)

District 44 – Gail Davenport (D)

State House:

District 39 – Erica R. Thomas (D)

District 54 – Bob Gibeling (D)

District 58 – Simone Bell (D)

District 60 – Keisha Waites (D)

District 74 – Roberta Abdul Salaam (D)

District 85 – Karla Drenner (D)

District 86 – Michele Henson (D)

District 91 – Dee Dawkins-Haigler (D)

District 105 – Tim Hur (D)

District 113 – Ram Dickerson (D)

Fulton County Commission:

District 7 – Robert Pitts (D)

District 2 – Eric Broadwell (R)

District 4 – Joan Garner (D)

District 5 –  Brenda Muhammad (D)

State School Superintendent:

Alisha Thomas Morgan (D)

Allen Fort (R)


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Work Distraction: ‘Gay Of Thrones’ With Margaret Cho

Work Distraction: ‘Gay Of Thrones’ With Margaret Cho

By D. David Kinney

“Games of Thrones” and Margaret Cho have joined swords for an absolutely hilarious episode recap! Ms. Cho needs no introduction and we’re already obsessed with #GOT so let’s get straight to the video:


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Atlanta Gay News Flash

Atlanta Gay News Flash

By D. David Kinney

A Victory For Marriage Equality  In Pennsylvania

Yesterday we saw Oregon’s ban on same-sex marriage declared unconstitutional and on Tuesday Pennsylvania’s ban has bit the dust. This makes Pennsylvania the nineteenth state to see same-sex marriage legalized.

HRC President Chad Griffin released the following statement regarding the marriage equality victory in Pennsylvania: “Today a federal judge appointed by President George W. Bush became the latest to uphold the most sacred ideals of this nation and our Constitution – that justice and equality matter above all else. It seems that every passing day brings LGBT Americans a new victory in our unwavering march toward justice.  And thanks to our friends at the ACLU of PA and ACLU National, the attorneys of Hangley Aronchick Segal Pudlin & Schiller, and the proud plaintiffs who brought this case, the inescapable reality of full equality under the law is now one step closer.”


Judge Strikes Down Oregon’s Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Despite Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum’s refusal to defend her state’s gay marriage ban, the National Organization for Marriage asked the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to let them argue against same-sex marriage on behalf of the state. However, NOM’s efforts were not successful and Judge Michael McShane rejected their request. In his ruling today, Judge McShane wrote: “Expanding the embrace of civil marriage to gay and lesbian couples will not burden any legitimate state interest… The state’s marriage laws unjustifiably treat same-gender couples differently than opposite-gender couples. The laws assess a couple’s fitness for civil marriage based on their sexual orientation: opposite-gender couples pass; same-gender couples do not. No legitimate state purpose justifies the preclusion of gay and lesbian couples from civil marriage.”

In response to the positive news from Oregon, the Human Rights Campaign’s President, Chad Griffin, issued a statement saying: “Today’s ruling from Judge McShane affirms what a majority of Oregonians already knew: discrimination has no place in our society, much less the state constitution, Human Rights Campaign President, Chad Griffin, wrote in a statement released Monday, “The plaintiffs and their tremendous attorneys Lake James Perriguey, Lea Ann Easton, Perkins Coie LLP, the ACLU of Oregon and the ACLU, should be incredibly proud of their historic victory.  Thanks to their willingness to fight and the decades of work done by groups like Basic Rights Oregon and countless others, America is now one giant step closer to full equality nationwide.”

Source: ABC News


HBO’s John Oliver Explores Nintendo’s New Gay World

People weren’t very happy when news began to spread that Nintendo’s new Sims-like video game, “Tomodachi Life,” would not allow for same-sex relationships. The situation attracted so much attention from gay and allied gamers that Nintendo eventually released a statement. “We apologize for disappointing many people by failing to include same-sex relationships in Tomodachi Life,” Nintendo wrote , “Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to change this game’s design, and such a significant development change can’t be accomplished with a post-ship patch.” 

As you can imagine this was pretty low hanging fruit for HBO’s John Oliver, the host of Last Week Tonight. Check out the hilarious clip from his show on Sunday:

Source: CBS News, Huffington Post


Craig Ferguson’s Character In ‘How To Train Your Dragon 2″ Comes Out

Gobber, from the hit animated movie “How To Train Your Dragon, is out of the closet! The character is voiced by talk show host Craig Ferguson, and his coming out was a complete surprise – even to the show’s writer and director, Dean DeBlois. “It wasn’t that deliberate. It was an ad-lib that Craig Ferguson added,” DeBlois told FOX, “I’d written the line ‘This is why I never married.’ And then he had tagged that on to it. And we all started chuckling and said that’s right, Gobber’s coming out in this movie. I just love that about Craig. He’s always got just a little extra something for you. I think it’s nice. It’s progressive, it’s honest, and it feels good, so we wanted to keep it.” Kudos, Mr. Ferguson! 

Gay Articles From Around The Web Worth Reading:

The Wire – “Corporate America Doesn’t Have Any Openly Gay CEOs. Or Does It?

Forbes – “How Many Gay CEOs Should There be In The USA Anyway?

Huffington Post – “Costa Rica’s Presidential Palace Displays Gay Pride Flag

LA Times – “Mark Ruffalo Was Schooled By ‘Normal Heart’s’ Pioneering Gay Playwright

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Straight Guy On Why He Loves Living With Gay Couple

Straight Guy On Why He Loves Living With Gay Couple

By Mikkel Hyldebrandt

This story about cohabitation between straight and gay is really quite irresistible.  Meet Kasey. He lives with gay couple Will & RJ – or rather as Kasey states it – he lives with two guys who just happen to be gay and a couple. In Kasey’s world it really doesn’t make a difference.

He does admit to a bit of apprehension to begin with, but found out the situation has its advantages. Here’s his rundown on why he loves living with gay guys (and it’s NOT because he’s closeted gay):

1. Kasey is over the fact that he lives with two gay guys – he just lives with two guys, and he doesn’t give it a second thought that they are gay anymore.

2. “Have you seen this place?” Kasey asks. He then goes on to say that their house is “epically decorated,” which only helps him when or if he brings home a girl and she starts swooning over the decor. In that situation Kasey will of course take his due credit in how the place looks…

3. Kasey doesn’t have to put up with all the complications of living with other straight guys when it comes to bringing home girls. There’s no jealousy or moving in on your bud’s date.

Much to Kasey’s surprise, he isn’t just met with shock when straight people realize he lives with gay guys. Apparently, that shoe fits just as well on the other foot, because when gays realize he has gay roommates and that he is in fact not gay (really, really straight are his own words) they react with the same element of surprise (and probably disappointment, because Kasey is kinda cute).

The video is really quite sweet and hopefully a testament as to how future generations will view sexuality: it’s not about gay or straight, because in the end it really doesn’t matter. It’s about friends and seeing people for who they are and not their sexuality.

We say, well done, Kasey, and thanks for posting such an honest and refreshing video!

What do you think? Do you agree with Kasey’s points?


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Batman and Superman Sittin’ In A Tree…

Batman and Superman Sittin’ In A Tree…

By Mikkel Hyldebrandt

As if superhero movies like Batman and Superman weren’t laden with enough spandex and sexual tension, French comedy channel It’s Big! has just released a parody trailer of the 2016 blockbuster Batman vs. Superman where the most famous superheroes of all times are drawn not to evil – but to each other.

In Man of Steel 2: The Secret is Out we find the two superheroes are struggling with their sexuality and there’s obvious sexual tension between them (well, Batman more than Superman). The 3-minute clip culminates not with a kiss (would’ve been hot, right?), but with the two embracing as they fly Superman-style into the air. In the comedic clip Batman’s sidekick Robin (obviously gay clad in latex) can only watch from the sideline as the relationship between the man of steel and the dark knight grows hotter…

Take a look at the fun and rather hot clip and let us know if you’d like to see a romantic story line in the 2016 release of Batman vs. Superman?

Source: Attitude, Queerty

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Another Hunky Day At The Ballpark

Another Hunky Day At The Ballpark

By Mikkel Hyldebrandt

And suddenly baseball got a whole lot more interesting! That was the general impression at FENUXE when we watched the new Fruit Of the Loom ad featuring hunky baseball boys rolling up the tarp on a baseball field in nothing but their underwear. The ad showcases the brand’s newly overhauled boxer briefs that feature re-designed legs that won’t ride up, new supportive fly-seam and fabric-covered waistband for extra comfort.

Considering that most guys wear their underwear as long as they can – which often means that it is not only many years old, but even has holes – this might be a good time to ‘batter up’ and get yourself some new ones. After all, Fruit Of the Loom changed their underwear for the better… so shouldn’t you?

Get’em right here.

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