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Ascension Party Returns To Fire Island

Ascension Party Returns To Fire Island

Ascension Party, the summer’s wildest weekend festival of music, dance and friendship takes place August 15-17 in the all-gay oasis of Fire Island Pines.  It’s back for its ninth steamy summer of fun. Thousands of men from around the globe will flock to the sun drenched beaches for the three-day round-the-clock party that begins Friday night with the Ascension Underwear Party at Sip ‘N Twirl, headlined by DJ Grind. The fun continues Saturday at 6pm with the Ascension Tea Dance at Bay Walk featuring DJ Ralphie Rosario at the turntables, followed by Ascension Afterdark at Sip ‘N Twirl
with DJ Theresa.  The main event, the Ascension Beach Party on the Fire Island Pines beach, takes place Sunday at 12pm with superstar DJ Paulo.  Tickets available now at Tagg NYC (720 9th Ave, New York) and online at


In 2006, Eric von Kuersteiner had a vision to create a fun daytime party for the new generation of Fire Island.  Since then, Ascension has grown into the island’s most anticipated and busiest weekend, with three days of stellar events, thousands of cute guys and unsurpassed entertainment—all raising money for charity, benefiting the Fund in the Sun Foundation.

Since its inception eight years ago, the foundation’s directors – Hal Rubenstein, David Nickle and Eric von Kuersteiner – have raised more than $4 million for the protection of the environment and infrastructure of Fire Island Pines, while also donating grants to worthy LGBT charitable organizations. This year’s beneficiaries include the Hetrick-Martin Institute and the Harvey Milk High School; Live Out Loud; Friends In Deed, which provides support services for those with HIV/AIDS; One Heartland, which affords summer camping programs for GLBTQA kids; Standing Tall, which helps wheelchair-bound kids and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

“The event raises money for some great causes but it’s also an explosive party featuring premiere talent and over-the-top production,” says von Kuersteiner. Previous Ascension entertainers include Kelly Rowland and Dragonette, as well as Erika Jayne, Kristine W, Neon Hitch and Crystal Waters.  “Our team scours the US and abroad, attending all the major gay parties to scout the newest and hottest talent.”  Sean Patrick Ryan produces the spectacular parties.


“We offer incredible music, hot boys in sexy swimwear and the stunning backdrop of sunshine over the Atlantic Ocean,”  von Kuersteiner concludes, “We assure you, you won’t be disappointed.”

Ascension Party kicks off on Fire Island Pines: Friday, August 15 through Sunday, August 17, 2014 on Fire Island. Visit for ticket information.

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How To Make Guys Obsess Over You

How To Make Guys Obsess Over You

By D. David Kinney 

After schooling us on “How To Bottom Like A Porn Star” in his previous book, Atlanta author Woody Miller is back to help us put our new skills to the test. You’ve got to attract a great guy for this final exam, and in today’s gadget-friendly dating world that means you’ve got to perfect the art of sexy gay texting.

Yes, texting. Your chances of needing to change the sheets tomorrow can nose-dive into your right hand getting just a little more strength training tonight with just a single text. So Woody created the ultimate guide: “Gay Texting: The Art of Making Guys Obsess Over You!

Ready to improve your game? Check out this excerpt from the book:

Chapter Three
He’s Not That Into You. Oh, Oh. Time For A Charm Offensive.

Congratulations! You got his phone number. But it was…kind of awkward. You talked for a good twenty minutes at the bar/party/social event, but you noticed he wasn’t giving you his full attention. He hesitated when you asked his for his number. You’re a little confused about his response. Yes, he gave you his number but was it less out of desire and more out of a lack of industrial grade pepper spray within easy reach?

You’ve got your work cut out for you, buddy. Not every at-bat is a grand slam—in this case, you took a fastball to the spleen just to get on base. You can’t jump right into being overtly flirty, and for God’s sakes man, you can’t be sexual (yet). So, what do you do? Obey the Eleven Rules Of Texting The Ambivalent.

1. Wait Two Days Before You Text.
Think of testicles: One is too few and three is too many. You don’t want to send a testicle, er, text, to soon because, hello, he’s not that into you. He’s expecting you to text right away because he can sense that you want him more than JFK wanted a car with a roof. Two days is the perfect time to wait—it shows him you have a life and that you too may be ambivalent about him.

2. Do NOT send an open-ended text.

Here’s the very worst one you can send:

“Hey, what’s up?”

You will just get the obvious, socially programmed response of “Not much, how bout you?” This is an interview question, and will bore the hell out of your crush. In fact, you may as well have texted:

“Would you mind coming up with something interesting to say 
because I’m so boring the plaster peels off the wall when I talk to it.”

Not only are you announcing that you’ve got the personality of a Kansas zip code, you’re leaving his in the awkward situation of creating the value for a conversation you started. If you start a text thread don’t ask for value; deliver it. Your goal shouldn’t be to start a conversation. It should be to bring a smile to his face. The best way to do that is to learn how to…

Assume Rapport.

The ability to “assume rapport” is one of the most useful social skills you can have. It will literally open doors for you in dating, business and personal relationships. Rapport is an emotional bond based on a shared understanding. The best way to get it is to pretend youʼve got it. Donʼt seek it; assume it.

Rapport seekers fish for a connection by asking yawners like “Whatʼs new?” “What do you do?” and “Where are you from?” If youʼve ever been on the receiving end of those questions from somebody you don’t know–and aren’t sure you want to—it feels as if somebody’s checking your pockets to see if you’ve got change for a dollar. It’s way too invasive. Donʼt do it. Act as if you know him. Talk to him like you used to ditch class together.

People who have genuine rapport donʼt talk in meaningless questions. They talk in statement form or in meaningful questions. Letʼs say youʼre at a grocery store and you spy a hottie:

           Asking for rapport: [directly approaching his] “Hi. Iʼm Mike. Whatʼs your name?”

           Assuming rapport: [holding the bottle and asking indirectly] “Whatʼs up with 1% milk? Is it really any better than 2%?”

What’s the difference between asking and assuming rapport? Asking for it puts his guard up. Assuming it lowers it. Asking for rapport creates a try-hard energy. Assuming rapport creates camaraderie. How does this translate into texting? Text as if you already know him.

3. Be quirky. Be fun. Be observational.
Remember, the golden rule of getting dates: He Who Makes Him Laugh Makes Him His. Your job is to make him smile, to associate you with good times, a chuckle or a laugh. Which text do you think a guy would rather get:

“Hi, how are you?”


“I just saw a drag queen on a mini-scooter stop at a
 red light and fix his make-up.

Can you beat that?”

Which text do you think would make him want to get to know you better?



“Do you think naming two puppies Daft and Punk is a little over the top?”

Asking his opinion is one of the most effective ways of engaging him, especially if you do it with wit. Don’t be afraid to be a little off-the-wall. It sets you apart from the rest of your tired bros. Interest, smiles, and laughter–these are all values you want to bring to the table. Now the truth is there’s nothing wrong with asking him how his day’s going as long as you’ve put the funny in it:

My cell phone fell out of my shirt pocket while tying my shoe on an escalator….which was followed by me being accused of trying to sneak an upskirt photo and being violently shoved down the top of the escalator. How’s YOUR day?

Now THAT’s how you ask a guy about his day! Remember, you can’t overtly flirt with someone who’s hesitant about you, so you have to create value—even in the ways you say hello. You can also do it by engaging their curiosity. You could send a message like:

You: You’ll never guess what happened to me last night!

Why it works: It hints at something funny or adventurous, and who doesn’t want to chuckle or hear something fun? Even better, he’ll think you’re setting it up to say that you met this cool guy (him) last night. So when you throw a curve ball at his expectations he’ll be more intrigued. The challenge with this flirt idea is that you have to deliver on the promise. So get creative. Think of something funny that’s happened to you or just pretend it happened. Here’s an example:

Last night, my friend changed all my contacts in my phone. I have been texted by
Batman, Beyonce, and Harry Potter. WTF!

4. Reinforce the memory of your interaction—with wit.
Why make something up when you can use something comedians use all the time: A “callback.” For texting purposes, a callback is a reference to something you talked about when you first met. Let’s say you were both bitching about your jobs when you last talked. You could send a callback text like this:

“I swear, my boss is so conceited he takes a bow when he hears thunder!”


“My boss is doing the work of three men: Larry, Moe and Curly. Hope your day is
going better.”


“My boss has my hair on fire. You?”

The point is to make every email vibrate with a witty sheen that makes him want to know you better. You can control whether texting breeds contempt or desire. Give him a “Hi, how are you?” and you’ll remind him why he wasn’t excited about giving you his number. Make him smile and he’ll wonder what else there is to you.

5. Keep It Short But Stimulating.
Length and girth wins you points when you’re sexing but not when you’re texting. Long messages telegraph neediness and worse, they tend to come off as overly serious. You can send longer messages once you get to know him, but initial messages should always be short.

Do this:

“Oh you went to college out West, so did I. What school?”

Not this:

“Oh you went to college out West, so did I. What school? What about your major? Did you pledge a fraternity? I dated a couple fraternity guys in college. Not at the same time though, I’m not like that…not that that’s bad if you are. The more the merrier I guess…so what school?”

Length isn’t just the enemy of humor; it’s also a flirt-killer because it communicates neediness. As in, you’re so lonely and bored that you’ve just spent 15 minutes composing a text and you expect him to do the same.

If you’re writing more than a couple of sentences you’re writing too much. In fact, after sentence #3 you’re in danger of having a restraining order taken out against you. And just so we’re clear, a restraining order is NOT proof he loves you.

6. Never Use All Caps.
IT MEANS YOU’RE YELLING. There’s no such thing as a “flirt yell.” It’s oxymoronic. But mostly, moronic.

7. Use Proper Grammar.

Once, a friend showed me a text from a guy he was mildly interested in. The asked my friend to have “brekfiss” with him and that was the end of that. My friend figured he was so stupid he’d starve if he ever got locked in a grocery store. He showed me the rest of his texts and I couldn’t tell if the guy was just using abbreviations or whether he was an illiterate who kuldnt spill.

If you send his something filled with misspellings, he may think one (or both) of the following: you don’t care enough about him to spend 5 seconds giving your text a once-over and/or you don’t have the mental capacity to use proper grammar. Either way you’re back to scoring mildly retarded guys.

Proper grammar is a turn-on to the intelligent, but that doesn’t mean you have to go all Shakespeare on his ass. If you overdo it on the thesaurus, you cross the line from intelligent to pompous and unapproachable.

One extreme:

“Didh yu half a goood weak?

To the other:

“Pray tell me my little lass, I trust you have had a most favorable week now have we?”

Hit somewhere in the middle ground and you’re golden.

8. Don’t Get Friend Zoned.
There’s a difference between a possible love interest and a possible friend who just happens to be bored. Make sure it’s clear to his you are the former, not the latter.

Toss in the occasional compliment about his appearance, even if you only met for 5 minutes that first time when you got his number. Say he mentions something about going to the gym later. Drop something into the text thread like this:

“It must be hard getting a full workout in when guys are always hitting on you.”

Flatter him without creeping him out. Drop subtle comments without seeming pervy—it will let him know you’re looking for a romantic connection—not a stand-in friend when you need a date to a wedding.

9. Don’t Over-Emoticon.
So much of courting and flirtation is about setting the proper tone, and there is no form of communication that lends itself to greater miscommunication than texting. One solution to this problem is using Emoticons.

The Big Dog app in the Emoticon universe by far is Emoji. It offers thousands of Emoticons for any number of situations, and is available across all smartphone operating systems. Download it. Know it. Use it.

But don’t overuse it.

There is nothing more annoying than the every-text-deserves-an-Emoticon guy. Or the multiple-Emoticons-per-text guy. Take the following examples. Say you’ve decided to sign off for the night. Do this:

“Glad we got to connect again. ;)”

Not this:

“Glad we got to connect again. :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)”

That’s like ending your first conversation by blasting “Walking On Sunshine” on a loudspeaker and doing somersaults across the street. The lesson? Don’t blow your Emoticon load.

Be aware of the right Emoticons for the situation.

Him: My dog just died today.
You: I’m so sorry. ;)

Really? You might as well have given him a high-five when he told you Benji bit the bucket. Know your tone.

10. Don’t Send A Second Text If You Haven’t Gotten A Response From The First.
Silence is a response. It means, I’m too busy to respond or I’m not sure I want to respond or I’m thinking about how to respond. Don’t ever be tempted to write something like:

“I’ve had trouble with my signal today and so I just thought I’d send this again since you haven’t replied to the first one.”

I’ve had friends show me guys who text three or four times in a row trying to get a response. Trust me, they’re not picturing themselves making out with these guys. They’re picturing the judge signing the restraining order. The truth is sometimes men have a legitimate reason for waiting a long time to answer—either because of circumstances (stuck in a meeting, a movie, a dinner) or they’re just in a bad mood and they don’t want to take it out on text. Sometimes they purposefully make you wait (because they know it’ll make you wonder and increase your interest). But the sad reality, and the one you have to assume because it’s the likeliest scenario, is that he’s not responding quickly because he’s just not that into you.

Don’t rush his response. There is a remote chance that he didn’t get your text or accidentally deleted it. Did I mention “remote?” Because I meant REMOTE. If you’re convinced that he didn’t get it (we’re all convinced. No, really.), then wait a few days before sending another.

And do NOT reference the text he didn’t respond to. Texting something like, “Hey, haven’t heard from you in a while” isn’t going to cut it. First, you’ve just laid a guilt trip on him. Great. You’ve given him yet another reason not to text back. Try sending him an “Unclogger” text that can snap his attention right back to you.

You: We have something in common.

Who doesn’t want to know the answer to this? The challenge is in finding out what you have in common from earlier conversations. Share the same politics? Say this:

“We both can’t wait for Sara Palin’s book to come out in English.”

Want more texting advice? Check out Woody Miller’s book, “The Guide To Gay Texting: The Art Of Making Guys Obsess Over You.”

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FENUXE Best Bachelor 2014 Sign Up Form

FENUXE Best Bachelor 2014 Sign Up Form

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Live Streaming: Watch Tomorrowland (Tomorrowworld’s Older Brother) Online

Live Streaming: Watch Tomorrowland (Tomorrowworld’s Older Brother) Online

By D. David Kinney 

Want a taste of TomorrowWorld before the EDM festival comes to Atlanta this September? We’re showing the live stream of Belgium’s Tomorrowland (TomorrowWorld’s older brother who turned ten this year) all weekend! Looking for some additional info about the Atlanta version of the world-famous festival? Check out our article from last year and visit for tickets!

The video will play live from 1 p.m. until 7 p.m. (or 1 a.m. if you’re in Belgium)! Don’t worry if you’re reading this after the live broadcast has ended. Tomorrowland will rebroadcast the festival when the live feed ends.

Photo: TomorrowWorld

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Men In (Swim) Suits

Men In (Swim) Suits

By D. David Kinney 

Got your favorite swimsuit picked out for Joining Hearts 27 this weekend? If you’re looking for some divine inspiration we’re taking a look at some of our favorite looks from the Mercedes-Benz Swim Fashion Week in Miami.

Diesel Swimsuit6Diesel Swimsuit

Diesel Swimsuit2 Diesel Swimsuit3 Diesel Swimsuit4 Diesel Swimsuit5  Diesel Swimsuit7 Diesel Swimsuit8  Diesel Swimsuit10 Diesel Swimsuit11 Diesel Swimsuit12


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TNT’s “Major Crimes” Tackles Coming Out

TNT’s “Major Crimes” Tackles Coming Out

By Dustin Shrader

I. Am. Gay. Three words that sound so simple when spoken separately, yet when sewn together they can be the most difficult words uttered by someone struggling with his/her sexuality. Rusty Beck, portrayed by Graham Patrick Martin on TNT’s hit crime drama Major Crimes, confronts this specific fork in the road on his long and winding journey of self-discovery and freedom of fear in the July 7th episode “Do Not Disturb.” Initially, Martin’s character helped to bridge the gap between the series finale of The Closer and series premiere of Major Crimes. Over the course of three seasons, Rusty has evolved from a homeless, sometimes questionable queer youth to possibly one of the most endearing, complex, puzzling, hopeful and tender gay characters routed for on television today. Major Crimes creator James Duff discusses the emotional impact of this episode, the evolution of Rusty and what it was like personally to grow up experiencing the struggles that today’s LGBT youth still face.

FENUXE: After watching this episode, it was evident seeing Rusty’s journey and how immensely resonant this experience was for him and for the audience.
James Duff: Rusty’s journey has been an interesting journey to track and one that has been a long time coming to this moment where he is standing there saying those words. It is interesting how ambiguous the audience has found his identity. If you are gay, it becomes clear to you what is going on. If you are not, you might find his behavior bizarre. Many people have asked me, “Is he or isn’t he?” It tracks very closely to my own experience. By the time I said it, everyone seemed to already know. We are trying to be true to this experience. Being a gay person today might not be as hard as it was back in the 1970’s, 1980’s, and even ‘90’s. Yet, saying those words is still hard. That is maybe the hardest part of all saying, “I am different in this way.” Once I did it and really embraced who I was, I could not imagine going back.

So, based on Rusty’s story what is the overall message you were hoping to convey with this episode?
The episode is about the nature of immunity. When we have it and how we surrender, it and what we think gives us immunity. I think how Rusty comes out is he feels his secret gives him immunity in terms of his friends. That they will go on liking him and if he lays down that secret, he is surrendering something. But he isn’t really. What gives you immunity in life, I think, is the ability to refuse victimhood, to embrace who you are, not be a victim and to love honestly. I think his choice is a positive step. He is not meant to be a role model or a how-to manual. It is the answer for one character, on one television show delivered as authentically as we can.

Can we expect Rusty’s coming out to have implications on the show, the characters, his storyline? Will it change the future dynamic?
I think no. It is harder for him to accept. Now that he is on that journey, he will go through some of the steps that we have all gone through. It is harder for him to accept than the people around him. Although, there are moments, patience might be tested. There was a fun moment in this episode, in the break room when two of the suspects are filling out supposed questionnaires, one of them cruises Rusty and he cannot help but look back. That is a parcel of his youth, his particular place in the world. Therefore, stuff like that is going to happen. It is not the first time it has happened. In the past, he was mildly interested in a police officer working in the high school. That did not go anywhere at all and many people just missed it. It is hilarious to me how often people have missed what Rusty is doing or saying and misconstrued it.

Did your own personal experience help to influence the journey Rusty has taken to get to where he is now?
Yes, I think we are always writing form our own personal experiences, even when we are fictionalizing it; moreover, even when there are not exact parallels. In other words, my mother was not an addict, I was not abandoned, but I did run away from home before I finished high school. I knew I was not going to be able to hide who I was anymore from my family. I could not come out as a high school senior living in my own home. It was not possible. So the knowledge you are risking, lots of your soul in a way when you make the announcement. Also, the choice Rusty’s mother forces on him to pick one version of himself over the other; she says “You were not an easy child. I knew what you were.” As if, he was a bad person. He does not allow himself to be sucked into that. He chooses the other version of himself; the positive version of himself. I think that choice is always before us when we are coming out. It is not until we learn to say, “I am this, this is okay.” Then we are able to move forward. In that sense, it is very personal.

Major Crimes airs Mondays at 9/8 c. on TNT.

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Out Photos: PRIDE Kickball In Piedmont Park

Out Photos: PRIDE Kickball In Piedmont Park

By D. David Kinney

The sporty folks over at Go Kickball debuted PRIDE Kickball on Monday in Piedmont Park and it appears to be a hit. We stopped by to snap some photos of the fun. Enjoy!




























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Poppycock, Dragons & Liquid Sky. Atlanta Cotillion Kicks Off Summer.

Poppycock, Dragons & Liquid Sky. Atlanta Cotillion Kicks Off Summer.

By D. David Kinney

There is nothing better than having a good time for a good cause, and Atlanta Cotillion set the bar this past weekend with a fantastic event. Atlanta Cotillion’s “Cirque de Nuit en Rouge” took place at the beautiful new Delta Flight Museum on the first day of summer, June 21st. The museum first opened last week on June 17 and Atlanta Cotillion was the venue’s first outside event.

Guests were of course fabulously dressed in outfits ranging from relaxed tuxedos and cocktail wear to uber creative and larger-than-life costumes. Wearing one the fiercest looks of the night, Prince Poppycock delighted the crowd with two songs. You may remember him as the powerful voice that graced the “America’s Got Talent” stage in 2010. He quickly captured America’s attention on the show and went on to eventually come in fourth place. Joining Prince Poppycock with standout performances was the Dragon House Dance Crew from “So You Think You Can Dance” and Atlanta’s very own Liquid Sky.

Here are some photos that we snapped at the event!








































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Schizophrenic Photogenic: A Night To Defy Reality

Schizophrenic Photogenic: A Night To Defy Reality

By Dustin Shrader

One photographer. One performer. Both are artists uniting to bring Atlanta a night the city will remember. Two years’ worth of work all comes down to a few hours filled with electrifying art that defies one’s sense of reality, leaving the spectator stunned in awe by the beautiful imagery on display. This is Schizophrenic Photogenic; a collaboration, some might even consider it a kaleidoscopic collision, between the talented photographer Chris Buxbaum and the iconic performer David Richardson.

Fate brought the dynamic duo together a few years back. Chris was working on a show entitled “Transformers,” which consisted of a full year of documenting Atlanta’s drag queens, night creatures and club kids. Out of the many faces Chris encountered, David Richardson’s face immediately enamored him. “No one fascinated me more than David. His outfits and attention to detail completely captivated me, and I approached him with the idea for a show,” Chris recalls.

Throughout their two-year journey, Chris shot more than 5,000 images of David. His looks ranged from a punk Elizabethan queen to a faded movie star from Hollywood’s golden age. Chris believes David to be a living work of art, “He is a different person every time he leaves the house. He rarely repeats the same look twice.”

While discussing his fascination with David and his androgynous style, Chris thinks back to a time when he was beginning to explore the cool weirdness that the surrounding world had to offer. “I remember being 13 years old and seeing David Bowie perform on television. I thought, ‘What was that?’ I immediately wanted to dye my hair and wear my sister’s shoes!” Growing up as a Bowie Kid and Punk Stylist in 1970’s and 1980’s London, Chris was an original Blitz Kid member, which further influenced his photography, transforming his work into the fabulous, visionary pieces we see today. Chris perceives the idea of fashion as armor, a form of escaping everyday life that ‘they’ (society) had planned; it is the core of what he does. “Meeting David Richardson was the perfect serendipity – he embodies and lives this attitude… every day a different movie. Every day the star.”

Schizophrenic Photogenic brings Chris and David full circle, combining Chris’s lifelong passion for androgyny and fluid identity with David’s gift of molding his body into a living, breathing canvas of beautiful creativity. The downtown art event will feature the photograph collection, as well as a live performance by David, the living legend himself. The event will be somewhat historic, as it will be the first time all of the art will be together in one place. Along with the help of friends yearning to see their journey come to life, both artists have poured their heart and souls into their work. Describing the collection, Chris laments, “These photographs show that you can be from anywhere and become anyone you want to be. For no other reason, we are doing this because we want to do it. We want to bring people together.”

Built upon artistic imagination and sheer ingenuity, Schizophrenic Photogenic will undoubtedly be not just a night for the gay community but also a night for artists of all walks of life, a night everyone will truly remember.

Schizophrenic Photogenic will be Jun. 28 at Lucky Street Gallery from 7 p.m. until 11 p.m.

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Photos: Lance Bass Joins Atlantans For World Record Breaking Toast

Photos: Lance Bass Joins Atlantans For World Record Breaking Toast

By D. David Kinney 

Gay Atlantans and allies filled the W Hotel Midtown on Monday night to break the Guinness World Record for the Largest Arms-Linked Toast. The event was the launch of Freedom to Marry’s #ToastToMarriage campaign. Joining in on the record breaking fun was Lance Bass and his fiancé, Michael Turchin. Latrice Royale was also on hand to toast marriage equality after two nights of shows at Burkhart’s Pub.

#ToastToMarriage is a partnership between SKYY Vodka and Freedom To Marry, so naturally guests were drinking a cocktail called the SKYY Vodka Proposal. Before the big toast got underway, FENUXE spoke to Lance Bass about why he was excited for the campaign launch: “I’m from Mississippi so I’m proud to be here as #ToastToMarriage launches in the South here in Atlanta.” When we asked him about his favorite cocktail for a special toast he paused, smiled for a moment and revealed it would have to include SKYY Georgia Peach.

According to materials provided to press at the event: “[#ToastToMarry is] a national campaign to draw together communities to increase visibility and raise funds to support public education programs in places where same-sex couples are currently excluded from marrying.”

If you don’t live in Atlanta you can still catch one of #ToastToMarriage’s future events. They’ll be traveling to Fort Lauderdale, Philadelphia, Columbus, Chicago, New Orleans, Houston, Phoenix, San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Here are some of the photos we snapped during the event:

P1120164 P1120170 P1120168

P1120182 P1120143 P1120142 P1120141 P1120140 P1120139 P1120138 P1120137 P1120136 P1120135 P1120134 P1120133 P1120132 P1120131 P1120130 P1120129 P1120128


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