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Cirque De Cabaret to get some serious air at Jungle

Berlin Sylvestre, Staff Writer

Barry Brandon is at it again!

After working tirelessly on his latest Bedlam Presents project, Cirque de Cabaret will soon hit Atlanta like a freight train of art-house glam.

Set at Jungle on March 16, the high-energy performances will include acrobats, pole dancers, silk artists, circus acts, and a little something extra that we’re not going to give away.

Atlanta entertainment staples Chandler Bearden and Melissa Coffey will be there, doing what they do best — effortlessly blowing our minds with their gorgeous, dramatic, and often dangerous live acts.

Melissa Re

As if that wasn’t enough, Melissa Re, a super-sexy live contortionist, aerial performer, and model plans to get bent out of shape for your viewing pleasure.

“You can look forward to seeing me spin in the air in a large ring and bend and contort my body into dramatic shapes. Expect lots of glitter and ostrich feathers and bling and glam,” Melissa told FENUXE.

The London-based performer is taking full advantage of being in Atlanta and giving us a little somethin-somethin’ at Jungle’s Sing for Your Life on March 14. “I’m really excited to say this will be my very first time performing in America!”

(To be honest, you’ve probably seen her face. She’s appeared in ads for Avon, Stoli Vodka, Conair, Ethan Allen, Women’s Health Magazine, InStyle, Elle and others.)

“I’m looking forward to meeting and performing with such a great cast,” she said. “Cirque de Cabaret will be unmissable. See you there!”

And indeed, we at FENUXE will be seeing her there.

Tickets to Cirque De Cabaret are $10 and you can get them here. At the door, the tickets will sell for $15.





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Editors Note: A Celebration for the Community

Tyler Calkins, Publisher & Editor

I’m usually pretty bummed around the holidays partially due to family drama and partially due to being single, but this year something new and special came into my life. I was driving down the on-ramp talking to my friend about the Ice Party about to merge onto I-20, when all of a sudden the cutest little puppy runs out from behind a little bush into oncoming traffic. Without thinking, I stopped the car and jumped out not even concerned about the other cars behind us.

I ran around for about an hour weaving through traffic trying to coax the little puppy to come to me – I even had a driver give us a can of dog food, but to no avail. She ran right into the highway and just barely missed a few cars. Screaming, I ran out into the right hand lane trying to stop the cars – she then turned and ran back up the on-ramp and onto Moreland. At that moment two huge firetrucks pull up and stop. Almost instantaneously 12 courageous firemen and women sprang from both trucks and stopped all the traffic (which isn’t an easy thing to do), but before they could get every car, a man driving a tan Ford Taurus sped down the road and ran over this poor defenseless puppy’s leg which sent her screaming in pain. He then stopped his car, looked at me, shrugged, and kept speeding down the road.

The puppy then lurched forward, running on only three legs and parked herself right underneath a street sweeper car. When I finally pulled her out, her leg was crushed, bleeding, and she was shaking in pain. I thanked the firemen & women (Thank you so much Dekalb Firefighters, you guys rock!! If anyone knows who these brave men and women are, please let me know, I’d like to give them tickets to the Ice Party) and rushed to the Village Vets in Decatur. I then called my friend Rebecca Guinn with the Lifeline Animal Project who, without hesitation, said that they would cover her emergency room bills. (Thank you so much Rebecca & all the great folks at the Lifeline project!) We then discovered that her leg bones had been shattered and that she needed surgery or possibly amputation.
Within a few hours of putting her story up on the Fenuxe Facebook page, she had secured enough donations to cover her $5,000 surgery, which leads me into my next point: Our community rocks! No, seriously, our community is strong, resourceful, creative, helpful, driven, safe, and knows how to come together. The whole time I was with the little puppy (who I have temporarily named “Little Fenuxe” until we find her a good home) I kept thinking to myself – all of us in this community at one point or another have been this little puppy – lost, alone, and scared.

I remember when I first came out, I was lost, alone, and scared. I went to Blakes (the first gay bar I ever went to) and found people who thought like me… who supported me… liked the same crazy dance techno music I like, but most importantly I found people who accepted and embraced me for me with no strings attached. Many things, though, had to come together for that to happen. For starters, there had to be a gay movement in NYC so that we knew we needed solidarity. It took entrepreneurs who weren’t afraid of being mocked or even killed who created an environment for gay people to socialize and be safe, and it took building a community of individuals who fought (and still fight) for our rights and our way of life.

Fenuxe Magazine would not exist today if it weren’t for the contributions of those that came before us and I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for specific people in our community who “scooped me up” and showed me that it’s okay to be gay – I didn’t have to be that scared, lonely, and lost puppy anymore. I know that you too can look back at your life and identify those individuals who made a profound impact on your life as a gay man or a lesbian woman. This is why I am so passionate about our Fenuxe 50.
While we can’t honor everyone every year, our community has nominated 50 individuals to be honored as the 50 most outstanding members of our community. Guys, these people help us in so many ways – they make laws that protect us, advocate on our behalf, spread the news about what it means to be gay from the radio microphone to the pulpit, fight in the trenches with those dying of HIV/AIDS, rescue animals from certain death, foster businesses that directly benefit our way of life, and raise money for those who don’t have a voice. Now, it’s our turn to thank them.

If you’ve ever been to a Fenuxe party – you know you are in for a great time, but I have really pulled out all the stops this year. Trust me, you will be simply amazed with the Icy Wonderland we have built to honor these 50 individuals. They don’t get a lot of praise during the year, so please join me in thanking them in person at the Ice Party for all they do for us. Here’s a little preview of what we have in store for you: 27,000 lbs of sculpted ice, a gourmet buffet-style dinner, a sponsored bar by Ketel One Vodka, and performances from members of the Atlanta Opera, the Atlanta Ballet, the Gay Men’s Chorus, and the Armorettes. It will be something very special that I know our 50 will treasure for the rest of their lives.

If you’re single like me, there perhaps is no better event all year that you could attend where you will find quality men and women all gathered in one place. It is black tie optional, but don’t forget how sexy you look in a tux ;)

Open Admission is $20 (admission only) General Admission is $75(includes dinner, open bar), VIP is $150 (includes valet, private reception with the Fenuxe 50 Members, guaranteed seating for ceremony, and VIP bag).

I would hope that anyone reading this magazine would do exactly what I did – try to help a poor, defenseless animal in any way I could. That’s what community does. Strangers coming together for a cause.

This year is going to be huge for or community – the upcoming Supreme Court case has the potential to have rippling effects on our rights across this country.

Let’s start this year right by honoring those who have selflessly sacrificed on our behalf, while we look with anticipation to our bright future.

See you at the Ice Party on January 12. :)

To purchase tickets visit:

Thank you to all of our Fenuxe 50 this year: Anna Leary, Art Izzard, Ashley Derrick, Barb Rowland, Barry Brandon, Brandon Rudat, Buck Cooke, Chandler Bearden, Cleo Meyer, David Janke, Dennis Flores, Dino Thompson-Sarmiento, Rev. Erin K. Swenson, Frank Mendez, Heath Loupe, James Randell Chumbley, Jeremiah Lawson, Jesse Morgan, Congressman John Lewis, Former President Jimmy Carter, Rev. Josh Noblitt, Kat Graham, Kate Trahan, Kevin Bryant, Kevin Kelly, Councilman Kwanza Hall, Laura Douglas-Brown, Lena Lust, Lynn Barfield, Maggie Lopez & Pat Cianciullo, Marci Alt. Margaret Cho, Mark Jackson & Tom Schloeder, Mary Edith Pitts, Melissa Carter, Neal Boortz, Dr. Nedra Dodds, NeNe Leakes, Palmer & Mary Marsh, Park Krausen, Philip Bonneau, Rabbi Joshua Lesser, Randy New, Rev. Paul Graetz, Richard Rhodes, Sean & Gilbert Yeremyan, Sheila Merritt, Sister Ursula Polari, The Armorettes, and William Campbell.

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Cabaret Builds Up to Highly Anticipated Cotillion

Níco Stoerner, Staff Writer

There are nights we come home from work, grab a bite and hit the sack only to rinse and repeat the next day. Thursday, August 16, wasn’t one of them.

The Atlanta Cotillion and AID Atlanta hosted the Silent Auction and Cabaret at Jungle Night Club. Silent auction items were on display (with packages from Tiffany, Delta, and Svedka Vodka, among others), tempting all those who entered. Having thoroughly reviewed these treasures guests then gathered at the bar for stiff drinks and loose conversation before emcee Jeffery Powell welcomed reigning Queen Jacqueline D’Bouvier VonSeco to the stage to kick off the event.

After the Queen’s mahhhvelous performance of “Let’s Have a Kiki” each of this year’s candidates had the opportunity to showcase their sparkle with intermittent aerial performances from Chandler Bearden and Melissa Coffey. There were also guest speakers—people who benefitted from the services at AID Atlanta—who gave testimony to the great work AID Atlanta and the Atlanta Cotillion has done for the community.

Attendees were in the presence of some great local heroes, including activist groups such as the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and community leaders such as Jon Santos.

We asked Jon to tell us a bit about how Cotillion has developed during his 11 years with the organization and what he expects we might see this year.

“What is most amazing about Atlanta Cotillion is how it continues to grow and change,” he said. “There was a time when the only guests in tuxedos were the escorts of the debutantes. The Planning Committee continues to allow the rules to expand to include women in tuxedos, straight committee members, and straight men as debutantes. Who knows what the future holds—women as debutantes or even men in tuxedos as debutantes. The sky is the limit.”

Jon’s successor, Cotillion organizer Anna Leary, had this to say about Cotillion XI: “I’m so excited about Atlanta Cotillion XI as this is my first year in the ‘driver’s seat’ and working as the Cotillion chair is Ronnie Mallette (a former debutante) in his first year as chair. I am a huge Ronnie fan! I have really enjoyed getting to know the ‘debs’ as well as making sure all the little details are attended to. Atlanta Cotillion is actually the reason I now work at AID Atlanta, being introduced years ago. I now have the privilege of serving our community which makes this a special labor of love. We are excited to have a performance by drag icon Varla Jean Merman as well as Randy Roberts as our emcee. The 2012 debutante class is full of great men with big hearts, and I am looking forward to seeing what they accomplish!”

AID Atlanta Board member Christopher Morter said this about the impact these funds have on the community: “Atlanta Cotillion has played a vital role in raising over $1.2 million for AID Atlanta over the past 10 years. The funds raised by Cotillion are particularly important to AID Atlanta because they represent unrestricted funds, critical for ‘filling the gaps’ when government funds and restricted grants don’t cover the full cost of programs and services. While the Cotillion and related events […] are meant to be fun, the impact is profound for the numerous people affected by HIV/AIDS who have benefitted from the funds raised by [Cotillion] debutantes. As a member of the Board of Directors, I can’t express enough how grateful I am to each of the many participants in the Cotillion for their hard work and dedication.”

Reflecting on her year as Queen, Jacqueline D’Bourvier VonSeco (a.k.a. J.D. Kellum) had this to say about her experience: “It’s been an incredible journey—one that has reminded me just how powerful and committed our community can be when we join our hearts and minds for a common cause.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

When: Saturday, September 15, 7-11 PM
Where: The Foundry at Puritan Mill, 916 Joseph E. Lowery Boulevard
Details: There will be a hosted bar and hors d’oeuvres. $10 cash valet parking available. This event is 21 and over. ID required.

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Digging Deep in the Unsafe Sex Scene

Shannon Jenkins, Associate Writer, Lifestyle & Culture

Not long ago a friend told me about a member of Atlanta’s gay community who willingly exposed one of his sexual partners to HIV. Allegedly after their unprotected encounter the positive guy disclosed his status. I don’t put much stock in rumors, but the information rattled me anyway. How could someone do that to another person? How could the other guy be so irresponsible with his own health?

With questions swirling around in my head, I visited Positive Impact’s MISTER Center in Midtown. I sat down with prevention director Danny Sprouse and prevention specialists Glenn Fitch and Chandler Bearden to candidly discuss risky sexual behavior among gay men. They emphasized that the majority of the gay population, rather HIV-positive or not, conduct themselves responsibly when it comes to sex. Those who engage in high-risk sex, they said, make up a small portion of the gay community.

Shannon: Let’s talk about HIV-positive men who willingly expose their sexual partners to the virus.

Danny: Some who do that, I think, are very angry because they have the virus. They thought it was done to them so they’re going to do it to other people.

Glenn: It’s not all on that second person to disclose his status. The negative partner has a responsibility to protect his health as well.

Danny: Here in Georgia it’s actually a felony if you’re positive and you don’t disclose it to your sex partner beforehand. In my opinion, if they’re going to do that, they should also criminalize it for negative people who chose not to use protection. They’re just as culpable in that experience as the person who is positive. If you’re HIV negative and you’re concerned about your status then you should be using a condom one hundred percent of the time, no matter who you’re having sex with.

Glenn: Just having the conversation doesn’t cut it. The bottom line is nobody truly knows their status until they test positive.

Danny: A lot of these men, both the positive guys who would willingly infect someone and the negative men who want to be infected, have some serious mental health issues going on. Antisocial personality disorder is something we find in that very small population. Obviously if you don’t have respect for your life and other people’s lives, then you’re not going to care if you infect them or not. I think there’s a small group of people like that in Atlanta. But for the most part all the positive guys here are very responsible, and the negative guys here are paying attention to their health.

Chandler: Trying to change those individuals’ minds or trying to educate them in any way isn’t effective. They’re obviously dealing with a lot of emotional factors that require a lot more than basic knowledge. I think another major factor of risky behavior is people getting drunk, getting high, or getting in the heat of the moment and not having protection with them. If you’re hooking up in a bar and there are no condoms available you’re probably not going to use one because you’re wanting to do it right there.

Glenn: Also, men in their forties are getting infected. It’s almost like they’re just tired of trying to be safe. We had one guy who was about 62 and it was like, “I made it this far. I’m this old and I’m going to die sooner or later anyhow. If I get HIV now and if I start getting sick in ten years … whatever.” Some of these men over 50 don’t realize that coping with aging issues and HIV puts a much greater burden on the body. A person who is infected at 25 likely has a better level of general health and immune system than someone in their 60’s. So HIV later in life can add to already potentially preexisting health conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, etc.

Shannon: Can you tell me about serosorting, when guys seek out sexual partners with the same HIV status?

Danny: With positive men, they seek out other positive guys so they can have bareback sex feeling like it’s OK to do that. Clearly we know it’s not because you can develop drug resistance. There are cross strains, other complications and other STDs out there. With negative guys, they’re operating on the assumption that they’re both negative so it’s OK to have unsafe sex together. Here at MISTER if a person tests HIV negative we give them a card that indicates their HIV status and the date they test negative, but we state very clearly on the card that it’s not to be used to negotiate unsafe sex. There is that 90-day window period. You could have been infected last week and the test you just had today has no bearing on the results of that encounter. So people really need to stop relying on just having a conversation about HIV status and then deciding not to use a condom or looking at a body and saying this person looks healthy so I can have unsafe sex with this person.

Shannon: Are there any other risky activities like serosorting?

Danny: There are conversion parties where positive guys will go to a party with negative guys and the negative guys want to engage in bareback sex with positive guys hoping they will get the infection. Some guys have what I call the “baby mentality.” There are couples where the negative partner wants to get infected by his positive partner to feel like he has the same virus. So it’s kind of like getting pregnant by the partner. They feel like that increases their bond.

Shannon: Can you elaborate on the conversion parties?

Danny: Most of those are marketed online. There are barebacking websites where you can place ads for a party. They use different names. They can call it a charge party or a gift party. They go by a variety of names. The people in the community who want to participate in that understand the language. Usually it’s at somebody’s home, and people show up and nobody talks about status. So you don’t know who the positive person is and who the negative person is. So if all of that came out later you can’t say I know that person infected me.

To say my visit to MISTER was enlightening would be an understatement. Although we discussed the risky behavior of a small segment of our gay community, I believe now more than ever that individuals must be vigilant when it comes to safe sex. As the MISTER guys said, it takes two to get infected.

For more information, please visit PositiveImpact-ATL.org.

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Fire Party Heats Up Atlanta’s Summer

Nearly 148 years after General Sherman set Atlanta ablaze, another fiery event promises to leave its own mark on the Southern metropolis.

On August 4, Atlantans will gather to celebrate the city’s best businesses and organizations during one of the biggest and hottest events of the summer. Fenuxe Magazine will host its annual Fire Party to honor the recently announced Best of Atlanta winners, who were hand-picked by Fenuxe readers.

Fenuxe doesn’t deny its flair for extravagance, and the Fire Party won’t disappoint those with high expectations. Divulging too many details would spoil all the blazing fun. However, a taste of what’s to come will hopefully appease your burning curiosity.

The Entertainment
Some of the most scorching hot talent can be found right in Atlanta, and these top-notch entertainers will undoubtedly ensure the Fire Party will be remembered for a long time. Among several of the party’s fire performers are Timothy Mack of Imperial OPA Circus, Cody Herndon of Eccentric Productions, and Chandler Bearden, who is one half of an independent fire act.

After finishing a tour with Cirque du Soleil in 2008, Timothy moved to Atlanta and founded a circus. He’s a regular performer at Jungle’s Nectar Party and wows crowds with various acts, including fire swords and fire eating. Cody, another Nectar regular, is primarily known for his fire-breathing work and his stilt walking. Chandler has flexed his flame skills at the Beltane Festival, a Midsummer Nights event, in the streets of Atlanta for Independence Day, and most recently at Tongue and Groove as the iconic dancing devil of Fireball Whisky.

You certainly can’t have a fire party without fire, and you definitely can’t throw a shindig with music.

Thanks to DJ Mike B, guests can expect some serious ass-shaking music all night long. During his long career, Mike B has opened for the Black Eyed Peas, Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Outkast and Ludacris. He’s also the main mix show DJ for Atlanta’s Q100. Most importantly, though, he quite literally sets his records on fire while performing.

A few other performers for the evening will include Nicole Paige Brooks, Princess Charles, and Mary Edith Pitts. Ms. Pitts will also be raising money for Jerusalem House and AID Atlanta, with a portion of drink sales going to both organizations.

The Tickets
General admission, which includes one complimentary cocktail, is $5 prior to July 30 and $10 after. The $75 VIP ticket holders will gain access to the 6:30 pm private cocktail reception at Strip and an all-night open bar. Purchasing a $250 Platinum VIP ticket grants you premium Ketel One bottle service with a personal attendant, complimentary valet, private seating at the party, a private cocktail reception at Strip, hot rod/muscle car transportation from VIP reception, announced and recognized at event, and an open bar all night.

Fire Party
When: Saturday, August 4, 7PM
Where: Former Fox Sports Grill, 261 19th Street, Atlantic Station
Tickets: $5-$10 General Admission, $75 VIP, $250 Platinum VIP
Details: TheFireParty.EventBrite.com

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New Nighttime Event Seeks Entertainers of All Kinds

All entertainers share one thing in common—they’re always willing to showcase their talents. Luckily for them a new opportunity to step into the spotlight is on the horizon.

Jungle Club Atlanta is planning a monthly event called The Circus, which begins Wednesday, August 1, and will benefit Positive Impact’s MISTER program.

“We are seeking comedians, aerialists, magicians, acrobats, rappers, dancers, jugglers, singers, actors, drag queens, performance artists, musicians, fashion designers and anyone else who can be brought to the stage to entertain,” said Chandler Bearden, a prevention specialist for MISTER.

Jungle’s Richard Cherskov and drag performer Phoenix collaborated on the concept for The Circus and presented it to Chandler as a possible avenue to raise awareness for MISTER, which offers a variety of services (including HIV testing) to Atlanta’s gay and bisexual men. Chandler said the event will not only benefit MISTER but Atlanta’s LGBT community as well.

“There is outstanding amount of talent welling beneath and around us at all times in this city,” he said. “Events and establishments present a wide variety of options on a regular basis, but these options are highly concentrated on one method of expression. You can visit a club and get your dinner with a line of comedians guaranteed to make you choke on your entree or see an amazing competition of drag or even find talented singers belting out their melodies to provide a journey of emotion but they are all spread far and wide. This event is guaranteed to bring that diaspora of Atlanta all into one place.”

For additional details, contact Chandler Bearden at [email protected] More information will soon be available on how to submit audition videos and tracks, including rules and regulations, on the Jungle Club website at www.jungleclubatlanta.com.

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Real Men Communicate About Sex

SEX! Did we see your eyes light up with excitement? Safe sex! And the spark dims. Sure, talking about protection and HIV status sometimes kills the mood, but shouldn’t it always factor into sexual encounters?

Both Chandler Bearden of Positive Impact and Steven Igarashi of AID Atlanta think so. After compiling data from the 2012 Fenuxe Sex Survey, we asked the two gentlemen to share their thoughts on some of the results.

Fenuxe: Almost 20 percent of the survey takers are in open relationships.
Chandler: The CDC has released data stating that 40 percent of new HIV infections are from partners of relationships in which there was sex occurring outside of the relationship. You never know what your partner is doing. Sometimes decisions get made while under the influence of alcohol (or hormones for that matter). People get caught up in the heat of the moment and don’t necessarily make the wisest decisions. A lot of people associate getting an infection with being promiscuous or being unsafe. They don’t really think they could possibly get this from their partner.

Fenuxe: About 75 percent of respondents admit to having unprotected sex with a monogamous partner, while 23 percent admit to having unprotected sex with multiple sexual partners.
Steven: It’s human nature to desire intimacy, and that intimacy is often sought in skin-to-skin contact with our partners. At the very least, for many, using a condom can feel cold and sterile. My concern, however, is more for that 23 percent. Engaging in unprotected sexual activity with multiple partners with no discussion about HIV status or protection is the riskiest of behaviors.

Fenuxe: Forty-four percent of respondents never ask someone’s HIV status.
Chandler: Since it is a law in Georgia that you have to disclose your HIV status I think a lot of people just assume that’s going to happen. There’s basically just a lack of communication and disclosure.
Steven: I often say that if you’re comfortable enough to be naked with someone, you should be comfortable enough to talk to them. The biggest issue in our society is people not knowing their status; one in five people infected with HIV are unaware of their status. In Georgia, we are number six in the nation for new HIV infections, and 60 percent of those infections are concentrated in Fulton, DeKalb, Clayton and Gwinnett. We cannot pretend that we are not affected by this. This is everyone’s problem.

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Coming to a Gay Restroom Near You!

Ryan Lee, Associate Writer: News & Current Events

A diva is about to attempt a comeback in Atlanta’s gay social scene, as Positive Impact’s M.I.S.T.E.R. project prepares to install free condom dispensers in gay bars, nightclubs and restaurants.

A ubiquitous presence in gay establishments during the late 1980s and ’90s, bowls of condoms have gone the way of parachute pants and glow-in-the-dark club jewelry. But with HIV/AIDS rates inching up in recent years, the folks at M.I.S.T.E.R. hope that latex and safer sex can again become a casual as grabbing peppermints on the way out of a restaurant.

“I think we’ve lost a lot of the visibility of safer sex,” said Chandler Bearden, community outreach coordinator for M.I.S.T.E.R. “It’s kind of fallen to the wayside. People don’t really talk about it, people don’t really think about it because it’s out of sight, out of mind.

“Maybe if we get these back out, get it visible and get the message in peoples’ heads, maybe they’ll start thinking about it a little more,” he said.

“Most gay clubs used to actually have bowls of condoms out and it got to be too cost-prohibitive because people were just grabbing handfuls, and handfuls and handfuls of condoms, and the bars constantly had to put them in there,” Bearden added. “So we came up with this idea. It’s a single dispenser, so if somebody’s going to steal a whole bunch, they’re going to have to stand there awhile.”

Bearden has been pitching the dispensers to gay bar and restaurant owners, and plans to start installing them in the next few weeks.

“We have a very limited staff for doing outreach, so trying to get to every single bar – with 20 establishments every weekend, and we only have two actual staff outreach people – it’s impossible for us to get everywhere,” he said. “So if we can get the message out in a non-intimidating manner where people can actually choose to take the condoms if they want to, we can also let people know what other services we offer at M.I.S.T.E.R, like free HIV testing, free STD screening, and we even offer sex coaching and all kinds of stuff.”

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2011 Fenuxe 50 Awards

Being an Atlanta LGBT advocate is hard work and never ending. This issue of Fenuxe celebrates the incredible work of 50 individuals who make gay Atlanta great. When I started Fenuxe I wanted it to be more than a glossy magazine. I wanted to give a voice to those in our community who have given us so much. From large struggles to making everyday a little brighter these individuals are the reason why our community continues to get better and better. Each year I am so amazed at all the good work our Fenuxe 50 members are doing here in Atlanta and around the world.

As you read about these inspiring people and the work they do, keep in mind that no matter who you are or what you do there is always a chance to positively affect our community. Although we can’t recognize everyone who helps the community (believe me there are many more than just these listed) Atlanta’s LGBT community should be proud of it’s wonderful people. I want to personally thank each and every member on this list who works tirelessly for the rest of us.

Congratulations to all the 50 and we hope that you will join us for a lavish celebration on November 6th: the Ice Party. Trust me. It will be a night you don’t want to miss!

-Tyler Calkins, Publisher

Click Categories below for list of Fenuxe 50 members

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The 2011 Fenuxe 50 Awards The Ice Party

Each year Fenuxe Magazine celebrates the top 50 most influential members in our Atlanta LGBT community. This year we’re celebrating in style! The VIP reception gets the evening started at 6PM and will allow people the chance to get up-close-and-personal with the Fenuxe 50 honorees. You will be able to offer your personal congratulations to all the honorees (and maybe get some advice on how to make next year’s list).

The VIP reception features tasty cocktails compliments of Ketel One, Tanqueray and Crown Royal as well as a buffet style dinner compliments of Montgomery Catering and CamiCakes. While you sip and nibble you can take awe in the various ice sculptures/bars and enjoy the view from the 15th floor of Ventana’s Atlanta. If luxury is your style feel free to step up to the “James Bond” Package.

The “James Bond” package includes transportation to and from the event by a chartered Helicopter, A 15 minute sightseeing tour of the city, premium treatment & gifts, a dedicated “James Bond” bartender, unlimited access to the Flavored Oxygen Bar, 1 year subscription to Fenuxe, and admission to the awards ceremony. Tickets are very limited for this experience, make sure to get yours today.

The Fenuxe 50 list is still in the works, but we can tell you it will be a who’s who of gay Atlanta and our allies like Mayor Kasim Reed, Congressman John Lewis and Actress/Singer/Dancer Kat Graham. This is an event not to be missed as it is important to honor the people who work tirelessly to make sure our community is strong, safe and secure.

General admission tickets are also available. These tickets include two free cocktails compliments of Ketel One, Crown Royal, Tanqueray, and Ciroc, a Buffet Dinner compliments of Concentrics Restaurants, complimentary self parking, and admission to the awards ceremony.

No matter which level you choose the party is going to be amazing. Dress to impress for this black tie optional event!

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