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FENUXE Chats With The Guys From HBO’s “Looking”

Join FENUXE’s Dino Thompson-Sarmiento as he chats with the leading men of HBO’s new show “Looking.” The show documents the lives of three friends making their way through life and the San Francisco gay scene.

The show has been compared to other HBO favorites like “Girls” and “Sex and The City” only this show features a cast of gay characters. The similarities are there, but where “Looking” finds its true originality is in the fact that it isn’t about coming to terms with being gay or showing the audience a big coming-out story. The characters’ sexuality is presented matter-of-factly, which is truly refreshing and new. The qualms and queeries of the “Looking” characters are more universal and deal with issues such as getting older, finding your place in a relationship and, of course, finding love.

If you haven’t checked it out yet you’re missing out. You can currently watch the first five episodes on demand through your cable or satellite provider and the HBO GO app. 


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Jennifer Holliday Coming To Atlanta Botanical Garden

Broadway’s original Dreamgirl Jennifer Holliday is coming to the Atlanta Botanical Garden for a concert benefiting Actor’s Express. Holliday will join “The BeHip Allstars” and a six-piece jazz orchestra for a magical evening of song called “Broadway in the Garden.”

Jennifer Holliday recently sat down with FENUXE’s Dino Thompson-Sarmiento for an exclusive interview before her big show this Sunday.

Want to watch Dino’s full interview with Jennifer Holliday?

Tickets are available for purchase here or call (404) 875-1606.

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BREAKING: Brandon Rudat’s Contract Not Renewed at CBS Atlanta

Dwayne Kinney, Digital Editor

FENUXE has confirmed this afternoon that CBS Atlanta will not renew Emmy award-winning reporter Brandon Rudat’s contract. Gay Atlantans have been watching the sexy gay reporter since he joined CBS Atlanta in May 2010. He was the morning anchor on Better Mornings Atlanta from 5 a.m. – 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. – 10 a.m.

In an interview with FENUXE’s Dino Thompson-Sarmiento, Rudat said, “I love every part of the fabric of this Atlanta community. They have welcomed me with open arms. What they say about the South is so true. People here have treated me with such love. I loved giving so much of my time to local charities and helping the fight to end bullying especially those kids who are so afraid to come out and be proud of who they are. I’ve been blessed with such an amazing life that my faith will lead me to where I can help make a difference. I love this city with all my heart and I truly mean it. I’ve met the most amazing people here who have forever impacted my way of life.”

Ironically, Rudat was nominated for an Emmy this year for “Best News Anchor.” In 2007 Rudat won an Emmy for exposing a fire chief who was also a convicted child sex offender. Rudat was recognized as a FENUXE 50 in 2012 by this publication.

Additional information will be posted as it becomes available.

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Governor McGreevey: Second Chances; The Worst Didn’t Define Him

Interview by Dino Thompson-Sarmiento, Senior Writer
Edits by Berlin Sylvestre, Staff Writer

It wasn’t all that long ago that I was in Vatican City, staring up at the illustrious art laminating the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, attempting to make my penance with God for being gay when I realized: “Hold on a sec. Michelangelo, a known homosexual, painted this!” I was in the holiest of holy places for Catholics beneath the most revered piece of work ever bestowed upon this religion … and it was rapturously created by a gay man’s hands. The realization hit me like a stack of Bibles: Homophobia is human error. Being gay is not a mistake; I am not a mistake.

The ego is a very real thing and it’s perhaps no more pronounced than in public figures like actors, models, and politicians — especially the latter, whose lives are a wax and wane of high praise and mud-slinging on every radio and television across the globe.

It made sense that former governor of New Jersey Jim McGreevey was apprehensive to speak candidly at first. After all, this was the formerly married man and father of two who, in the midst of a gay love affair, was outed by the press and virtually forced to resign in a highly televised press conference. This was a man who made the snickering jackals of media giddy with easy-target glee. Gov. McGreevey, though in love, was a broken man.

In more recent times, McGreevey has come to realize that life isn’t defined by our past … that there’s always a way to restart our own narrative. After a very public divorce, the fallen governor went through seminary school and received his Master of Divinity degree. His new mission? Helping prison inmates — most notably, female inmates — realize that they, too, can break the bonds of a sordid past and start anew.

Documenting his sojourn was acclaimed filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi, whose skeptical eye has so fearlessly captured political scandals, fallouts, and campaigns that she earned six Emmy nominations for her work. Her 2013 documentary,“Fall to Grace,” recently aired on HBO but is a soft departure from the cynicism of her earlier works. The two came together with FENUXE to give us an intimate look at the new life of Governor Jim Edward McGreevey and to expose the American prison system’s fallacies.

Why did you want to do “Fall to Grace” and why now?

McGreevey: Alexandra wrote me and presented the idea. My partner, Mark O’Donnell, was against it, but Alexandra was interested in focusing on the [imprisoned] women with whom I worked. She felt this story would highlight second chances. At the time, five percent of the world population was incarcerated and twenty five percent of those prisoners were in the U.S.

Pelosi: I had never met [McGreevey] and I honestly thought he was being a cynic in trying to become a priest, but as I got to know him, I saw his sincerity.

Gov. McGreevey, when did you first know you were gay?

McGreevey: Some time between five and six, I knew I was different but I didn’t know how. At eight or nine, I recognized I had feelings for the same sex.

Why not lead an authentic life if you knew?

McGreevey: My religious traditions taught me that being gay was sinful and damnable … and that played a big role. I didn’t want it. On one level, I didn’t want to be authentic to something damnable. To the world, Liberace was different. I didn’t wanna be that man. Being called ‘gay’ or ‘homo’ were cutting because they were true. I made a decision based on the teachings of the church and on self-preservation. The closet seemed like a far safer place.

How does this piece compare to your documentary “The Trials of Ted Haggard”?

Pelosi: Both these men were imprisoned by the church, but in Jim’s story, the worst didn’t define him. He didn’t let that one thing define who he is.

Do you feel that, by positioning yourself to help rehabilitate prisoners, you’re healing yourself somehow?

McGreevey: At some point early on I did. The dean of the seminary I was attending suggested I do this. I’ve met people who’ve been in prison for fifteen, twenty years and they’ve lost so much of themselves … so much of their person that I question the goal of prisons. [Imprisoning people] is like soul-letting as opposed to blood-letting. It’s very dispiriting.

What’s your ultimate goal?

McGreevey: I want to bring these prisoners’ stories to life. We need to surrender judgment and look at them through gentler eyes. I am that imprisoned woman. I want to restart the narrative of these lives. Most of us make mistakes. We all fall down, but we get up. We are God’s beautiful children.

How do you think this documentary is going to affect the public?

McGreevey: Awareness. My aspiration is that we raise the question about how we imprison people in this country. Nearly 70 percent of released prisoners will commit a felony within three years. What we’re doing is not working. Addicts are not being treated. Hence, the United States Department of Justice has given the [Community Reintegration Program] money to help people with addiction through 2015. In the end, we’ll end up saving money, as there will be less repeated offenses.

Pelosi: [The prison system] is definitely broken. It doesn’t make sense to lock up addicts and Jim has proved this through his rehabilitation project.

You have a wealth of knowledge on the American political platform in being Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, filming numerous political documentaries, and writing books on the subject. Has the media turned our political campaigns into freak shows? How would you describe the American political system?

Pelosi: I have great respect for politicians, but all professions have bad apples. Media spotlighting can be dangerous.

Don’t you think that when politicians supply the media with salacious scandal we owe it to the public to disclose these events?

Pelosi: Well … John Edwards was a fraud and he needed to be revealed.

By having an affair while in office, Gov. McGreevey, do you think there was some part of you that wanted to get caught or was it the thrill of getting away with it, satisfying the ego you mention in the movie?

McGreevey: It was a combination of many factors, including loneliness. You just can’t be authentic in the closet.

What advice would you give men who are living dual lives today?

McGreevey: Each individual has to make his or her own decisions. I traveled the country and was amazed to see gay men in the closet all over the place. Most people try to do the best they can. I will say … living openly is far healthier. Honesty equals self acceptance. Some say you’re only as sick as your secrets.

Why’d you pick a career in the Episcopal church?

McGreevey: I love the understanding of failure and redemption. Faith is a powerful tool to change the narrative of your life. It’s helped me find the gift of my life and a sense of gratitude for it. I first approached it as a cerebral decision, then a journey of heart and the acceptance of self.

Are you happy with who you are today Gov. McGreevey?

McGreevey: Yes, and I’m grateful for a loving partner, family with whom I work, for the women behind bars, and for the opportunity to shed light on their world. Being gay is a great gift. It’s allowed me to have compassion for others.

What’s your greatest achievement?

McGreevey: My two extraordinary daughters and my loving partner.

How does your mom (Minority House Leader Nancy Pelosi) feel about your career, Alexandra?

Pelosi: *moment of hesitation, then under her breath:* You’ll have to ask her. But she’s like any mom … she’s proud. She’d be proud of whatever I’m doing.

Back to ego: Is this documentary part of a lust for recognition and has it been satisfied?

McGreevey: When you look at this world, money and power isn’t permanent — it’s just temporary. Self love and self acceptance are very important. We’re precious valuable children of God and we serve others in distress. When we realize we’re healing others, we begin to recognize the gifts we bring to the world.

Do you feel many gay men have this affliction because they’re not learning to love themselves because they are gay?

McGreevey: Many of us have a healthy sense of shame, feeling that because we’re gay, we’re not good enough. As Eleanor Roosevelt once said: No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. The church has been so wrong on so many issues. Ironically, so many gay religious leaders have lived the blessing and burden of being gay. How we transform the gift of being gay is through the services of others.

Governor, thank you for being so candid. I hope it helps many of our readers out there realize that they do have a second chance, that they can get back up after falling from grace.

And it was with tears in his voice that the genteel and enlightened Jim McGreevey thanked FENUXE for also being a platform to transform lives. You can watch “Fall to Grace” anytime on HBOGO.com as the former governor follows Alexandra Pelosi inside a women’s correctional facility and uses his experience with hardship to counsel women back into God’s light and feeling their own sense of worth and purpose.

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HBO Documentary Hits Close to Home

HBO’s documentary “Gideon’s Army” premieres Monday at 9 p.m. as part of the Docs Summer Series 2013. “Gideon’s Army” is about three young attorneys, who work right here in the deep South, as public defenders “challenging the assumptions that drive a criminal justice system strained to the breaking point.” They know that the system doesn’t give everyone a fair shake and they’re trying to right the wrongs one case at a time. “Gideon’s Army” was an official selection in the U.S. Documentary Competition at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. It was won the editing prize at the festival. 

FENUXE’s Dino Thompson-Sarmiento sat down with the gay parents of one of the defendants and Travis Williams, one of the three public defenders featured in the documentary.

Want to watch the trailer before tonight’s premiere? You can watch it below:

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Condo Development Returns To Midtown

Dino Thompson-Sarmiento, Senior Writer

Location. Location Location. And boy does the new condo building at 7th and Peachtree have a hot midtown address.  It’s within walking distance to dozens of great restaurants, shops, nightclubs and office buildings. Plus, it has easy access to the Interstate and the Atlanta BeltLine. This building is screaming buy me — buy me now!

The new condos will open sometime in 2014 and will be called Seventh.

This is the first major new condominium development in Atlanta in several years. The developers saw the rising interest in condominium and designed this building to complement the area. Seventh will continue Midtown’s successful evolution into a live-work-play community and is just in time as our economic recovery is driving up the demand for luxury condos.

The stylish new building will feature 23 two and three-bedroom condominiums. Plans show that the condos will average around 2,000 square feet per unit. The homes will have spacious open floor-plans, top of the line designer appliances, and incredible finish packages.

With only two or three condominium units per floor, two penthouse units, and about 4,700 square feet of ground-floor retail these properties will be a hot commodity on the condo real estate market. Buyers who sign contracts before the building is finished will be able to select from a variety of finishes, appliance upgrades, flooring options, etc. The developers are eager to work with buyers so that each unit is tailored made.

Who is their target market? You guessed it! The gays. These $600K luxury condos are designed with us in mind – And why not? We demand the very best and here it is.  www.seventhmidtown.com

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EXCLUSIVE: Honey Boo Boo star “Uncle Poodle” reveals: “My [HIV] test results came back positive.”

Honey Boo Boo's Uncle Poodle

Uncle Poodle

By Dino Thompson-Sarmiento

Lee Thompson faced a harsh reality when he was diagnosed with HIV in 2012. Now, Thompson – known to the world and his niece Alana (aka Honey Boo Boo) as Uncle Poodle – wants to lend his star power to combat bullying in schools and promote safe sex.

Dino: Lee, when did you find out about your HIV status?
Lee: I was adamant about getting my HIV status checked on a regular basis. On March 16, 2012, I tested negative. Then, in May of 2012 my test results came back positive. I knew it had been my boyfriend who infected me. I later learned he had been HIV positive and was not taking medication and had not bothered to tell me about it. I was advised that I should press charges and, hesitantly, I did. It was the right thing to do.

Dino: What happened to your ex?
Lee: He is serving a 5-year sentence. I would have been cool with his HIV status if he had been honest. I don’t have an issue with the disease. I would have known how to protect myself.

Dino: What is your message to folks having unsafe sex?
Lee: They are damn fools! They are playing Russian roulette; they are playing with their lives and that of their sexual partners.

Dino: When did you figure out you were gay?
Lee: When I was 16 I knew it. I went to my mother and told her. A mother almost always knows.

Dino: How did your immediate family take this news?
Lee: My mother was supportive from the beginning. My father struggled with it for about four years. I think one of the main reasons was that he wanted grandchildren from me. But when I was about 20 he told me he accepted me as I was.

Dino: Did you also come out in school? What were the repercussions?
Lee: I came out in school around 11th or 12th grade. It was definitely not easy for me. On a daily basis I was bullied in one way or another. There was name calling and physical harm all the way to the vandalizing of my car. Being bullied was just a part of my every day.

Dino: What do you advise youngsters to do if they are realizing they may be gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender?
Lee: My advice is to seek out their parents or an adult they trust. I would not advise them to go public or share the information with their schools until they feel safe and comfortable. They will know when the time is right.

Dino: Do you have plans to contribute to anti-bullying campaigns as you did with GLAAD and promote safe sex, possibly even do talks in schools?
Lee: Definitely! I know what it is like to be bullied. I know what it is like to live with HIV. I can help and I want to.

Dino: What are your future plans in the television industry?
Lee: I want to have my own television show and highlight what it is like being gay in the south. I think I have a good story to tell.

Dino: One last question: where did the nickname “Uncle Poodle” come from?
Lee: From Alana. She calls all gay men “my poodles” and I am her Uncle Poodle.

I applaud Lee for his extraordinary giving nature and his bravery on standing up to bullies and living his authentic life. It hasn’t been easy for him. He has survived physical attacks — including a broken jaw and broken ribs — accepted his positive HIV status and helped prosecute the culprit, his former lover. In addition, he has overcome the challenges of instant fame. Yet, his focus is helping the LGBT community push forward. This is a man to be reckoned with. I salute you, Poodle; we should all be so lucky to call you uncle.

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Unwrapping Trevor’s Package

Dino Thompson-Sarmiento, Contributor

Christmas came early for me this year as I spent time interviewing spectacular fitness model, trainer, and December’s Playgirl Man of the Month Trevor Adams. He is captivating in every way; his physique would make Michelangelo forget David, yet his kindness would please Mother Teresa.

The 31-year-old is from Texas where everything is bigger and better … and Adams doesn’t disappoint. His beginnings were modest and troubled by family financial challenges. Growing up, he attended 13 schools in all, which severed his ability to connect with folks and put a wrench in achieving scholastic success. His father battled alcoholism and his only sibling is mentally challenged.

However, Adams managed to carve a career using his brawn and charming demeanor. He has graced countless magazine covers and is a prized trainer for many in Texas. I can only imagine how long the waiting list is. So now, I pass along my holiday treat to you in this candid interview.

Trevor, when did you come out as gay and what challenges did you confront?

I knew I was gay while growing up. My family was conservative, but not from a religious standpoint —more of a “what would people say” type of thing. It was best for me it to keep to myself. Once I moved out, I met folks that were more liberal and I felt comfortable being me. However, I don’t like labels. I think the word ‘gay’ has been punished. Many men have had same-sex experiences and it doesn’t mean you are gay as it is defined in our society.

What do you say to young men out there who are questioning their sexuality?

Be yourself, eventually the world will evolve. Yet, I caution teens from coming out. I don’t think it is safe for them. I would suggest taking a “don’t ask, don’t tell” type of attitude.

That’s a bold statement. Many folks would disagree. Isn’t it best to be who you are and let people meet the real you, and perhaps break the chain of ignorance and discrimination?

I think they need to come out when they feel it is safe. Some kids are lucky and attend progressive/liberal schools with a good environment. Rejection is tough and bullying even worse. I say be discreet; you have your entire adult life to be who you are. My concerns are with the kids.

Let’s switch gears and talk about fitness. What advice can you give men in their 30s and 40s who may have a little pooch that they can’t get rid of?

If you are carrying excess baggage it’s really simple. You are eating too much and not exercising enough. You need to become familiar with calorie counting. Try to eat at home or get an app on your smart phone that counts for you. Be aware of what is going in to your body. Reduce bread, pastas, and ice cream consumption. One of the biggest mistakes is making dinner your heaviest meal. Eat carbs early in the day. Also staying active is important to keep your metabolism going. It naturally begins to slow as you age. Some caffeine is good as it keeps your metabolic rate high. I suggest sports drinks and coffee.

Where should a person start?

It is important that you realize that it is a process. You should never just go from 4,000 calories and switch to celery sticks. If you were consuming 4,000 calories make your goal 3,600 for the next couple of weeks until you eventually meet your desired calorie intake. Remember, exercising will allow you to have the little cheat meal without guilt. Something else to keep in mind is that the bigger the muscle, the more calories you burn.
What about losing weight in target areas?

That is a myth. People think because they are exercising one specific area they will lose fat in that area. Well, that is not the way it works. That fat will start to burn first in the area where you store the most fat. Something else to keep in mind is that genetics play a big part in the way you look and the way your muscles build.

What are your thoughts on cardio?

I am not a fan of cardio. I think you should do five minutes to warm up and spend the rest of the time in strength training. For those who say you aren’t working your heart, I say then you aren’t strength training properly.

Yay! (Who wants to buy my elliptical machine?) But looking at your body, I won’t argue.

I feel that running, particularly, is counterproductive and dangerous. The older you get, the less strain you want to put on your joints. I often watch folks doing excessive heavy lifting and they are doing so much damage to their bodies just to keep up with the guy next to them. There is no need to do that.

What about alcohol? What drink would keep the fat away?

None is the best policy, but red wine has benefits if consumed in moderation. You should not drink when eating your meals, as the alcohol blocks proper nutrition absorption, plus your inhibitions go down and then you’ll be eating dessert too.

Trevor, tell me a little bit about what feeds your soul. For example, what charities tug at your heart?

The Trevor Project is close to my heart. I want everyone to know that there is help just a phone call away at the Trevor lifeline at 1-866-488-7386. I am also passionate about animals and encourage folks to donate to The Humane Society and the ASPCA.

One last question. I heard about your encounter with a bottle of hair coloring. Can you elaborate?

(Laughter) Yes, I can. It was back during Hurricane Katrina. I happened to be near the Gulf Coast and I was bored because the city was shut down. I decided it would be a great idea to dye my pubic area. Apparently I left the dye on too long and I ended up with second degree burns. I was bedridden for three weeks and even got bed sores on my back because I was literally unable to move. It was definitely my worst injury ever and I warn folks not to do it.

Trevor, thank you so much and congratulations on being named Playgirl Man of the Month, and good luck on the Man of the Year selection.

Thank you, Dino and Fenuxe readers!

You can see more of Trevor at trevoradamsgym.com

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Editors Note: A Celebration for the Community

Tyler Calkins, Publisher & Editor

I’m usually pretty bummed around the holidays partially due to family drama and partially due to being single, but this year something new and special came into my life. I was driving down the on-ramp talking to my friend about the Ice Party about to merge onto I-20, when all of a sudden the cutest little puppy runs out from behind a little bush into oncoming traffic. Without thinking, I stopped the car and jumped out not even concerned about the other cars behind us.

I ran around for about an hour weaving through traffic trying to coax the little puppy to come to me – I even had a driver give us a can of dog food, but to no avail. She ran right into the highway and just barely missed a few cars. Screaming, I ran out into the right hand lane trying to stop the cars – she then turned and ran back up the on-ramp and onto Moreland. At that moment two huge firetrucks pull up and stop. Almost instantaneously 12 courageous firemen and women sprang from both trucks and stopped all the traffic (which isn’t an easy thing to do), but before they could get every car, a man driving a tan Ford Taurus sped down the road and ran over this poor defenseless puppy’s leg which sent her screaming in pain. He then stopped his car, looked at me, shrugged, and kept speeding down the road.

The puppy then lurched forward, running on only three legs and parked herself right underneath a street sweeper car. When I finally pulled her out, her leg was crushed, bleeding, and she was shaking in pain. I thanked the firemen & women (Thank you so much Dekalb Firefighters, you guys rock!! If anyone knows who these brave men and women are, please let me know, I’d like to give them tickets to the Ice Party) and rushed to the Village Vets in Decatur. I then called my friend Rebecca Guinn with the Lifeline Animal Project who, without hesitation, said that they would cover her emergency room bills. (Thank you so much Rebecca & all the great folks at the Lifeline project!) We then discovered that her leg bones had been shattered and that she needed surgery or possibly amputation.
Within a few hours of putting her story up on the Fenuxe Facebook page, she had secured enough donations to cover her $5,000 surgery, which leads me into my next point: Our community rocks! No, seriously, our community is strong, resourceful, creative, helpful, driven, safe, and knows how to come together. The whole time I was with the little puppy (who I have temporarily named “Little Fenuxe” until we find her a good home) I kept thinking to myself – all of us in this community at one point or another have been this little puppy – lost, alone, and scared.

I remember when I first came out, I was lost, alone, and scared. I went to Blakes (the first gay bar I ever went to) and found people who thought like me… who supported me… liked the same crazy dance techno music I like, but most importantly I found people who accepted and embraced me for me with no strings attached. Many things, though, had to come together for that to happen. For starters, there had to be a gay movement in NYC so that we knew we needed solidarity. It took entrepreneurs who weren’t afraid of being mocked or even killed who created an environment for gay people to socialize and be safe, and it took building a community of individuals who fought (and still fight) for our rights and our way of life.

Fenuxe Magazine would not exist today if it weren’t for the contributions of those that came before us and I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for specific people in our community who “scooped me up” and showed me that it’s okay to be gay – I didn’t have to be that scared, lonely, and lost puppy anymore. I know that you too can look back at your life and identify those individuals who made a profound impact on your life as a gay man or a lesbian woman. This is why I am so passionate about our Fenuxe 50.
While we can’t honor everyone every year, our community has nominated 50 individuals to be honored as the 50 most outstanding members of our community. Guys, these people help us in so many ways – they make laws that protect us, advocate on our behalf, spread the news about what it means to be gay from the radio microphone to the pulpit, fight in the trenches with those dying of HIV/AIDS, rescue animals from certain death, foster businesses that directly benefit our way of life, and raise money for those who don’t have a voice. Now, it’s our turn to thank them.

If you’ve ever been to a Fenuxe party – you know you are in for a great time, but I have really pulled out all the stops this year. Trust me, you will be simply amazed with the Icy Wonderland we have built to honor these 50 individuals. They don’t get a lot of praise during the year, so please join me in thanking them in person at the Ice Party for all they do for us. Here’s a little preview of what we have in store for you: 27,000 lbs of sculpted ice, a gourmet buffet-style dinner, a sponsored bar by Ketel One Vodka, and performances from members of the Atlanta Opera, the Atlanta Ballet, the Gay Men’s Chorus, and the Armorettes. It will be something very special that I know our 50 will treasure for the rest of their lives.

If you’re single like me, there perhaps is no better event all year that you could attend where you will find quality men and women all gathered in one place. It is black tie optional, but don’t forget how sexy you look in a tux ;)

Open Admission is $20 (admission only) General Admission is $75(includes dinner, open bar), VIP is $150 (includes valet, private reception with the Fenuxe 50 Members, guaranteed seating for ceremony, and VIP bag).

I would hope that anyone reading this magazine would do exactly what I did – try to help a poor, defenseless animal in any way I could. That’s what community does. Strangers coming together for a cause.

This year is going to be huge for or community – the upcoming Supreme Court case has the potential to have rippling effects on our rights across this country.

Let’s start this year right by honoring those who have selflessly sacrificed on our behalf, while we look with anticipation to our bright future.

See you at the Ice Party on January 12. :)

To purchase tickets visit:

Thank you to all of our Fenuxe 50 this year: Anna Leary, Art Izzard, Ashley Derrick, Barb Rowland, Barry Brandon, Brandon Rudat, Buck Cooke, Chandler Bearden, Cleo Meyer, David Janke, Dennis Flores, Dino Thompson-Sarmiento, Rev. Erin K. Swenson, Frank Mendez, Heath Loupe, James Randell Chumbley, Jeremiah Lawson, Jesse Morgan, Congressman John Lewis, Former President Jimmy Carter, Rev. Josh Noblitt, Kat Graham, Kate Trahan, Kevin Bryant, Kevin Kelly, Councilman Kwanza Hall, Laura Douglas-Brown, Lena Lust, Lynn Barfield, Maggie Lopez & Pat Cianciullo, Marci Alt. Margaret Cho, Mark Jackson & Tom Schloeder, Mary Edith Pitts, Melissa Carter, Neal Boortz, Dr. Nedra Dodds, NeNe Leakes, Palmer & Mary Marsh, Park Krausen, Philip Bonneau, Rabbi Joshua Lesser, Randy New, Rev. Paul Graetz, Richard Rhodes, Sean & Gilbert Yeremyan, Sheila Merritt, Sister Ursula Polari, The Armorettes, and William Campbell.

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Peter Marc Jacobson is “Happily Divorced”

By Dino Thompson-Sarmiento

Handsome and out producer of “The Nanny” and “Happily Divorced” Peter Marc Jacobson — famous for his marriage with comedienne Fran Drescher — opens up with his fans in the south. Peter and Fran were recently honored at the Atlanta GLAAD Gala for their humanitarian work and contributions to the LGBT community.

Dino: Tell us what is happening on the new season of Happily Divorced.

Peter: It is an exciting season that starts off with the Peter’s character finding work as a personal assistant due to a slump in the real-estate market. His new boss is Joan Collins, who plays herself. Other celebrity guests starring in the new season include Cyndi Lauper, Florence Henderson and Robert Wagner.

Dino: Will you be making a guest appearance again this season?

Peter: I don’t know yet. Let’s see what develops.

Dino: I have to ask. Barbra Streisand was a key focus on the Nanny. Did you ever get to meet her?

Peter: This is a great story; we were two kids from Queens who had just started out with producing The Nanny and had about $16,000 in debt. However, we bought our tickets to see Barbra in concert. After we were seated security came to us and said they were moving us to the second row. I, being a neurotic Jew, didn’t want to move. They insisted, and we did, and I spent the entire concert waiting for the real owners of the seats to come kick us out. Later, as we were escorted backstage to meet Barbra, we discovered that she had arranged those seats for us. Life changed forever after that moment.

Dino: So how did you come up with the character of the Nanny?

Peter: As Fran always says, if you want to meet the Nanny, MEET PETER! I’m afraid that character has a lot of me in her.

Dino: Happily Divorced, which is loosely based on your real life marriage and divorce with Fran, has developed a huge following quickly. Why do you think that is?

Peter: I am always surprised with this business and the successes. I feel blessed and thankful. However, I am most proud that there is global message being sent out there through our show that “Love is Love.” I think we are relating to what is really going on in our culture today.

Dino: One more question…and the most important one coming from your many fans…are you still single?

Peter: Yes, still single and ready to mingle!

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For our interview with Fran Drescher check out http://www.fenuxe.com/2012/03/08/fran-drescher/

Peter and Fran thank GLAAD Atlanta for their award https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151240733252182

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