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Holler Poodles!

 This week I was very excited to check out another new and and upcoming spa Fenuxe sent me to in Midtown called the Pampers Day Spa. Located across from Piedmont Park, it is centrally located among the gay mecca that is midtown. I wasn’t quite sure what to think when I walked in but was pleasantly greeted by a cute twink behind the desk named Travis. He got up to give me a hug and it was then I noticed he was wearing a diaper. Oh! Duh!! Pampers Day Spa. I get it! What have I gotten myself into?

 Travis led me back to a changing room with adult sized changing tables and asked me to get undressed. I was more than a little nervous because I had let my Berber carpet grow out like shag for the winter, thus hiding my lady dick in dreadlocks luxurious locks. Travis noticed my dingleberries predicament immediately and ushered me into a shower with a depilatory which effectively clogged washed all my body hair down the drain. I now looked like a cross between the Michelin Tire guy and the Pillsbury dough boy with my light switch turned on. Travis noticed my lady boner and said it was quite normal and don’t be shy. He then laid me on my back and said just relax and let go. I thought he meant pee so I let a stream loose and he screeched “What the hell are you doing?” My stream cut off immediately and my lady parts went back inside my body to finish hibernating for the winter. He then placed me in a diaper and ushered me into the spa room with others in the same attire. Wow, people were just sitting around getting various massages and engaging in casual conversations with the intermittent grunt, frown and facial release. Suddenly, I felt a warmth overcome my body and jolted up.

 I awoke from my drunken stupor nap and realized Fenuxe Magazine had asked me to write about day spas and pampering. Oops. The alcohol must have caused me to have fantasies nightmares. I don’t give a damn apologize if the above content offended you.

Love and lashes,


If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please email me at maryedith99@gmail.com or on twitter @maryedithpitts

 I’m so happy to recommend Dr. Thomas Sparkman, DDS for all your dental needs. I recently went in for some work and was so pleased by my experience I just had to share it with you. First and foremost, his offices are impeccably clean and use the absolute latest in technology which means everything can be done in the office. His staff are warm and welcoming not to mention he has the best disposition of any doctor I know. More importantly, he gives back to the community on a regular basis and is just a great guy. Please give him a call for your next dental appointment located near Perimeter mall. (770) 396-8061

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Annie Joins Team Little FENUXE For Atlanta Pride Parade

By D. David Kinney and Candace Hunziker
From now until the close of Atlanta Pride this year we are featuring the adoptable pets walking with FENUXE Magazine in the Atlanta Pride Parade on Sunday, October 13th at 1 p.m. We’re teaming up with Friends to the Forlorn, Stubby’s Heroes, Lifeline Animal Project, Fulton County Animal Services, and DeKalb County Animal Services to feature dogs available for adoption from local shelters. We’re calling our canine companions Team Little FENUXE. If you fall in love with a member of Team Little FENUXE during the parade you can adopt him or her!

If you’d like to meet Team Little FENUXE before the parade on Sunday we’re featuring a different furry BFF on FENUXE.com every day this week. After Pride we’ll also feature a weekly pet who is looking for a good home. If you’re looking for a cute new pal please consider adopting or fostering an animal in need. Look for the FENUXE staff and Team Little FENUXE during the Atlanta Pride Parade and don’t forget to stop by our booth in Piedmont Park and say HEY!

Today’s featured member of Team Little FENUXE is Annie:

 Annie Adopt Dog FENUXE

Annie was hit by a car and ended up at Fulton County Animal Control in September 2013 when she was only 4 months old. The accident left her with some road rash, a broken front left leg, and she now has permanent nerve damage to her front right leg. Annie had surgery on her broken leg and her doctor hopes that she walk again after healing. If not, the vet may have to remove the leg with nerve damage. Annie scoots around pretty well on her elbow and she is starting to to use her pinned leg, too. She is such a happy and vivacious little dogand sweet as can be! Annie loves other dogs and is currently in foster care with large dogs. Despite everything she has gone through she still has a beautiful disposition.  To adopt Annie and see more pics of her click here.

Here is a video of Annie leaving Dr. Leathers’ office:

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EXCLUSIVE: Tom Schloeder: “I Want To Set The Record Straight.”

By: Tyler Calkins

One of the most controversial stories to hit Atlanta’s LGBT community this year has left us all in a state of disbelief – shocked and sickened at the news that the former Brushstrokes co-owner, Tom Schloeder, was convicted on child pornography charges.

This morning FENUXE Magazine spoke to Tom Schloeder, who openly admitted that Mark Jackson’s version of what happened was not the whole truth; he had lied to his husband.

When FENUXE’s publisher and editor sat down Thursday with Mark Jackson, Schloeder was portrayed as a victim by Jackson who declared that he “loves his husband” and was going to “stand by him.” We quoted him word for word in one long block quote. To provide our readers with both sides of the story, we followed Jackson’s statement in the article with specific information from the U.S. Attorney’s press release that contradicted what he told FENUXE. [Read that story here]

Despite the passionate explanation given to FENUXE by Jackson, the facts just didn’t add up as the explanation raised more questions than it provided answers. As a result, FENUXE spoke to Schloeder early Friday morning and asked a few follow-up questions. This is what he had to say:

Schloeder said, “Mark told you these things because he was relaying information to you that I told him. He doesn’t understand the whole peer-to-peer thing. He doesn’t understand these things on the internet. That’s how he interpreted it and relayed it. But, you know, it’s unfortunately … it’s… it’s put us in an awkward position, and I’d like to set the record straight, but, I’m afraid to.”

Schloeder offered the following in an effort to set the record straight:

“There was a file — but it wasn’t sent to me. I searched for it. But, Mark still doesn’t understand how that all works. I tried to explain that to him last night. It wasn’t a man who sent me a file. This was someone that I knew in school who had told me about the files. This is back in 2006 when I was in Phoenix for my 40th birthday. Someone from when I was very young…we were childhood friends. I’ve known him since kindergarten. We used to fool around. I thought it was perfectly natural. I thought everyone [fooled around]. I didn’t know someone was recording it, taking lots of movies and stills. I learned about [these photos] in 2006. He told me that it was on a file sharing service. So, I started looking for these files trying to identify me or anyone I knew. I came across several of me being abused. And then, early last year I found a treasure trove. I found a whole bunch of files. I got carried away. It really started to mess me up. That’s when my whole insecurity caught up with me. So, I went way too far. I wasn’t thinking of calling the police because I was so ashamed and embarrassed that someone would have done this. It never occurred to me to call them. I didn’t want my name being brought up with this and I didn’t want anyone I knew brought up in this. The problem is that this is not a defense. The U.S. Attorney had all of this evidence. It didn’t matter if I was depicted in it or not. I had it and that’s all they cared about. I was looking at a maximum of 25 years and they offered me 8, so I took it. That’s why it didn’t go to trial. None of this was brought up. If it had been brought in front of a jury they would’ve found me guilty. The prosecutor didn’t do anything wrong. They did their job. They didn’t suppress anything – they had an airtight case. I didn’t want to draw media attention. I didn’t want to draw any public scrutiny. I wanted this to be done. This is why i did the plea deal. I was absolutely horrified and ashamed. I was trying to spare Mark, my business, and my friends. And I thought it was all over until [the U.S. Attorney’s office] released that press statement. Then my world came crashing down. I let it get out of hand. The images, it’s … they’re despicable. Disgusting. And it became my obsession. I was looking for people I knew – anything connected to me. I don’t even remember a lot of this in the pictures. There’s a huge blank memory for that period of time. It wasn’t until I got with my therapist that I started dealing with things in my past.”

When asked about the future of Brushstrokes, Schloeder said, “The business shouldn’t suffer for what I did. My employees should not suffer; my husband should not suffer. We’ve always kept a nice, clean, tight business that serves the community. I really hate the fact that [the U.S. Attorney’s Office] identified me as an owner of Brushstrokes – they could have left that out. They were trying to not only damage my reputation, but damage the business, and my husband.”

Before Schloeder ended the conversation, FENUXE specifically asked who knew what and when did they find out. Schloeder responded, “Mark is the innocent one in all of this. I relayed false information to him. You know, it’s hard for me to talk about this. Up until a couple of days ago I couldn’t talk about it. So, I guess there is something liberating about having your life split open for the world to talk about. It gives you the freedom to talk about your past and live open and honestly. I didn’t even tell my lawyer some of this.”

Schloeder also mentioned that a local gay media outlet “knew about this entire situation since last November. And [they] sat on it because Brushstrokes is an advertiser.”

When something happens in our community, FENUXE is going to let you know every side of the story even with something as disgusting as child pornography. And, if one of those stories doesn’t add up, we will research it. We’ll find the facts. And we will set the record straight. In order to provide you with more information, FENUXE also encourages you to check out the excellent investigative reporting by the GA Voice which uncovered that Schloeder was “previously incarcerated on a child exploitation offense back when he was in the military.” See the full story here: http://www.thegavoice.com/news/atlanta-news/6460-hearing-transcript-brushstrokes-schloeder-admitted-child-porn-possession-had-past-child-related

Editor’s Note: Upon hearing about this story on Wednesday, FENUXE reached out to Tom Schloeder who mentioned his problems were a technicality. The store’s troubled past with the City of Atlanta was also mentioned. FENUXE regrets and takes full responsibility for posting the erroneous information from Schloeder as a Facebook status update. We always try to represent the concerns of the LGBT community, however, we should have fully vetted his claim before posting this status update on Facebook.

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Fashion Faux Pas – High Heels (That You Can’t Walk In)

By Mikkel Hyldebrandt, Fashion Director

Contrary to what many think in anti-gay circles most gays do not wear high heels. But it is a known fact that many gay men appreciate the artfulness and beauty of a high heeled shoe. So, this Fashion Faux Pas may not be directed precisely at gay men, but at the women around us. Because if there is one thing a gay will recognize immediately it is a woman who wears high heels and can’t walk in them! You probably by now have already conjured up the exact image of the type of walk ’m referring to: The legs are too bent, each shoe is plopped down heels and toe at the same time, the legs are too far apart and the rear is a little too protruding resulting in a duck-like waddling walk that is a far cry from an elegant, catty strut.

So, if one of your girlfriends is experiencing the duck waddle – or if you’re an offender yourself (time to be honest with yourself, girl!) – this is how it is done:

- Don’t bend your knees more than you would normally when walking.
– It is always heel first, but the tricky part is to shift your weight immediately. So you’re taking an actual step but walking as you would tip-toe as you shift the weight to the ball of your foot.
– Keep your legs together and place one foot slightly in front of the other.

If you are still plopping away with your butt sticking out consider these three things:

1. Adjust your size – maybe you are just not cut out for those 8 inch heels! Try two or three instead and see how you are doing.
2. Pad your shoe – maybe it is just too uncomfortable for you to walk in them so try padding the shoe. Therefore your feet will be cushioned a little.
3. Practice! – wearing your new shoes to a party? Bad idea! Practice walking in your new heels before wearing them out. This will also be a great opportunity to practice your walking style in heels.

And finally, if you just can’t get that Heidi Klum stride going, maybe you should consider wearing flats and give your heels to a break.

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Celebs Tweet on DOMA and Prop 8

The rulings heard ’round the world lit up social media. Here are a few of our favorite Tweets:







Aaaaaaand the ugly:




(womp womp @westboro! That’s the best y’all got?!)

Oh, hey! Bonus material: What happens when you type “gay” into your Google search bar? THIS!

It’s a great day all around. Perhaps if you’re out and about in Midtown, you’ll see some FENUXE staffers painting the town red with the rest of the wily gang in Atlanta.


Compiled by Berlin Sylvestre, Staff Writer

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Do Gays Raise Happier, Healthier Children?

Berlin Sylvestre, Staff Writer

The Australian Study of Child Health in Same-Sex Families (ACHESS) at the University of Melbourne has released some pretty eye-opening news concerning children brought up by couples of the same sex. The study is the largest study conducted on the subject.

The wellbeing of 500 Australian children was studied and the findings showed their self-esteem and amount of time spent with their parents are pretty much identical to the rest of the population. The children were found to be healthier, happier, and more sociable.

The infants in the study scored even higher for family cohesion and overall health.

Dr. Simon Crouch, the lead author on the findings, said while it’s unclear why children of same-sex parents fared better, he did offer an opinion on the findings.

“Because of the situation that same-sex families find themselves in, they are generally more willing to communicate and approach the issues that any child may face at school, like teasing or bullying. This fosters openness and means children tend to be more resilient,” Dr. Crouch hypothesizes.

In 2010, the ACHESS conducted a study on lesbian parents and the results showed that children raised by two women develop into ‘psychologically healthier teens than those raised by opposite sex couples.’

The latest study has taken it a further step and shows that two fathers are also capable of raising extraordinarily healthy, happy children.

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The Bible’s Definition of Marriage(s)

Berlin Sylvestre, Staff Writer

Marriage equality naysayers are slinging some pretty weird stuff our way in an attempt to sway public opinion on the matter — and potentially the Supreme Court’s decision, due any day now.

Since we’re playing the Bible game, maybe we should examine what else the text has to say about it. Here are a few passages we grabbed from the New American Standard Bible, just to keep it homegrown:

Deuteronomy 22:28 – “If a man find a damsel that is a virgin that is not betrothed and lay hold on her, and lie with her, and they be found, then the man that lay with her shall give unto the damsel’s father fifty shekels of silver, and she shall be his wife.” (In other words, if a guy sleeps with a virgin, he’s got to pay her dad some dowry and marry the lady! I wonder if the government should make sure the bride-to-be checks out a virgin … if we’re playin’ by Biblical rules, I mean. But what if she isn’t a virgin?)

Deuteronomy 22:20 – “But if this thing be true, that the tokens of virginity were not found in the damsel, then they shall bring out the damsel to the door of her father’s house, and the men of her city shall stone her to death.” (Holy … cow. If a man’s betrothed isn’t a virgin, you yank her outta Dad’s house and let a gang of dudes throw rocks at her until she’s dead! Bible, you scary!)

Deuteronomy 25:5-10 – “If brethren dwell together, and one of them die, and have no son, the wife of the dead shall not be married unto a stranger. Her husband’s brother shall go in unto her, and take her to him to wife, and perform the duty of a husband’s brother unto her.” (Right. So if your sister’s husband died, you’d better be ready to man up with your sister-in-law. Sucks when that happens! And it happens all the time, right? Because we’re playing by the rules, right?)

2 Samuel 12:8 – “I also gave you your master’s house and your master’s wives into your care, and I gave you the house of Israel and Judah; and if that had been too little, I would have added to you many more things like these!”  (Wives? As in … more than one? Is this a traditional marriage?)

Ezra 10:2 – “And Shecaniah the son of Jehiel, one of the sons of Elam, answered and said unto Ezra, ‘We have trespassed against our God, and have married foreign women of the peoples of the land: yet now there is hope for Israel concerning this thing.'” (D’oh! That speaks directly to interracial couples. That passage was used on the constant in Loving v. Virgina, the supreme court case involving a white man fighting for the right to stay legally married to his African-American wife. Are we going to undo those rights?)

Mark 10:11-12 – “Whosoever putteth away his wife, and marrieth another, committeth adultery: and whosoever marrieth her that is put away from her husband committeth adultery.” (So if you divorce your wife and marry another, you’re committing adultery? That’s a big one — it’s even in the Top 10! Good thing we have folks like Rush Limbaugh, currently on wife number four, letting Congress and the American people know that gays are in moral dissension.)

These are just a few that pertain to marriage, but are curiously left out of the “one man/one woman!” conversation.

How about some other strange things in The Good Book that most of us (Christian and otherwise) are guilty of?

1 Corinthians 14:34 – “Let the women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak.” (Ouch!)

Exodus 31:14-15 – “Six days may work be done but in the seventh is the sabbath of rest, holy to the LORD: whosoever doeth any work in the sabbath day, he shall surely be put to death.” (I know a seven-day workweek is killer, but there’s really no need to execute someone for it. Or is there? We don’t make the rules.)

Leviticus 19:27 – “Ye shall not round the corners of your heads, neither shalt thou mar the corners of thy beard.” (I’m sorry, what?)

And yes, some of these are from the Old Testament.


Picking and choosing isn’t just for the things you aren’t Biblically guilty of doing.

So it’s fair to say that the arguments against gay marriage are … unfair. They leave a lot to be desired when it comes to the holiness of millions of Americans’ marriages and create a double standard that LGBT citizens are expected to live by.

Let’s just remember that we’re in the land of the free, whether it means the freedom to follow religious doctrine … or deciding that your life is free of religious doctrine.

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Do You Believe … That Cher’s Playing Pride?!

Berlin Sylvestre, Staff Writer

Book your tickets for New York City Pride now, honeys: The fairy godmother is gonna pack the pier this year!

The “Dark Lady” will be headlining the 27th annual Dance on the Pier on Sunday, June 30. Each year, Dance on the Pier serves as the official closing party to NYC Pride.


“Her performance will be one of the most memorable in the history of this world-class party,” says Chris Frederick, Managing Director of NYC Pride.

Cher will be singing tracks from way back, but will most definitely be treating Pride participants to cuts off her new album, including “Woman’s World.”

Her album drops September 24, so you’ll have to wait for access to its entirety, but you can jam out on first single below.

Tickets are seriously almost sold out, so get in on it, people!

Check out her absolutely fierce performance on “The Voice.” It’s YOUR world, Cher.



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[VIDEO] John Stamos Reads FENUXE on “The View”

Well, guess who reads FENUXE? John Stamos does and he read a FENUXE article aloud on ABC’s “The View” this week.

This past Wednesday the ladies at “The View” welcomed the eternally sexy John Stamos on their ABC daytime show. He was there to talk about filming new episodes of his show “Necessary Roughness” and paling around Atlanta with his friend, Jon Hamm. 

Last month FENUXE.com featured an article called “7 Celebs in Atlanta We Wish Were Gay” and included Stamos in the top seven list. Additionally, this past Monday FENUXE reported that Stamos and Jon Hamm were dining and enjoying cocktails at Gerber Group’s Living Room at the W Hotel – Midtown.

While on “The View” Stamos pulled out a copy of FENUXE’s article entitled “Jon Hamm and John Stamos Partied Where in Midtown?” and read it for Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sherri Shepherd, and Ana Quincoces. FENUXE’s article laments that the gorgeous Stamos is straight, but argues that “… there is nothing wrong with a little window shopping.” Stamos agreed and said, “Draper, you can window shop me anytime!”

John Stamos starts talking about his evening with Hamm at 2:34 and reads the FENUXE article starting at 3:55 into the video below:

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Ross Mathews talks Madonna, Marijuana, and “Saved by the Bell”

Berlin Sylvestre, Staff Writer

Ross Mathews is bringing the final leg of his “Man Up! Tour” to Atlanta this Thursday (June 6) at the Buckhead Theatre. If you haven’t already grabbed a copy of the book, I highly suggest you do. It’s a fun summer read and really gives you the insider look at Ross and his crazy life. In the meantime, peep the interview he gave FENUXE and be sure to reserve your (nearly sold out) tickets! 

In your book, you go into length about how you went from riding around in a truck in Mt Vernon, WA to getting cozy with A-listers in Los Angeles. I’m gonna ask you something that’s kinda … soul-searchy. You ready?

I’m ready!

Tell me about the time you farted on the slide in elementary school.

What?! *laughs* That’s funny. It was mortifying! I was going down the slide and everyone was at the bottom and when I farted, it was like, “Whoopsies! There it goes.” Everybody looked. Everybody knew. I don’t know if there’s anything worse than being in elementary school and getting caught farting.

You compare yourself to Beyonce becoming Sasha Fierce when you get in front the camera. Can you pinpoint the element that brings about that transformation or is it still a mystery to even you?

It’s just like this … auto-pilot that takes over. When I’m on the carpet and I’m interviewing someone, this energy just happens. It’s all authentically me and totally natural. I just trust it and go with it. I’m able to just say whatever comes into my head and it really is like handing over the wheel.

Does your Sasha Fierce have a name?

*gasp* I need a name, don’t I? That’s a great idea. If people wanna tweet me some names, that’s a good idea.

You’re in the hot seat for this next set I aptly call: “Saved by the Bell Trivia Time.” [Ross mentions in “Man Up!” that he was a “Saved by the Bell” junkie.]

Oh, wow. OK!

They’re not too hardcore. The first one is: What position did Slater play on the football team?

He was a quarterback.

Correct! What was the name of the much-younger aerobics instructor that Jessie Spano’s Dad marries?

Oh my God, that *is* hardcore! Was it Jamie? Something like Jamie?

It’s Leslie. Close enough. Zack, Screech, Kelly, and Slater end up going to what university?

Oh my God. Those were the college years. Was it …  California University?

You got it!

It’s so pathetic that I know that.

What’s Mr. Belding’s first name?

Oh! Umm … his real name’s Dennis Haskins. *thinks* Oh, no. I’ll know if it you say it, but …

OK, I’ll give you a multiple choice. Thomas Belding, Richard Belding, or –

It’s Richard Belding. Ugh, I’ve been traveling between time zones. I apologize.

Last one: Who’s the crazy stalker guy who freaked Tiffani Amber Thiessen out in a Bon Marche in Seattle?

That is … hilarious! That would be me. Hilarious.

So have you made amends with the mascara glob? [Book reference. Must read!]

I saw her once after that and quickly told her the story and she was like, “OK.” But I’d love to have her on my show which premieres in the fall, or have her on “Chelsea Lately” so I can re-enact the moment.


You were so fun on “Celebrity Fit Club.” I hate to say this because it might’ve been all editing, but Dustin Diamond (Screech from “Saved by the Bell”) seemed like a real douchebag on “Celebrity Fit Club.” After having watched him all this time as the lovable goof, was it a shock to the system to see him act like such an ass?

Yeah. I’ll tell you: My [indiscernible] says I get too close to the sun, and what I mean by that is that I’ll love something, then get too close and realize it’s not as great as I thought. That was one of those times. That experience was weird. I was starving myself and competing, kayaking against Da Brat. I was meeting [Dustin] and he was so lame. Actually, he was more sad than lame.

When I think about it, if I had to live my life as Screech … *thinks* It’s not a decision he made at eight years old, to be that [character] forever. I feel for him, in a way.

I was transcribing an interview with Joan Rivers and she said that she’d never encourage people to get into this industry because it’s incredibly tough and incredibly unstable. If you had a child who wanted follow in Daddy’s footsteps, would you encourage him/her?

I plan on having children and if they wanted to do this, I’d tell them the same thing I tell people when I’m traveling the country: I never want to discourage anyone, but you need to know a couple things before you get into this business. One, the odds are not in your favor. Two, it’s going to be really hard. I can’t turn it off. That’s not a complaint, but I really can’t just turn it off. When I go to Starbucks, when I go to Home Depot, it’s “on.” Not that I’m complaining — I love it. But you also have to take the good with the bad. I get a lot of praise, but I also get a lot of negative stuff online and I have to accept them both, to a degree.

I’ve known forever that I wanted this, but that’s what I mean when I talked about Dustin Diamond. He was just a kid who didn’t really understand the decision he was making at eight or ten years old; that for the rest of his life, he’d would be identified as Screech. It’s just like when I became known as “Ross the Intern.” A year and a half later, I was like, “What is ‘Ross the Intern?’ What is that? I’m not that.” So for [Dustin] to have to embrace that, then separate himself from it had to be difficult. But I’m much more comfortable now and I think people can see it. I’m much more comfortable in my skin being Ross Mathews and not Ross the Intern.

And I think you’ve done a great job. I didn’t have to say “Ross the Intern” when I was telling people who my next interview was. I said “Ross Mathews” and everyone knew who I was referring to.


Do you still count Rosie O’Donnell as your mentor and if so, can you tell us why?

Well … I always felt a connection with her when I was watching her talk show. I always thought that if we ever met, we’d be friends. And we did, we met, and she was very kind to me and very supportive.  


Allright, so back to the book. You are such a late ‘80s/’90s baby and it’s great. Your anecdotes (like sitting on the lanai with The Golden Girls or wanting to “BFF” with Delta Burke) really help paint the picture. Do you put a lot of cultural references in your show?

Yeah, the show that I do is more than just a one-man show. I bring stories from the book to life — even stories that aren’t in the book. I’m a culture junkie and that’s one thing you can rely on.

In the book, you talk about how you and a friend consumed too much pot-laced butter and were both rushed via ambulance to the hospital. What in the WORLD is up with that because I’ve never heard of someone having to hit the ER over weed? How much weed was it?

*laughs* Oh, dear. It was so mortifying. It was such a sad time and I just wanted to escape. It was horrifyingly scary, but so funny at the same time. It was really concentrated [pot butter] and totally unbelievable how high I was. My friend freaked out, and I think the ambulance freaked me out.

What did the doctors give you to calm you down? How do you reverse pot?

Oh my God, I have no idea, but it worked. There was no way I could’ve died, though. [The story] is supposed to be tongue-in-cheek funny, but it really happened.

Your Madonna story is incredible … the prayer circle experience …  Britney Spears joining in … then getting a one-on-one with the Queen of Pop herself. You told her you were sent to cop a feel and she held out her hand. Was that the feel you copped or did you leave out details we’re dying to know?

I touched her hand — that’s it, and I was grateful. When it comes to Madonna, you’re grateful for what you can get.

People are going to be green with envy when they read that chapter … but the entire book itself is fun to read. It’s like a letter from a friend.

Thank you so much! I worked really hard on that and I wanted it to be sweet and to have a message. When people read a book like that, they think it’s really easy [to create], but personally it was difficult, so I really take that as a compliment. Thank you.

Of course. At the end, what does Chelsea [Handler] mean when she calls you the “gay man’s Popeye?”

I think she’s saying that I’m like … a strong gay man. I stand proudly, muscles flexed metaphorically. I’m a strong gay man with no apologies.

Chelsea’s a real ballbuster from what we can tell on the show, which is nice. Is getting her stink-eye for a stupid joke a compliment among friends?

*laughs* Yeah, but it’s great when you can make Chelsea laugh. She doesn’t just give that away. Our comedy couldn’t be any more different, Chelsea and I. I love her and she loves me, we’re both just different levels of ridiculous together. I could never have imagined her being this generous and wonderful. I’ve been so surprised along every step of the way how incredible she is and I’m not trying to be ass-kissy. I can’t even tell you … she’s so supportive of me. I can only aspire to treat everyone the way Chelsea treats me.

Aww, the softer side of Chelsea.

Oh, she has a soft underbelly, but don’t tell anyone I said that — she’ll kill me.

So here’s a sort of dark question for an upbeat guy: What anxieties have the most ability to keep you tossing and turning in the dead of night?

Things I can’t control. I’m really good at making things happen, but when decisions aren’t mine to make like health issues that affect people I love and there’s nothing I can do about it, that keeps me up at night.

How do you calm yourself?

There’s nothing you really can do. Usually I just fall asleep. And this doesn’t happen very often, I’m pretty good, pretty together.

So you’re coming to Atlanta. How long you stayin’?

You know I travel a lot. Unfortunately, I can’t stay very long, but Atlanta is the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m looking forward to Atlanta.

You planning on hittin’ up our Big Gay Midtown?

We might try and go out that night!

We? You traveling with an entourage?

*laughs* I travel with my best friend from high school who writes with me. She’s going to be one of the writers for my show.

You should come out to eat after the show! I’ll line up a couple hotties and we’ll rendezvous.

You have to come to the show! It’s so funny! But we might go out. Who knows?

What’s a question you’ve always wanted to be asked, but no one has?

No one’s ever called me and asked what I was wearing.

What’re you wearing?

A big, fuzzy costume.

Whoa, what?

It’s more interesting than a T-shirt and jeans.

Awesome, well thanks for the interview, Ross.

Thank you! Thanks for being so fun!

From you, that’s a great compliment.

So I’ll see you at the show, right?

You got it!

“Hello Ross,” his new talk show, premieres in the fall on E! Entertainment. The pop culture-heavy production will be an interactive experience and we look forward to even more of the sweet-hearted funnyman.

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