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Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass” Followup

By Keoki/BLENDERtunes

If you have a radio… and the ability to hear… then you undoubtedly have heard “All About That Bass” at least TWENTY FOUR times already. You can’t help it that you know the chorus word for word. And you can’t also help that you are humming it right now. It has become the song of the Summer and basically the song of my life. Between Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda,” anything by Iggy Azalea, and Meghan Trainor… this has been quite the voluptuous year of the booty! 

So what’s Miss Meghan Trainor got up her sleeves for us next? Could the cupcake loving Princess of Booty Doo Wop Pop (TM) follow up her “All About That Bass” smash? Sure. Why not!

“Dear Future Husband” is Meghan’s follow up single and it is just as tongue-in-cheek as her first single. The song has that same retro-pop vibe as her debut single and it’s just as refreshing. How could we not love this woman when she writes lyrics like these…

You got that 9 to 5 / Okay but so do I / So don’t be thinking I’ll be home and making apple pie / ’cause I never learned to cook.”


“I’ll be sleeping on the left side of the bed / Open doors for me and you might get some… kisses.”

Now this is the type of girl I want to hangout with! Put on a blonde wig, pillow fight, dance on the bed, and make fun of Sandra Dee – that blonde bimbo.

Don’t you love her latest song? Let us know below.

you’re welcome.

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Target Gives Middle Finger to Anti-Gay Boycott

By Mikkel Hyldebrandt

 What does a national and major retail store do after being boycotted by anti-gay organization because of signing a legal brief supporting marriage equality? Does it succumb to the pressure of a boycott and withdraw its inclusive stance? Or does it show the proverbial middle finger to those organizations that do not support basic equality by rubbing their argument in their faces? The last is exactly the case with Target, the red dot retailer, that had anti-gay organizations like The National Organization for Marriage, the Liberty Counsel and American Decency Association saying that the company’s public support of same-sex marriage was “slap in the face to millions of pro-family customers.” The so-called pro-family organizations urged a massive boycott of Target. Now, less than a month later of signing the equality legal brief that backed dissolving the ban on same-sex marriage in Indiana and Wisconsin, Target sends a very clear message to the gay haters by launching a national ad campaign promoting their ‘Made To Matter’ hand-picked products that showcases a gay couple and their kid.

The ad campaign is backed by a quote from Target Executive Vice President of Human Resources Jodee Kozlak, who wrote on the company’s blog: “It is our belief that everyone should be treated equally under the law, and that includes rights we believe individuals should have related to marriage.”

Now we get to see if an actual anti-gay boycott will manifest itself on Target’s financial bottom line, because this counter measure ought to have those anti-gay bigots stay far, far away from Target (wouldn’t that be nice?). One thing is certain, though: Target’s got my buck!

Source: lgbtqnation.com, Right Wing Watch

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Inaugural Krog Masquerade Goes Underground

By Dustin Shrader

Looks like Halloween will not be the only opportunity to wear a mask this fall. On Saturday October 25th, Atlanta’s iconic Krog Street Tunnel will be undergoing quite the transformation. A modern, European-style masquerade ball complete with live entertainment, street performers, DJ Salah, food, and music is shaping up to be a deliciously, sinful time!

According to the press release, “This event will “push the envelope” as guests are immersed in an unforgettable evening of cocktails, sounds by premiere Atlanta DJ Salah, and transformative vignettes behind a red velvet curtain. Brief tableaus of body art, burlesque and peep show performances will stimulate the imagination.”

The press release also advises that “taboo” will be the norm for the night. Masks, an open-mind and adventurous spirit are prerequisites to garner entrance.

Count us in!

If a night of dancing with mysterious strangers in a tight enclosure basked with erotic thrill sounds like a mind-blowing time, then the Krog Masquerade is right up your alley.

The festivities begin at 8 p.m. with pumpkin time commencing at 1 a.m. General admission tickets are $50, which grant entrance to the ball. $100 VIP tickets include five complimentary drink tickets and bites courtesy of 97 Estoria, exclusive interactive live entertainment, access to the VIP tent and more.

For more information and ticket purchase, visit www.krogmasquerade.com. The event is presented by the Atlanta Foundation for Public Spaces and Sean O’Keefe Events.

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Divalicious Dance Duo XELLE Release New Music Video “Sweat”

Get ready for a little more heat in these final days of summer! As fall approaches, September is sizzling with the release of XELLE’s music video for their new single “Sweat.”  Everyone knows XELLE as the girl group who threw that illegal dance party on a mobile NYC subway train. Well, the dance floor divas are back and ready to get down and dirty with their new hit song.

According to band member, Rony G, “It’s what’s playing in your mind when you see that hot guy or girl across the bar and you know it’s time to make a move.” Rony’s other musical half JC Cassis adds, “It is all about flirting, feeling sexy and confident, and giving in to your romantic desires.”

All of those sentiments are evident when you watch the electrifying video, which is a parody of late-night eighties fitness infomercials and those outrageous fitness classes that make you wonder who in their right would subject themselves to such frivolity.

Drag stars Bianca Del Rio, Sherry Vine and Marti Gould Cummings even make surprise guest appearances.

Watch the video below to get your “Sweat” on!

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Listen up y’all… Mary J. Blige is back! FINALLY!

By Keoki/BLENDERtunes

We’ve been anxiously waiting for the Queen of Hip Hop Soul to bring us another killer album. It’s been too long since her last album My Life II… The Journey Continues (Act 1) came out back in 2011 (we wont count the awful Think Like A Man Too soundtrack that she somehow got involved with). That soundtrack was almost as bad as the horribly Photoshopped movie poster (just Google image search Think Like A Man Too Soundtrack).

Anyways, Mary has been quietly working on her latest album The London Sessions over across the pond and has teamed up with some amazing London talent. Sam Smith, Emeli Sande, and Naughty Boy have all helped Mary J. with her latest musical journey. She just released her newest single “Right Now” off of the album and has enlisted the help of English electronic music duo Disclosure. Now you might not recognize the name Disclosure but if you listened to the radio in the past couple of months, you will undoubtedly have heard one of their songs – their biggest hit in the states is “Latch” featuring Sam Smith. The song is a glorious meeting of two titans in the music biz. Mary’s vocals beautiful lace the synth heavy track and brings a fullness to the song. If this collaboration is any indication of the way the album is heading, it’s going to be one of the best albums of the year – you can quote me on that!

Have a listen to the track below and let us know what you think. The London Sessions drops December 2.

you’re welcome.

This content is exclusively provided by Keoki from BLENDERtunes.com for FENUXE Magazine.

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Calvin Harris IS To “Blame” For His New Song

By Keoki/BLENDERtunes

After teasing the world for the past few months that his new collaboration with John Newman would be coming out soon, Calvin Harris has FINALLY released his song to the masses – and this is where I fall asleep. This is where a lot of people will fall asleep.

Now before you go get your pitchforks and torches and condemn me for not loving a Calvin Harris song, know that I absolutely love Calvin Harris! He’s extremely talented, has a HUGE track record of putting out quality music, and always works with other great artist like John Newman. You might not recognize the name John Newman but you’ll know exactly who he is after listening to the song – his voice is very unique. John also had a hit last year with “Love Me Again” and since then, I’ve become a fan! So when I read that he and Calvin Harris were working together on a new track, I couldn’t wait! I dreamt of a synth heavy track laid over by some smooth vocals and a killer drop! I guess I put the idea of them working together up on a pedestal – a Calvin Harris/John Newman Greek goddess pedestal.

Little snippets of the song “Blame” have been teased to us through Calvin’s Instagram account for the past few weeks and to be honest, I liked the teases more than the entire song. And no, I’m not a tease – despite what my ex’s might say. The song just doesn’t really go anywhere and is kind of Snoresville. There’s no real buildup. The drop sounds a bit awkward. And it sounds a bit too much like his other song “I Need Your Love” which isn’t a bad thing but it’s not necessarily a good thing.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure this is going to be a hit in the clubs. I’m sure all the boys and girls will be dancing their skinny jean asses off when this song comes on. I will not be one of them – mainly because I don’t own skinny jeans.

What do you think? Is the song a hit or miss?

you’re welcome.

This content is exclusively provided by Keoki from BLENDERtunes.com for FENUXE Magazine.

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Savannah Celebrates 15 Years of Pride

Looking for an out-of-town adventure this weekend? Why not hit Savannah Pride, which is celebrating their 15th year of pride celebration? The Georgia coastal gem has turned Forsyth Park into a happening pride festival, and when you’re done frolicking and dancing in the park, you can always hit the beautiful beaches.
For more info and tickets (VIP tickets are only $50!) go to savannahpride.com!

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La Roux Pays Homage To 80’s Style With “Kiss And Not Tell” Video

By Dustin Shrader

English pop star La Roux gives us all an 80’s flashback with her new single “Kiss and Not Tell” off of her chart-topping new album, Trouble In Paradise. Channeling a 1980’s adult chat line, the singer plays the host, encouraging spectators to call in and cheekily do some kissing but not telling. According to Billboard.com, “The clip is impeccably styled, hitting all the right aesthetics with a variety of different telephones on display intercut with callers who are clearly — ahem — having a good time.

Real life viewers that call the British telephone phone number featured in the video (+44-155-728-0014) will reach a La Roux hotline where they have the option to listen to the song or leave a “cheeky” message with the warning, “be careful what you say, these recordings can and will be shared.”

Check out the video below!

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Happy Humpday From BLENDERtunes!

By Keoki/BLENDERtunes

Happy Humpday Fenuxe Folk!

Of course by now, you’ve already heard Sam Smith’s amazing cover of Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know” and you most likely already played that song to death. I don’t blame you… that cover is amaHzing. Sam Smith is amaHzing. So what now? How will you get your Sam Smith fix? Play his CD “In The Lonely Hour” again? No… you don’t have any tears left to cry – besides, you don’t have any more Kleenex either (from unrelated reasons).

Well fear not boys and girls, Sam Smith has done it once again and it is equally just as great as his last cover. This time Sam puts his “oh-so-smooth” touch to the 1988 hit “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman. Yes it was 1988 and yes you are getting old.

Sam’s voice is amazing. It always gets me emotional. His voice is just that good… and this song is so sad. Ugh… I promised myself I wouldn’t cry. Where are my Kleenex?! Oh.


This content is exclusively provided by Keoki from BLENDERtunes.com for FENUXE Magazine – you’re welcome!

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A Surprising Twist Takes Gender Debate To A New Level

By Mikkel Hyldebrandt

Recently Always aired an advertisement that sparked national debate about female empowerment and self-esteem. The advertisement seeks to rewrite the rules on how genders are perceived using the phrase ‘like a girl’ for example – or hitting ‘like a girl’. Instead of automatically assigning negative connotations to the term, the advertisement wants to change that, to teach young girls that doing something like a girl should not be perceived as something weak or negative.

Blogger Ilana, creator of the popular blog MommyShorts.com, loved message fully and asked her followers to submit photos of their daughters doing “all the amazing things daughters do” using the hashtag #likeagirl. And that’s when something even more amazing happened.

Not only did the blog overflow with photos of girls, but other parents posted pictures of their sons displaying their feminine side under the hashtag #likeaboy.

Because the other side of using the ‘like a girl’ terminology negatively is also telling boys what we think is right for little boys to do and how to act – and especially doing something that’s considered feminine is often not condoned nor encouraged when it comes to acting like a boy. So when we’re telling the little girls in our lives that they can do anything little boys do, and that they should be strong and confident, we shouldn’t forget to do the same for boys and encourage them to embrace their sensitive and nurturing sides as well.

The above photo was submitted by Heather, a North Carolina mom. In it her two-year-old twin boys are playing princess with their older sister and are said to love dinosaurs just as much as tea parties. There are many more wonderful examples of boys doing typically “feminine” activities, like playing house, wearing princess dresses, and painting their nails, all posted with the hashtag #likeaboy on Mommyshorts.

Even though these kids are still in age of innocence it is important to consider what we teach them, because soon enough those terms of doing something ‘like a girl’ or ‘like a boy’ can mean something entirely different. Hopefully these photos will help future generations redefine how genders are viewed so the hashtag would be #likeakid.

The photo is being shown with the permission of the family.

Sources: Mommyshorts.com, abc.com, Buzzfeed

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