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Video: David Gandy Stuns In His Own Underwear

By Mikkel Hyldebrandt

You’ve probably already taken considerable notice of his piercing blue eyes, his stunning physique and the fact that he looks absolutely gorgeous in a pair of white swim trunks (all of him). Yes, David Gandy (34) is the model who for years has been the eye catcher for the fragrance Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue and in which he lounges on a Mediterranean beach in a skimpy, white swimsuit.

Maybe that’s the reason why he has teamed up with British Marks & Spencer and Autograph to create a line of luxurious sleepwear and underwear bearing his name? Because in the video clip created to promote his underwear, he does not veer from the tried-and-tested formula of piercing you with those steely, blue eyes, showing off his unbelievable physique and proving once again that he (all of him!) looks d*** good in underwear.

The only downside to it all: the underwear is so far only available in select European markets. On this side of the Atlantic we’ll have to suffice with the video for now so don’t feel bad if you need to watch it 5-10 times like we did …

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Leslie Jordan, The Lover of Straight boys and life

By: Dino Thompson-Sarmiento

Leslie Jordan is in town and TONIGHT! You can see his new show at 8 PM at Park Tavern, tickets at chriscolemanenterprises.com. and get an autographed book at Blake’s on Friday night!

I had a little chat with Mr. Jordan and I could barely get through the interview because he kept me laughing the whole time. From now on I’ll only do it on camera with him because I can barely make out my notes.

Tell me about your new show, “Say Cheese.”

(I cannot publish what he initially said legally – LOL – but I have a feeling he will tell it at the show) the show is about my intimate life – Why I am 60 years old and single and my affair with straight boys and the fact that my lover the last 33 years has been show business. However, I do focus on these straight boys relationships and you know what? I’ve never been lonely. By the way most of these boys I met at Swinging Richards… You know my friend Del Shores says my problem stems from childhood and the repressed lives we had in our generation…That’s not it. In any case this is the best show yet!

I heard you were on Big Brother in the UK – What was that like?

Two ways to look at it. The worst experience of my life or maybe the best. No, it was 12 days of Hell. I’m not good at chit chat with strangers and there I was locked up with these CRAZY PEOPLE! Eating rice and beans and these English people are up all day and all night. Any ways I got kicked out for bad behavior…Ugh, this girl cut up my underwear with scissors and then I kept getting called in to the office because they said I was being rude and offensive. Oh, and I hate than awful man, Gary Busey – he is really crazy – I mean he would leave the toilet unflushed…who does that?

Brother boy is my favorite character of yours, do you have one you have attachments to?

It would have to be Brother Boy. “Sordid Lives”, from its inception, Del Shores included me. I remember he came to me with a bunch of short stories and somehow he weaved them all together in to this brilliant script. I still remember the nicotine fit scene (laughs out loud) I don’t how he took all those different stories and made it work but he did. Brother Boys character will always be favorite.

Drugs and alcohol played a big role in your life. Why did you choose sobriety and how did you do it?

In recovery a person needs to decide on their own when its time. You can’t force anyone in to sobriety. I was 42 and had my third DUI sitting in a jail cell. Meth was my problem. I have an addictive personality. Meth would calm me down. For 10 years it was my medicine. It wasn’t a party drug for me. When I quit I moved on to alcohol with a vengeance.

I had to get comfortable with living in my own skin and be happy about it. I was riddled with internal homophobia- I felt ashamed. Now, sober, I am the closest I have ever been to my authentic self. It is the miracle in my life. I remember looking back at my performances and the acting was there, the humor was there, but I wasn’t. I could see it my dead eyes. I decided to quit and Atlanta has great programs and recovery groups. But like I said you do it when you are ready.

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Tonight: W Hotel Midtown “Turns It Up” for HRC

There has  never been a more important, or critical time, to support our right to marry here in the United States, which is why W Hotels has started a worldwide campaign in partnership with HRC called  “TURN IT UP FOR CHANGE: Love Has No Limit. Fight for 50.”   The initiative is designed to amplify the fight for marriage equality through the power of music.  At each event, a portion of proceeds from bar sales will be donated to HRC’s fight for marriage equality, and the more states that pass marriage equality, the more funds W will donate. (For example, as of today, 19 states have legal same-sex marriage, so 19% of proceeds from upcoming events will be donated to the organization.) 

The event, hosted by the fabulous Edie Cheezburger, kicks off tonight at 7pm in the stunning 27th Floor Ballroom and features AVAN LAVA (photo above), DJ JD Sampson from the band Le Tigre, and Atlanta’s DJ Vicki Powell.  

Atlanta will play host to additional ”TURN IT UP FOR CHANGE” events at W Atlanta – Downtown on Thursday, November 13; W Atlanta – Buckhead on Thursday, December 11; and will return to W Atlanta – Midtown on Thursday, January 8.

So, come out tonight and have fun supporting HRC and marriage equality! 

W Atlanta Midtown is located in the heart of Midtown Atlanta at 188 14th Street NE. For more information about W Atlanta – Midtown, please visit www.whotels.com/atlantamidtown 

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More Than Half-Way: SCOTUS Move Widens Same-Sex Marriage To 30 States

By Mikkel Hyldebrandt

We were hoping that the Supreme Court Justices would take up the question on whether or not states should be allowed to ban gay marriage. Instead, the justices refused to review lower court decisions that struck down state bans on same-sex marriage on October 6. But without saying a word they still made a pretty loud and clear statement on the issue by choosing NOT address the issue just yet.

Because the effect of saying nothing on the matter means the rulings of the lower courts stand, which, in the case of 11 more states – Utah, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Indiana, and Wisconsin – will allows same-sex marriage. The here-and-now effect? As of Monday same-sex couples could get a marriage license and get married in those states – legally. And the total number of states where same-sex marriage is legal is now up to 30 – more than half of all American states.

So what happens if some of the lower courts move to uphold the ban on same-sex marriage? That’s when the Supreme Court is likely to step in and officially address the issue – or at least make it clear that couples that have been married and have marriage licenses will stay married. Under all circumstances this decision (or indecision) will put additional pressure on the remaining states that do not yet allow gay marriage. Even though this is not a national constitutional right just yet, this move has paved the way for freedom to marry in what accounts for 60% of the American population. And that’s a pretty big step on the way.

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DirecTV Introduces Gay Football Fans In New Ad

By Mikkel Hyldebrandt

DirecTV just aired an ad for their NFL Sunday Ticket featuring a gay couple. Sure, if your gaydar is really off or really obvious signs often escape your attention, you could just see a football bromance floating across your screen. But take the flawless and not too feminine decor, the perfectly groomed lap dog, the guys’ embrace (or rivalrous tackle?), and their agreement to switch to DirecTV (meaning that they live together, duh) into consideration and you have a couple of football-loving gays. Still not convinced? How about one of the guy’s comment on them being “just like any other couple” and you have a signed, sealed and delivered slew of a whole lotta gay signifiers.

In light of Michael Sam being drafted as the first openly gay player this ad is really spot on, and it is notable to add that it is liberatingly free of gay stereotypes. Well, maybe except for the dog.. The surprisingly inclusive ad was aired unannounced during Thursday night’s football game between Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks and was met with a surprising surge of approval by fans. Hopefully, this is the first of many  sports themed ads with a more or less subtle gay twist. We can only say: well played Directv!

Watch the adorable Directv ad right here:

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BLENDERtunes: Jennifer Hudson’s New Dance Hit

By Keoki/BLENDERtunes


Just when that throwback 90s house music trend was starting to wear… up pops Gorgon City with their killer track “Go All Night” featuring the always incredible Ms. Jennifer Hudson. Yeah… ish just got real.

Can you imagine if Jennifer Hudson was around back in the day singing those 90s club bangers like “Rhythm Is A Dancer” by Snap! or “Finally” by Cece Peniston?! Her voice just demands songs like those and Gorgon City’s new song is the closest we will get to a 90s Jennifer Hudson hit.

If you don’t know who Gorgon City is then listen up. The duo helms from London and are on the same record label as Jess Glyne, Rudimental, and the fabulous Clean Bandit. “Go All Night” was also co-written by Kiesza (“Hideaway”) who definitely knows how a 90s house music hit should be.

Gorgon City’s album Sirens drops today (October 7) and in addition to Jennifer Hudson features other phenomenal artists like Laura Walsh, MNEK, and Katy B.

What do you think about the new dance song? Let us know below.

you’re welcome.

This content is exclusively brought to you by Keoki from BLENDERtunes.com for FENUXE Magazine.

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Atlanta’s Jean Kelley Auditions For NBC’s ‘The Voice’

By D. David Kinney

Atlanta’s very own Jean Kelley auditioned for NBC’s “The Voice” recently and according to her Twitter page we may see her on the show tonight! You may recognize Jean Kelley from her many performances throughout Atlanta and her time as the host and emcee of “Sing For Your Life” last season.

Jean Kelley has a lot of Atlanta fans and we’re super excited to see her introducing her talent to the rest of America. Good luck Jean!


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Fergie’s New Song “L.A. Love (La La)”


By Keoki/BLENDERtunes

It’s been eight long years but Fergie Ferg has finally unleashed her new single “L.A. Love (La La)”.

So all of that time out of the game should have given her some time to grow and mature as an aritst, right? Well it didn’t unfortunately. The 39-year-old singer sounds like she is just coasting through this dated and clichéd song (Is it still cool to name drop cities?). And by the way, knowing full well that Naughty Boy and Sam Smith had a HUGE hit with their song “La La La” why would you release THIS?!

The song is a bit catchy and has an OK beat produced by DJ Mustard who has worked on recent hits like Tyga’s “Rack City”, Trey Songz “Na Na”, and T.I.’s “No Mediocore”. However, Fergie doesn’t really do anything memorable to the lackluster track.

I have big expectations for Fergie – maybe too big of expectations. Maybe the song will grow on me. But lezbehonest though – it wont. With other comebacks expected in the near future from Gwen Stefani, Mary J, Madonna, and Janet, if the rest of Fergie’s album sounds like this mess, she will definitely get swept up under a rug and nobody will even care. Let’s just hope that this is a minor set back and the rest of her new album will be more Fergalicious and less La La Lame.


This content is exclusively brought to you by Keoki from BLENDERtunes.com for FENUXE Magazine.

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Court In Session: The End of Gay Marriage Bans?

By Mikkel Hyldebrandt

Today the nine Supreme Court Justices met privately to discuss whether or not they should take up cases that challenge state same-sex marriage bans.

Right now a total of seven cases challenging state bans on same-sex marriage are pending in the states of Indiana, Wisconsin, Virginia, Utah and Oklahoma.

And this time around the potential outcome could be the greatest yet, because should the nine Supreme Court Justices decide to take up the question of whether states are allowed to ban gay and lesbians to get married, their ruling could be applied to all the states, which ban same-sex marriage. Georgia, along with 30 other U.S. states, is among the states that still ban same-sex marriage.

So, potentially the decision to take up this question and the ensuing ruling (should it deem marriage bans not allowed) in the current seven cases, could mean that bans on same-sex marriage wouldn’t be allowed in any state on a federal level. And that’s a pretty big deal! For Georgia it could be a kind of ‘win by default’ because technically (and legally) the state ban on same-sex marriage would be dissolved.

But don’t start hearing those distant wedding bells just yet, because the meeting was held under private circumstances and the Supreme Court doesn’t reconvene officially until next week. When back in session the justices must vote on whether or not to take up the cases and if four or more justices vote for a case, it will be heard. The fact that the justices met before actually commencing their new term goes to show that they want to be up to speed on the issue and want to be able to make the right move when the decision is made.

There’s no denying that this issue is of great importance to the Supreme Court being one of the first to be taken into consideration in the new term – so even though we’re not quite there yet, here’s hoping that this will be a step in the right direction to end bans on same-sex marriage all together.


Source: Queerty, Pink News

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Hilary Duff Debuts Video for New Single “All About You”


By Dustin Shrader

The much-anticipated “All About You” music video premiered last night on Vevo. This is Hilary Duff’s second single off her upcoming album, slated to be released within the next few months.

Since launching her summer single, “Chasing The Sun” Hilary has been crusading a strong come-back on the music scene. Her 2007 album, “Dignity” was her last. Within her seven-year break, Hilary took time to enjoy married life and give birth to her son, Luca.

Now she is back and better than ever. Her new single is already burning up the charts with its full-force pop melody, catchy handclap beats and hair-flipping hooks.

Check out the “All ABout You” video below!


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