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Georgia Attorneys Stand Up For Marriage Equality!

By D. David Kinney

Georgia attorneys are standing up for marriage equality in a new campaign from Southerners for the Freedom to Marry in partnership with Georgia Equality. It’s called Georgia Lawyers for the Freedom to Marry and organizers say the list of signers include “prominent attorneys from communities across the state, including Atlanta, Augusta, Savannah and Athens.”

Georgia Lawyers for the Freedom to Marry is a pledge, already signed by 206 attorneys, that reads: “As proud members of Georgia’s legal community, we believe that allowing the freedom to marry for same-sex couples is crucial to fulfilling the promise of liberty and equality for all of Georgia’s residents. All Americans, regardless of whom they love, deserve to be treated equally under the law.”

To view the pledge and the list of Georgia attorneys who have signed it, click here.  If you’re a licensed Georgia attorney and would like to sign the pledge, click here.

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Photos: Lance Bass Joins Atlantans For World Record Breaking Toast

By D. David Kinney 

Gay Atlantans and allies filled the W Hotel Midtown on Monday night to break the Guinness World Record for the Largest Arms-Linked Toast. The event was the launch of Freedom to Marry’s #ToastToMarriage campaign. Joining in on the record breaking fun was Lance Bass and his fiancé, Michael Turchin. Latrice Royale was also on hand to toast marriage equality after two nights of shows at Burkhart’s Pub.

#ToastToMarriage is a partnership between SKYY Vodka and Freedom To Marry, so naturally guests were drinking a cocktail called the SKYY Vodka Proposal. Before the big toast got underway, FENUXE spoke to Lance Bass about why he was excited for the campaign launch: “I’m from Mississippi so I’m proud to be here as #ToastToMarriage launches in the South here in Atlanta.” When we asked him about his favorite cocktail for a special toast he paused, smiled for a moment and revealed it would have to include SKYY Georgia Peach.

According to materials provided to press at the event: “[#ToastToMarry is] a national campaign to draw together communities to increase visibility and raise funds to support public education programs in places where same-sex couples are currently excluded from marrying.”

If you don’t live in Atlanta you can still catch one of #ToastToMarriage’s future events. They’ll be traveling to Fort Lauderdale, Philadelphia, Columbus, Chicago, New Orleans, Houston, Phoenix, San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Here are some of the photos we snapped during the event:

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#ToastToMarriage Hopes To Set Guinness World Record

By D. David Kinney 

Freedom To Marry is launching its new #ToastToMarriage event on Monday, June 6 with an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the largest arms-linked toast at the W Hotel Midtown in Atlanta. They’ve teamed up with Skyy Vodka for the record-breaking attempt so you know the cocktails will be delicious. Also joining in on the celebration will be actor and singer Lance Bass.

The event starts at 6 p.m. with an audit of the participants, and the attempt for the largest arms-linked toast will take place at 6:30 p.m. in the Great Ballroom. For more information see Freedom To Marry’s Facebook post below:

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Atlanta Gay News Flash

By D. David Kinney

A Victory For Marriage Equality  In Pennsylvania

Yesterday we saw Oregon’s ban on same-sex marriage declared unconstitutional and on Tuesday Pennsylvania’s ban has bit the dust. This makes Pennsylvania the nineteenth state to see same-sex marriage legalized.

HRC President Chad Griffin released the following statement regarding the marriage equality victory in Pennsylvania: “Today a federal judge appointed by President George W. Bush became the latest to uphold the most sacred ideals of this nation and our Constitution – that justice and equality matter above all else. It seems that every passing day brings LGBT Americans a new victory in our unwavering march toward justice.  And thanks to our friends at the ACLU of PA and ACLU National, the attorneys of Hangley Aronchick Segal Pudlin & Schiller, and the proud plaintiffs who brought this case, the inescapable reality of full equality under the law is now one step closer.”


Judge Strikes Down Oregon’s Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Despite Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum’s refusal to defend her state’s gay marriage ban, the National Organization for Marriage asked the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to let them argue against same-sex marriage on behalf of the state. However, NOM’s efforts were not successful and Judge Michael McShane rejected their request. In his ruling today, Judge McShane wrote: “Expanding the embrace of civil marriage to gay and lesbian couples will not burden any legitimate state interest… The state’s marriage laws unjustifiably treat same-gender couples differently than opposite-gender couples. The laws assess a couple’s fitness for civil marriage based on their sexual orientation: opposite-gender couples pass; same-gender couples do not. No legitimate state purpose justifies the preclusion of gay and lesbian couples from civil marriage.”

In response to the positive news from Oregon, the Human Rights Campaign’s President, Chad Griffin, issued a statement saying: “Today’s ruling from Judge McShane affirms what a majority of Oregonians already knew: discrimination has no place in our society, much less the state constitution, Human Rights Campaign President, Chad Griffin, wrote in a statement released Monday, “The plaintiffs and their tremendous attorneys Lake James Perriguey, Lea Ann Easton, Perkins Coie LLP, the ACLU of Oregon and the ACLU, should be incredibly proud of their historic victory.  Thanks to their willingness to fight and the decades of work done by groups like Basic Rights Oregon and countless others, America is now one giant step closer to full equality nationwide.”

Source: ABC News


HBO’s John Oliver Explores Nintendo’s New Gay World

People weren’t very happy when news began to spread that Nintendo’s new Sims-like video game, “Tomodachi Life,” would not allow for same-sex relationships. The situation attracted so much attention from gay and allied gamers that Nintendo eventually released a statement. “We apologize for disappointing many people by failing to include same-sex relationships in Tomodachi Life,” Nintendo wrote , “Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to change this game’s design, and such a significant development change can’t be accomplished with a post-ship patch.” 

As you can imagine this was pretty low hanging fruit for HBO’s John Oliver, the host of Last Week Tonight. Check out the hilarious clip from his show on Sunday:

Source: CBS News, Huffington Post


Craig Ferguson’s Character In ‘How To Train Your Dragon 2″ Comes Out

Gobber, from the hit animated movie “How To Train Your Dragon, is out of the closet! The character is voiced by talk show host Craig Ferguson, and his coming out was a complete surprise – even to the show’s writer and director, Dean DeBlois. “It wasn’t that deliberate. It was an ad-lib that Craig Ferguson added,” DeBlois told FOX, “I’d written the line ‘This is why I never married.’ And then he had tagged that on to it. And we all started chuckling and said that’s right, Gobber’s coming out in this movie. I just love that about Craig. He’s always got just a little extra something for you. I think it’s nice. It’s progressive, it’s honest, and it feels good, so we wanted to keep it.” Kudos, Mr. Ferguson! 

Gay Articles From Around The Web Worth Reading:

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Forbes – “How Many Gay CEOs Should There be In The USA Anyway?

Huffington Post – “Costa Rica’s Presidential Palace Displays Gay Pride Flag

LA Times – “Mark Ruffalo Was Schooled By ‘Normal Heart’s’ Pioneering Gay Playwright

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Atlanta Gay News Flash

By D. David Kinney

Same-sex Marriage Ban Struck Down In Idaho

Federal U.S. District Magistrate Candy Dale issued an injunction on Tuesday stopping the enforcement of Idaho’s ban on same-sex marriage. The injunction is the result of a lawsuit filed by four Idahoan couples who sued after voters amended the state constitution to make gay marriage illegal. According to the decision, Idaho will begin issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples beginning Friday at 9 a.m. However, that could be stopped by Idaho Governor Butch Otter (that’s really his name… we swear) who has announced that he plans to appeal the injunction.

Source: Reuters


New Study Suggests ‘Sexuality Is An Innate Characteristic”

A new study out of China found that the affect male or female pheromones has on a person depends on their sexual orientation. “To test their hypothesis, Wen Zhou of the Chinese Academy of Sciences set up an experiment in which participants looked at a video in which human figures rendered in a connect-the-dots style (shown above) were shown walking,” Jason Koebler wrote for Motherboard, “Participants were then asked to guess whether the figures were masculine or feminine. When exposed to androstadienone, heterosexual women were more likely to suggest that the wire figure was a man—but the pheromone had no effect on heterosexual men. Perhaps most importantly, homosexual men also responded to that pheromone, suggesting that gay men innately perceive (and are perhaps affected by) male pheromones. Straight men, meanwhile, were more likely to perceive the figure as feminine when exposed to estratetraenol. Straight women showed no effect, while lesbian and bisexual women showed a response somewhere in between.”


Danish Health Minister Pressured To End Gay Blood Ban

Just like the United States, Denmark bans gay and bisexual men from donating blood. However, six different Danish political parties are now pressuring the country’s health minister to abolish the ban all together because there is no scientific evidence supporting it. Several other countries around the world have already lifted their bans on gay blood like Uruguay, Mexico and Portugal. In 2011, the United Kingdom decided to life the ban on gay blood for men who hadn’t had sex within the last year. Finland and Sweden also have similar waiting periods for gay men who wish to donate blood.

Source: Copenhagen Post

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Photos: Gay Couples In Arkansas Tie The Knot

By D. David Kinney 

Photojournalist Grav Weldon was in Little Rock, Arkansas on Saturday to document the state’s first same-sex marriages. The weddings were made possible by Pulaski County Circuit Judge Christopher Charles Piazza’s decision to strike down Arkansas’ gay marriage ban. Below are some photos Weldon took and shared on Instagram and Twitter of happy couples applying for marriage licenses and tying the knot.

The first same-sex marriage license issued in the South:

Weldon claims these ladies are the first gay couple to get married in the South:

Arkansas couple waiting to get a marriage license:

Arkansas couples lined up on Monday to apply for same-sex marriage licenses:

An Arkansas preacher signs a same-sex marriage certificate:

Wedding photos:


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VIDEO: Gay Marriage On Graham Crackers

By Mikkel Hyldebrandt

Remember how Coca-Cola introduced a gay family in their Superbowl ad? Although it was just a glimpse, the fact that a major corporation actually included a gay family was (and is) huge. Now Honey Maid is upping the ante by unveiling their “This Is Wholesome” campaign, which features a gay family and their two kids. The sweet clip about ‘Dad and Papa’ is a ‘documentary’ clip from the actual ad set to air soon on TV. The new campaign will feature all types of families and puts out a powerful message.

What’s so cool about this clip is that the product – Honey Maid graham crackers – is almost absent from the video. Chances are you completely missed the product placement when first viewing the clip. The ad is more about showcasing the values of the company and showing their support for gay and equal rights.

And what’s really cool is that the video is so unpolitical and just shows a happy family, which happens to be gay. You can watch the actual ad below and the little ‘documentary’ specifically about the gay family. Even though both clips are in fact advertisements, they’re sweet, reassuring and touchingly powerful.

Source: slate.com

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Underwood Endorses Gay Marriage In A Truly Christian Way

By Mikkel Hyldebrandt

In light of recent events regarding the anti-gay freedom of religion bill that was vetoed in Arizona, is still pending in Georgia, and is now gaining momentum in Mississippi, we thought we’d pick up on a story that may be a couple of years old, but holds just as great importance today.

In 2012 country singer Carrie Underwood made headlines when she came out in support of gay marriage. Now, there is nothing new about a celebrity endorsing gay marriage, but the twist with Underwood was that she based her reasoning and endorsement on her Christian faith. Initially, she stated:

“As a married person myself, I don’t know what it’s like to be told I can’t marry somebody I love, and want to marry. I can’t imagine how that must feel. I definitely think we should all have the right to love, and love publicly, the people that we want to love.”

Carrie Underwood then went on to say that God wants Christians to love others, and that she and her husband (pro hockey player Mike Fisher) attended a gay-friendly church.

Her statement is worth repeating in a time where it seems many people of faith feel that their freedom of religion is under attack, and where religious groups feel the need to fight back – and the weapon seem to be discrimination and fear. Because isn’t Carrie Underwood way of reasoning the truly Christian way of going about the whole thing? Doesn’t it say repeatedly throughout the Bible that you should ‘love thy neighbor’? Even though the world is changing at a rapid pace, it is possible to fuse religion with more progressive ways of thinking – just take a lesson from Carrie Underwood.

Source: The Blaze

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Breaking News: Texas (Almost) Legalizes Gay Marriage

By Mikkel Hyldebrandt

U.S. District Judge Orlando Garcia has ruled that Texas’ ban on marriage for lesbian and gay couples is unconstitutional in the lawsuit brought by Cleopatra DeLeon, Nicole Dimetman, Vic Holmes and Mark Phariss who were represented by the law firm Akin Gump. The ruling is stayed pending appeal, meaning marriages will not occur immediately in the state.

In a statement released by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force on the federal ruling striking down texas same-sex marriage ban, Rea Carey, who is the Executive Director of the organization says:

“Everything is bigger in Texas and this ruling is an enormous leap forward for same-sex couples in the Lone Star State. Every time a judge strikes down a same-sex marriage ban, is yet another nail in the coffin of discrimination. It also hastens the day when all loving couples who simply want the ability to share the benefits and responsibilities of marriage can. While this ruling will now go to a higher court, and marriages in Texas will not happen immediately, this is a great day for love, freedom and justice.”

Source:  the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, HRC

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Judge Declares Virginia’s Gay Marriage Ban Unconstitutional

By D. David Kinney

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring announced on Twitter Thursday evening that a federal judge has declared his state’s ban on gay marriage to be unconstitutional. Here is the tweet he sent:

Last week FENUXE wrote about the legal battle in Virginia and wondered if it would be the first Southern state to see same-sex marriage legalized. It looks like the state, known for being for lovers, is well on its way. However, it has competition for the title from Oklahoma where a federal judge recently made a similar ruling. In fact, Virginia now joins a growing list of states that have had federal judges declare their bans on marriage equality to be unconstitutional. 

Despite Thursday’s victory for marriage equality in Virginia, gay couples can’t start get married just yet. An injunction in the case has been stayed which will prevent gay couples from marrying until after the ruling is appealed.

Virginia Attorney General Herring released this statement on Facebook following the ruling:

Source: Politico, USA Today

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