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Hot Homo Honeymoons

Just like vodka, gay couples come in a variety of flavors. Some pairs identify as smooth and sophisticated while others consider themselves sweet and fruity. When these diverse duos decide to celebrate their committed relationships, it’s practical to assume their honeymoons will reflect their personal tastes. Below you’ll find five types of couples, along with our suggestions for the ideal newlywed getaway.

Strap up for a sexy sabbatical in San Francisco. The perfect hunky holiday falls on Sunday, September 23, with the return of the Folsom Street Fair, which touts itself as the world’s largest leather event. Nothing says “Just Married” better than a pair of matching harnesses.

Mixing business and pleasure is simply the smart thing to do. After networking around the Chicago Loop, it’s time to wind down in the Windy City. Stop by the Coffee and Tea Exchange in Boystown to relax with an amaretto blend or a chamomile. Then enjoy a decadent French dinner at Paris in Chicago, followed by cocktails at the popular gay bar Sidetrack.

For a honeymoon full of celebratory toasts and thumping music, South Beach is the place to be. After grinding on the dance floors of the city’s many bars, rest up on the popular gay beach at 12th Street and Ocean Drive. The ultimate South Beach affair occurs November 21-26 with White Party Week, so plan accordingly.

Pack up the camping gear and head to the newly opened Oz Campground (formerly Lumberjacks) in Unadilla, Georgia. Spend the night under the stars in one of the primitive tent sites or cozy up in a cabin.

What can be more romantic than an art-filled weekend in The City of Roses? Creativity thrives in Portland, Oregon. Stroll through galleries of the Alberta Arts District or see a gay-themed show by Triangle Productions, one of the city’s oldest theater companies. For fall newlyweds, the Portland Lesbian and Gay Film Festival in October is a must!

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Southern Spain Entices Gay Travelers

Be warned! If you visit the gay resort Finca la Maroma in southern Spain you’ll be overwhelmed with the desire to quit your old life and purchase the vacation spot.

That’s exactly what happened to Thomas Kaurich and Mark Pudge, a British couple who took over Finca la Maroma in the autonomous state of Andalucia in October 2010.

“Having had busy professional working lives in London, we were looking for a change from the daily grind,” Thomas said. “We had always been attracted to Spain, its casual lifestyle and weather, and the desire to share this spectacular part of the world with other gay men and friends of our community was too great to pass up. We were immediately drawn to the tranquility of Finca la Maroma’s location.”

Less than an hour drive from Malaga and only three miles from the village of Sedella, the 300-year-old country estate borders the Sierra de Tejeda National Park and lies within 40 minutes of beaches and an array of white Andalucian villages dating back to Moorish and Roman times. Thomas and Mark recommend the beaches of Cantarrijan, Almayate, and Maro, all offering naturist and gay areas. They also suggest visiting the Granada’s Alhambra, a palace constructed in the fourteenth century.

When you’re not gallivanting around the Spanish countryside, you can relax in one of the estate’s six self-catering studio apartments, which feature fully-equipped kitchens and private or shared terraces. A casita, which will offer more secluded accommodations, is scheduled to open this summer. You can also take advantage of the retreat’s many amenities, including the clothing-optional swimming pool and the hilltop Jacuzzi, as well as a family-style dinner.

“The candlelit poolside dinners we offer guests two to three times a week have proven to be some of the most memorable and magical moments, both for us and our guests,” Thomas said.

And speaking of their visitors, Thomas and Mark have entertained gay men from all over the world.

“Many of our guests come from the UK, the Netherlands and France, but with direct flights to Malaga from all over the world, we have welcomed guests from Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and South America, as well as continental Europe.”

All those hot men vacationing in one place. Access to a clothing-optional pool. Nearby nude beaches. Just think about all that for a moment. Southern Spain seems like the ideal destination now, doesn’t it?

For more information about Finca la Maroma, please click HERE.

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Save the Day With Your Fashion Prowess

Vacationing doesn’t come without risks. Emergencies pop up randomly, so you have to expect the unexpected. Don’t let your travel buddies down by being unprepared. Below you’ll find our suggestions for saving the day.



Everyone is dying of thirst after your vehicle broke down in the middle of the desert, so you fill your bag with cactus water. Thank god for impeccable craftsmanship.






Dazethat cranky grizzly bear that wandering into your camp with your camera flash. Now run for it!

Showcase Camera





A tropical storm forced your party indoors. Beat the boredom with manly makeovers and break out the beard lube conditioning shave, body wash, face moisturizer, face buff energizing scrub and industrial strength hand healer.






Modern-day pirates may have more advanced weaponry than in Blackbeard’s time, but their basic needs remain the same. Entice them with this fine Caribbean rum distilled from black strap molasses and make your escape once they’ve passed out.

See TheBar.com for more information.




The cruise ship went all “Titantic” on you and your buddies. Use this handy gadget and your iPod to transform your life raft into a speaker. That should distract everyone from the circling sharks.





Your pal slipped off the side of a mountain! Quick! Pull off your stylishly useful hand-crafted rope belt and drag him to safety.

Orlebar Brown

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Bet You Didn’t Know…

Twenty facts you may not have known about the Bucks upcoming trip to England:

2012 Bingham Cup takes place June 1-3 in Manchester, UK

The Bingham Cup was named after gay rugby player Mark Bingham who died on the United Airlines Flight 93 on 9/11.

Teams from 15 countries will compete in the tournament.

Gay pubs first popped up in Manchester on Canal Street.

Manchester is one of the UK’s rainiest cities.

The Bucks will be among 1,500 registered participants.

The area centered around Chorlton Street and Canal Street is known as The Gay Village.

25 Bucks are UK-bound

Airline tickets will cost about $1,200 per person

The Bucks have been preparing for trip since last July with practices and fundraisers.

Trip will cost $25,000 total. Bucks hope to raise at least $20,000.

The Bucks have been to London, Dublin, Ireland, New York City, and Minneapolis for this tournament.

A bag of gear weighs 30 pounds.

The team is bringing 16 rugby balls.

The Bucks expect to play between six and eight matches over a three-day period.

On average each Buck owns two pair of jock straps. One member admits he owns ten pair.

So far the Bucks have held 12 fundraisers for the trip.

Manchester Macdonald Hotel will house Atlanta’s rugby team.

The Bucks consists of 45 players and 15 auxiliaries.

Only recognized gay teams may participate in the tournament.

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Georgia Ranked Among 10 Worst States for Gay Tourists

Ryan Lee, Associate Writer: News & Current Events

Georgia is barely ahead of Mississippi as a top destination for gay travelers, and ranks behind such states as Alaska, Nebraska, West Virginia and both Dakotas, according to a list compiled by the gay travel franchise Spartacus.

The Peach State checks in at No. 41 on the Spartacus list, which grades states based on eight categories: anti-gay discrimination laws, marriage equality, adoption laws, LGBT marketing, the same age of consent for heteros and gays, religious influence, anti-gay laws and whether the locals are hostile.

Age of consent? Adoption laws? What kind of tourism is Spartacus promoting?

The Spartacus list hints at a larger issue: the tenets of the gay rights movement (marriage, anti-discrimination laws, adoption, etc.) don’t necessarily jive with the quality of life experienced by LGBT individuals across the country.

While Georgia might not be the most evolved state, anyone living in metro Atlanta would probably take offense with our bottom-of-the-barrel ranking. You might not be able to marry in the ATL, but you can have the time of your life while visiting and searching for Mr. Right (such as at next Saturday’s Fenuxe Best Bachelor Party!).

I have a hard time believing that a gay tourist would have a queerer time in Maryland or Iowa than he would in Midtown Atlanta.

The Spartacus Top 10 is weighted with east coast states, with New York leading the pack, followed by Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Oregon, Illinois, Maine, Maryland and California. Joining Georgia at the bottom of the list are Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Idaho, Montana, South Carolina, Utah, North Carolina and … drumroll for last place … Alabama.

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Romantic Retreats

Paris may very well be the city of love, but crossing the Atlantic for a passionate venture isn’t necessary. So keep your passport at home and pack light. Paul Henry, president of Travel Axess in Atlanta, picked his top five spots for a domestic romantic rendezvous.

Charleston, South Carolina:  HarbourView Inn

Charleston, South Carolina: HarbourView Inn

Charleston, South Carolina: HarbourView Inn
Snuggle up to your beau during a romantic stay in this luxurious waterfront hotel within the historic district of one of the South’s most charming cities. Select rooms offer private balconies, fireplaces, whirlpool tubs and panoramic views for a particularly intimate weekend getaway.

New Orleans:  Hotel Monteleone

New Orleans: Hotel Monteleone

New Orleans: Hotel Monteleone
Upscale amenities and convenient access to the French Quarter’s non-stop nightlife await you and your sweetheart in this Big Easy location. Owned and operated by the Monteleone family for four generations, Hotel Monteleone has offered a home-away-from home for such literary greats as William Faulkner, Tennessee Williams and Truman Capote.

Palm Springs, California:  Colony Palms Hotel

Palm Springs, California: Colony Palms Hotel

Palm Springs, California: Colony Palms Hotel
Spice up your romance with a trip to this swanky retreat, which housed a legendary underground speakeasy and brothel after opening in 1936 as The Colonial House. A few of its luxuries include a Moroccan spa, mountain views and a heated outdoor pool. Select rooms feature fireplaces and four-claw bathtubs for those who love to splurge.

Phoenix, Arizona:  Sanctuary Camelback Mountain  Resort & Spa

Phoenix, Arizona: Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort & Spa

Phoenix, Arizona: Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort & Spa
If you and your lover like it hot, head to this desert spot perched on Camelback Mountain. An Asian-inspired spa, meditation garden and watsu pool are just a few of the relaxing offerings here.

San Antonio, Texas:  Hotel Contessa

San Antonio, Texas: Hotel Contessa

San Antonio, Texas: Hotel Contessa
Spacious suites showcasing floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Downtown and the city’s famous Riverwalk provide a perfect opportunity to pamper your object of affection.

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Break Away Without Breaking the Bank

Between resolutions of saving money and a shaky economy, it should come as no surprise that everyone is pinching pennies these days. But you don’t have to nix your plans for a much-needed vacation this year in order to maintain your savings account. Fenuxe asked Atlanta-based travel agent George Estelle, president of Trips With George, to offer a few budget-friendly travel tips.

Are there any specific destinations that are easy on the pocket book?
The best value is Mexico—Cancun, Puerto Vallarta or Cabo San Lucas. This is because the Mexican dollar trades very well against the US dollar, and there are a lot of flight options to Mexico. Also, cruises are a great value because they allow you to see multiple locations without having to pack and unpack, and the cost of the cruise includes your meals. 
If travelers wanted to spend under $1,000 for a trip, where could they go?
For $1,000 two people could spend a weekend in Charleston, Savannah, Asheville or Jacksonville.   They can also fly to Chicago, Washington DC, South Beach, Miami, Ft Lauderdale or New Orleans and this would include air and hotel for two.  You can also take a cruise for three to five nights in Key West or Mexico.
Are there things someone can do to save money on booking a flight, a car, a hotel, etc.?
Always weigh your luggage before you get to the airport. If you check in online and prepay for your bags you can save a few bucks.  Also it is less expensive to check a second bag rather than to check one bag over 50 pounds. I spoke to one person who only wanted to take one bag; it weighed 70 pounds, which is 20 pounds over the maximum weight. The airline charged him a $175 overweight fee.  Had he checked two bags it would have cost $50. 
Are there any travel fees that can be avoided if you plan ahead or know what to watch for?
Yes, online travel agencies charge huge fees to make changes or cancel your reservation; this is because they only get paid if you travel.  Airlines charge huge change fees. Sometimes it is less expensive to just purchase a new ticket.  Beware of hotels that offer a pre-purchase discount; this means they will offer you 5 to 10 percent off if you pay in full the day you make your reservation. However, they also note you cannot change or cancel your reservation, and they mean it. 

For more information about George and his travel agency please visit www.tripswithgeorge.com.

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Summer Travel: Show Your Pride in NYC

Escape while you can! If you let summer slip by without enjoying a much-needed vacation, you’re simply not living life to the fullest. That would make us sad, so we’re going to help you narrow down your search for the perfect destination.

We’ve combed the world for our favorite unique travel hot spots, and boy did we find some out-of-sight options. Below you’ll find our recommendation for a stylish vacation spot within 1,000 miles.

Hands down, one of the best advantages about Atlanta is our pride festival. Because our pride occurs each year in October, we get the awesome opportunity to visit Pride in other cities without missing a beat back home.

That being said, it’s time to start thinking about which out-of-town pride you’ll partake in this June. How about New York? Since legalizing gay marriage last summer, the city has become even more of a destination for our community. This year won’t be any different with an amazing Pride march planned for June 24.

And where should you stay? A destination within a destination—YOTEL New York, the swankiest and most stylish brand-new hotel the city has to offer.

So what makes YOTEL New York so special? Well, for starters, your check-in is conducted through airline style kiosks, ensuring very little wait time. Also, if you’ve got places to visit before check-in hours you can store your luggage with YOBOT, the world’s first robotic luggage concierge.

Aside from the hi-tech check in, YOTEL offers comfortable “premium” cabins, a great place to rest after a long day of festivities. The cabins include motorized moving beds, monsoon showers, free WiFi and unlimited complimentary coffee, tea and other hot drinks, all in under 200 square feet of space.

Before you head out on the town take a look around the hotel, as you may find everything you need within the walls of YOTEL. Level FOUR is where you’ll find food, drinks and even a nightclub. The Dohyo restaurant provides world class nourishment while Terrace, New York’s largest outdoor hotel space, is a great place to enjoy samplings of their extravagant handcrafted cocktails. We recommend the Passion Plantation Punch.

If a gay brunch is in order try out Eat Yo Brunch, which takes place each Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at The Dohyo on FOUR. $35 gets you unlimited grub and plenty of time to relieve your hangover.

For more information and to plan your stay, visit www.yotel.com

Splash, 50 W 17th Street
Industry, 355 W 52nd Street
Vlada Lounge, 331 W 51st Street

Leslie Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, 26 Wooster Street
The Center, 208 West 13th Street
Museum of Sex, 233 Fifth Avenue

The March: Sunday, June 24, Noon
PrideFest: Sunday, June 24, 11AM–7PM
Dance on Pier: Sunday, June 24, 4PM–10:30PM
For more info: www.nycpride.org

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Summer Travel: Gay All the Way in Cologne

Escape while you can! If you let summer slip by without enjoying a much-needed vacation, you’re simply not living life to the fullest. That would make us sad, so we’re going to help you narrow down your search for the perfect destination.

We’ve combed the world for our favorite unique travel hot spots, and boy did we find some out-of-sight options. Below you’ll find our recommendation for a relaxing vacation spot within 5,000 miles.

Have you ever received a message from a hot guy via a man app only to discover he’s halfway around the world? Life’s a bitch, huh?

Well, maybe you can teach life a lesson. The next time you chat with a sexy man from—let’s say, Cologne, Germany—you should book the next nine-hour flight to Europe and travel the 4,500 miles to see him. Check into your room at the Barcelo Cologne City Center, which offers free Wi-Fi and spa facilities. Now, arrange a romantic first encounter with your potential foreign husband at Hahnentorburg Castle, located conveniently near your hotel.

You two instantly connect, so you head off with your handsome guide to tour Germany’s fourth-largest city. Home to more than 30 museums and tons of galleries, Cologne provides plenty of opportunities for you to soak up the local culture with—let’s call him—Niklas. If you’d like to surprise Niklas with a gift, head to Schildergasse, the busiest shopping street in Europe.

Goodness! All that walking and shopping left you ravenous. Grab a seat at Café Bastard for an intimate rooftop lunch. With a full belly, take a walk along the Rhine River or bask in the sun along the banks of Aachener Weiher, a pond popular with the local gays.

In fact, you’ve noticed quite a bit of “family” while touring the city. Did we forget to mention the city is the gay and lesbian capital of Germany? Oh, the temptation! Look at all those burly bears going into the club named Cox. And there’s Station 2b, a leather and fetish bar. You may just want to pop in to see what all the fuss is about. Yes, there are a lot of hot Germans here. Wait. Where are you going? What about Niklas? Well, it is your vacation. Better luck next time, Niklas.

Cox, Muhlenbach 53
Station 2b, Pipinstr 2
Venue, High Street, 14

Wallraf-Richartz-Museum, Obenmarspforten
Cologne Zoo, Riehler Straße 173
Cologne Cathedral, Dompropstei, Margarethenkloster 5

Cologne Fetish Pride, May 24-28
Cologne Pride, June 23-July 8
Bear Pride Week, November 27-December 2

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Summer Travel: Navigating Napa Valley

Escape while you can! If you let summer slip by without enjoying a much-needed vacation, you’re simply not living life to the fullest. That would make us sad, so we’re going to help you narrow down your search for the perfect destination.

We’ve combed the world for our favorite unique travel hot spots, and boy did we find some out-of-sight options. Below you’ll find our recommendation for an adventurous vacation spot within 2,500 miles.

Succumbing to peer pressure isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We basically do anything celebrities tell us anyway, so why shouldn’t we listen to Arnold, Betty and the Jonas Brothers when they recommend visiting California? Dang those effective commercials.

So, if you want to be one of the cool gays, you’ll need to visit the wine country. All the popular homos stay at gay-owned Chateau de Vie or the gay-friendly Meadowlark Country House, both in the city of Calistoga. Oh, FYI, Meadowlark doesn’t oppose nudity in select areas of its 20-acre estate, so you can pack light if you’re feeling adventurous.

But, if you prefer your thrill-seeking fully clothed, Napa Valley offers plenty of activities for those who consider themselves “simply outdoorsy.” Experience the Russian River from a unique perspective as you kayak down the river and enjoy a picnic on the river bank with the Healdsburg Kayak Tour. For a bird’s-eye view of Napa, you’ll need to hop in a hot air balloon—unlike Dorothy, who missed her chance. Thanks to Calistoga Hot Air Balloons, you can float over vineyards, wineries, the Palisade Cliffs, Mount Saint Helena and California’s Old Faithful Geyser.

When you’re ready to mellow out, visit Bennett Lane Winery in Calistoga or Pride Mountain Vineyards in St. Helena. We got excited about the latter one, too. “Pride” is the family name, but go visit them anyway.

Can’t make it through a vacation without gaying it up? Sadly, there are no listings for Napa gay establishments. However, there is a not-for-profit social group called Napa Guerilla Gay Bar that turns selected venues “gay for a day.” You can also visit the Napa Valley Opera House between June 22-July 1 to see a production of “Cabaret.” Or just fly into San Francisco, wave your gay flag and then drive an hour-and-a-half north to Napa Valley.

Healdsburg Jazz Festival, Healdsburg, June 1-10
Sonoma County Hot Air Balloon Classic, Windsor, June 16-17
Napa County Fair, Calistoga, June 29-July 4

Silos’s Wine Bar and Jazz Club, 530 Main Street, Napa
The Green Door, 2955 Solano Avenue, Napa

di Rosa Gatehouse Gallery, 5200 Sonoma Highway, Napa
RASgalleries, 6540 Washington Street, Yountville

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