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Erksine College Publicly Condemns Homosexuality

By Dustin Shrader

Discriminating news coming out of South Carolina’s Erksine College recently. The school has instated a “no-gays” policy after two student athletes came out over the past year.

Erksine’s “Statement On Human Sexuality,” says:

“We believe the Bible teaches that all sexual activity outside the covenant of marriage is sinful and therefore ultimately destructive to the parties involved. As a Christian academic community, and in light of our institutional mission, members of the Erskine community are expected to follow the teachings of scripture concerning matters of human sexuality and institutional decisions will be made in light of this position.”

Erksine volleyball player Juan Varona was one of the athletes who came out. He expressed his disappointment with his school’s new policy in a statement to Outsports.

“I feel that in the time that we are living right now, where even in the conservative state of South Carolina same-sex marriage is legal, the school took several steps back instead of progressing towards a future where everyone can be treated as an equal, which is a future most of the country is moving towards.

“I understand the religious stand on adultery, which is part of the Ten Commandments in the Bible, and that would apply to heterosexual and homosexual people. But when I saw the mention of sexual orientation being an issue, it just made me sad and worried for other gay people who might be struggling with confidence to come out.”

It is 2015 people. Get with it.

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Witches’ Night Off Questionnaire with Wicked Cast Member Dashi Mitchell

By Dustin Shrader

Witches’ Night Off features the Company Members of the Broadway National Tour, WICKED with a special guest performance by Tony and Grammy award winner Jennifer Holliday.

This one night only event benefits Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS and Joining Hearts Inc. of Atlanta. Hosted at the Ferst Center for the Arts of the Georgia Institute of Technology on Monday, March 2nd, the evening will be filled with song, dance and the opportunity to get to know the WICKED cast. The performance will begin at 7:30p. According to the press release Witches’ Night Off is, “part of an ongoing series of performances by the touring company to support charitable causes. The WICKED, Munchkinland Tour has raised over $2.8 million in donations for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS and local AIDS service organizations all over the country.” Tickets for admission begin at $30 with VIP pricing starting at $100.

This spectacular Monday night extravaganza will include LIVE auctions featuring a once in a lifetime chance to join the company backstage at Atlanta’s Fabulous Fox Theatre.

“Live Auction items include:

– Watch the “GREENIFYING” of OZ’s most infamous lady. This experience includes a backstage tour plus 2 house seats for a performance of WICKED between Wednesday, March 4th and Saturday, March 7th.

Other exciting LIVE auction items include your chance to experience the MUSIC OF OZ like never before. Bid and win your chance to “Sit in the Pit” with the musicians who bring you the Grammy nominated music of WICKED. You will hear the show with so many intricacies you never knew existed.

The last and most rare of opportunities is your chance to win a WALK-ON ROLE in WICKED. This is a once in a lifetime experience…  be IN this Broadway blockbuster. You can win the chance to wear a Tony-Award Winning costume and be in three scenes of Broadway’s favorite musical.”


WICKED is currently performing at the Fox Theatre until March 8th. In anticipation of such a wickedly, witchy good time, Fenuxe spoke with one of the company’s cast members, Dashi Mitchell, to get his thoughts on such a spellbinding, rewarding night to remember.




Fenuxe: What drew you to a show like Wicked?


Dashi Mitchell: I was instantly drawn into the musical, Wicked by its seamless transitions. The one thing people can say about this musical is that each scene in the show comes out of nowhere. It’s almost cinematic.


F: How long have you been working with the various charities?


DM: For the past two and half years I have been working with Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS and some of the many charities they support all throughout the nation. This incredible organization let’s us have a chance to give back. It brings us so much joy and continues to be a privilege to be a part of. Witches’ Night Off is a charity cabaret produced by Wicked company members where the cast gets to perform in our own genres. It’s a production that we put together with the limited time we have while traveling and performing. Witches’ Night Off gives you a wide variety; singing, dancing and also a few big production numbers. We only do a few of these charity cabarets a year and I am so excited that Atlanta is going to experience Witches’ Night Off.


F:What is your favorite part about the show?


DM: My favorite part of Wicked is Defying Gravity. It’s the finale of the first act where Elphaba is flying and all of Oz is watching her. That moment is simply beautiful and something I will never forget. The feeling of watching someone give their all while commanding the attention of everyone in the theater is priceless.


F: Where do you see your career taking you?


DM: In the future, I see myself becoming a choreographer. I’ve realized that my passion for dance has transformed into choreography over the years. This is one of the reasons why I am so thrilled for Witches’ Night Off. I am so excited to showcase my vision and see my choreography in the beautiful Ferst Center for the Arts at Georgia Tech. I think this benefit will be a huge success in Atlanta, especially since we have the original Dream Girl, the fabulous Jennifer Holliday joining us for the evening.


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DJ Escape: The Real Man Behind The Booth

By Dustin Shrader

The alluring DJ Escape has toured the world, seen and done it all. Although he still continues to tour, nowadays the legendary spinner is serving up something different. I chatted with Escape about his appearance at Atlanta’s The Heretic, his new partnership with Playgirl and what exactly he is doing that has all his fans losing their minds.


Fenuxe: You’re touring your new party right now. It’s called Serve, right?


Escape: Yes. OK. This whole Serve started over a year ago at a place called Shanky’s in New York, and it was called Sunday Service. I was given the control to finally be an artist and do me whereas for 15 years I’ve spent my time on the road catering to the crowd, and playing the hits, and not really having an identity as an artist.

I stepped back and said, “I want to give people something that’s me.” I stopped doing the pop mixes, and I started producing and doing all original stuff and catering to my thing. Fast-forward to now where I have Served, and I’ve been doing this party over a year. It’s my baby, I own it, I run it, I’m the resident and the day of the resident in New York died a long time ago. To have a consistent residency every week is just unheard of.


F: Yeah, that is different.

Escape: I know the recipe, because I’ve been on the sidelines for so long. To where it’s not just me I showcase my guests, and my residents are Tom Stephan, Stephan Grondin, Razor and Guido, Manny Lehman, who else. I brought in some of the new guys Billy Lace, I just brought on Cindel. Hector Romero, That Kid Chris. What I basically do is I play once a month by myself, and then I showcase my talent. I’ll open up the room, put the talent on and then for the last hour-and-a-half we tag team back and forth and really create lives. The Magic.


F: Awesome!


Escape: That’s my recipe for what’s going on in New York. I have new records with so many artist that I’m getting ready to drop. I have a new record with Robin S, called Shout-It-Out-Loud, which is a little preview of up in my Sound Cloud. I have a new record recovered Frankie Knuckles, Workout. I have a new record with Veronica that’s up in my Sound Cloud.


F: Okay.


Escape: I have Christine W. coming in in a couple weeks. I have a new record with her coming. Brand new record with Alan T. Brand, new record with Sandy B. As you see, the list goes on and on. I’m reaching for that old school talent that everyone forgot about.


F: Yeah. Yeah, I can definitely tell.


Escape: Everyone’s forgotten about the artist, and I feel it’s my job to remind everyone what’s up.

And I don’t want to be pigeon-holed as like that dinosaur DJ with that tired circuit sound. I feel that circuit sound is in the stone-age. It’s been 15 years, it hasn’t evolved. It’s the exact same thing. What I’m doing is old school New York. It’s different. It’s fun. It’s party. It’s familiar without being commercial.


F: I understand.


Escape: You’re not going to hear any radio record when I play, at all. No Rhianna, No Lady GaGa, No Britney Spears, nothing like that.


F: All right, so nothing mainstream at all?


Escape: Nothing mainstream, you’re going to hear underground artist. You’re going to hear vocals. You’re going to things you know, done up in a brand new way. I just did new mixes to Tonya Garner the Heart Beat, to First Choice Love Sensation. I mean, I’m reaching for soul. I’m reaching for disco. I’m reaching for ’90s. I’m across the board, you’re going to hear new things of things that you would never imagine could never be done up in the club.


F: There is nothing better than ’90s era music.


Escape: Yeah, and I have an arsenal of over 300 exclusive things that I’ve made, that I play. I played 85% of my own material when I go out and play. I’ve only chosen a couple cities to even go entertain this in right now.


F: Which ones?

Escape: I mean, I’ve worked at The Heretic and I’ve worked with Allen for years. And I haven’t been there for over a year-and-a-half so it felt perfect to come back in and re-introduce what I’m doing now.

I have Boston, which is one of my strongest markets. I play there all the time.


F: Got it.


Escape: I’m bringing my Serve party to San Francisco monthly starting May 30th. I’m there with Christine W. and Hex Hector.

One market I’m missing where … it’s funny that I got my start and I don’t have it right now, is Miami. I was a resident at Liquid from ’98 to 2000. Score moved back into the Liquid Place, and they haven’t called me to work.


F: Yeah I was going to ask if you have made it back down there, yet.


Escape: I’ve been trying. I’ve been reaching out, and just, nothing. And I find that a little weird. With all this theme I have going on and what I’m doing and how I’m doing it.


F: Right. I mean, have you spoken with anyone at all there? Or?


Escape: Yeah, and I know the owners. I just, I don’t know.


F: Huh.


Escape: I just rack my brain. Maybe you could provide a little blurb, you know, I mean … Miami is where I got my start. So to re-launch myself in that market would be, everything.


F: Of course.


Escape: And I use to play every market. I’ve gone around the world and back. As I said, doing the commercial thing and the pop thing. And playing everything that everyone wanted to hear. And it wasn’t gratifying because I step back and after 15 years of making a lot of money and touring. And, I step back and I have no identity and, yeah, I made a lot of money but what do  I have to show for it? I have a house. I have a car. But people never got to know me.

And having New York now, like this, people are getting to know me because I’ve put it down their throats. And if they didn’t like it, I wouldn’t be succeeding.


F: That is true.


Escape: And succeeding on a weekly basis.


F: How often do you play a week?


Escape: Play once a week. This is my party, that’s all I do.

I travel. I’ve been traveling once a month. I have Atlanta in February. I have … Hold on, let me open up my tour dates. Not much.


F: Oh, okay. Is there a specific reason?

Escape: Because I haven’t been entertaining it. When I go back into the cities, I’m going to run the parties and do it my way.


F: Hey you gotta do what makes you happy.


Escape: I have Tampa at G Bar, March 14th. I have Voyeur in Philly may 23rd. Rise in Boston, April 11th. And then I have some blues I work there in Boston. I work in Boston a lot. But those are really my cities. And then to top it off, Playgirl has made me the official sponsor/spokesperson for their new app called PlayR.


F: Yes! I want to talk about this. Tell me more.


Escape: So, Playgirl is pretty much coming out of the closet. They’re coming up with this hook up app. And I’m the spokesperson. I am the DJ and they’re helping me out, where all these cities and advertising and really getting the word out there.


F: Great? How’d that partnership come about?


Escape: Well, the person involved in the company I’ve known since I was pretty much known 5 years old. He’s followed me and knows what I do. He thought I’d be a perfect fit.


F: Aw, that’s nice.


Escape: Now, I’m just trying to evolve the business and take things to the next level. And shape the sound from yesterday and to today to make them relevant. Then you know, the gay scene use to be at the front of everything and now it’s stale.


F: Yeah, I’d agree.


Escape: And I maintain a high level of respect from all my artist and all my roster. Everyone does things for me to do it. And I’m able to create events for pennies. To where a promoter would have to pay $15,000 to create the event.


F: So, about the Playgirl app. What’s different about it? What’s going to stand it apart from say Grindr?


Escape: There is a lot that’s different. It’s gonna have my music and exclusive stuff from me incorporated in it. You’re going to be able to check in at a location and have people know that you’re there. And it’s going to list what you’re listening to. So let’s say that you’re at the gym and you’re listening to Escape.

It’s going to have all my DJ’s and artist exclusives and I’m going to have exclusive material on there once it gets all launched.


F: Oh cool, that’s really cool. I’ll have to definitely download that when it launches.


Escape: It’s available on the Android right now. And on the iPhone we’re waiting on the Apple store to

approve it.


F: Guess, I’ll have to wait. I’m an iPhone user.

Escape: I mean basically, the clientele of Playgirl for a long time was the housewives. And now it’s changed, it’s the gay man that is hittin’ up Playgirl.


F:  I’m surprised it’s taken this long for them to market toward the gay community.


Escape: Yeah, and I have my dancers, I have a lot of people I work with and they’re all coming on the road with me. Those are my looks. My personality of the night. I’m not just offering DJ. When I’m doing a show it’s a show, it’s an experience. People are going to walk out with something they can remember.


F: Right. I mean, it’s an event.


Escape: It’s an event. They’re going to get as you say served.


F: Sweet! I know Atlanta is ready to get Served.


Escape: When I was doing the party at Shanky’s all the performances were unannounced. They would just be surprises. So on the closing night, I had Vernessa Mitchell come out.


F: Wow, gosh. I’ve never experienced anything like that. So, I’m hoping I can get to come out and see it.


Escape: Yeah, I mean … I’ve just been able to pull out all the stops. All the artists right now, want to work with me. I mean, you know, between Getting Robin S, you know, Inaya Day and Veronica, everyone. I have CeCe Peniston wants to work with me. I have Jocelyn Brown. Every artist wants to work with me right now, and I’m going to slowly work with them all. I mean, I’ve produced a record for Alan T called Shade which is my biggest track I’ve done in, I can’t even remember, since Worship Me.


F: Ooo, that is quite a roster.


Escape: So, I have so much material, I’m just going to unload it all at once.


F: No time like the present.


Escape: And all my DJ’s and my artist are all remixing or putting their own spins on all my material.


F:  When will all the new stuff be available?


Escape: I’m saying in the next 6 months. I want to roll everything out for Pride.

I’ve been holding onto to things for a while, making it exclusive to my parties. So like Robin S, I did over a year ago. It’s ready to roll. I’m just trying to set up all the details in my label and distribution.


F: Okay, got you.


Escape: I want to promote it the right way, because my music isn’t disposable and there’s so much garbage out these days, that I don’t want it to get lost in the shuffle.


F:  Just take a look at iTunes, yeah, I agree with you.


Escape: iTunes. Beatport. It’s like finding a needle in the hay stack. I search for hours and I find one or two good things.


F: Yep. I agree. I’m quite selective to what I listen to myself.


Escape: I had my Sound Cloud taken away where I only put up official remixes. And it took me like 5 months to get my Sound Cloud back. When the only reason these DJs are putting up these bootleg mixes and they’re able to do it. It’s just like a slap in the face. My Sound Cloud is soundcloud.com/DJescapeee. I entice people to sign onto there and follow me. I little clip of Robin S, a little clip of Veronica. I put up one minute teasers.

And more stuff is coming and a lot of stuff, I cater to the clubs, I don’t put up online. Just cause I don’t want it out there. I don’t want people stealing my ideas. But then again a lot of stuff I do, the vocals are inaccessible to anyone. I am able to get such stuff that you can’t even think about. Like to name a few, let me go into my folder here … music … my edits… Heartbeat, I did Love Thing, I did All Cried Out, I did Madonna’s new one, Living for Love. I did the Quick Thing. You know every now and then, I’ll do a cool commercial record, I did Clean Bandit, Rapid B. I did Natalie Cole, Living for Love. I did Jody Watley, Want me Like I Want You. I did for this weekend, Valentine’s Day weekend; I did Diana Ross, Stop in the Name of Love. It’s really endless the amount of stuff that I’ve done. I’ve done Julia Roberts, I Want You. I mean, I could really go on and on for days. With the exclusive material that I’ve done and a lot of it is just for Sundays. And I’m going to play some of it on the road I’m going to drop these that you really can’t hear, like anywhere else.


F: Right.


Escape: I did Where Love Lives. The material goes all the way back to the ’90s. That’s what I … I take people back. To where like they know all the records but now it’s being presented in a new current way. They’re like, Wow. I haven’t heard this forever. What is this version?


F:  Yeah, Yeah. It’s fresh, it’s new.


Escape: Yes. I’m all about making the old new and relevant. Giving people things they know without hitting up the radio. If you want to hear the radio go in your car, go to a cruise in bar. If you want to dance, I want you on my dance floor. I want you to enjoy the music. I want you to go home with a memory and say,” I can’t believe you played this” or “Wow, I haven’t heard that in ages.” This is played with this. I go for the experience.


F: And that is what people want.


Escape: At the end of the day, the most gratifying thing to me is when I open up my email, and I get people writing to me, “Wow, I can’t believe you played this at this party.” And it could be a party from like 5 or 10 years ago. “I still remember this and this I will always remember.” That is the most gratifying thing to me in the world.


F: I can imagine.


Escape: People that actually it, get the message. I play around with words all night long. So if you’re really listening and you get into what I’m doing. It’s a journey.

It’s a foreign journey. The name Escape comes from … Leaving your problems at home, whatever your problems are, or bullshit is, come into the club escaping from reality, getting on the dance floor and just letting go.

And I give you a full journey. I tell a story. I am not one of these DJs that come on and play Theft Tribal BPM all night long. I start off with the old and then I make the old new. And it’s a journey. Start off at like 124 BPM and I’ll go to 128 and 129 and then I end down tempo. I don’t end all fast and up. I always choose records with meaning to end. I end a lot with records like Robin S, I Want to Thank You. I end with Erasure, Give a Little Respect. I always pick a song with meaning, where you can walk out and say, “Wow.” And, I like having the crowd interact and sing with me. So, I have a pile of songs that I’ve redone, where I can have the crowd interact. I shut the music off and they’re going to sing with me.


F: Nice, that’s always the best.


Escape: Yes, and not many DJs can pull that off.


F: No, No, No, they can’t.


Escape: I learned from the best. I had good teaching in me in the ’90s. I learned from Junior Vasquez. I learned from Danny Tenaglia. I learned from the best of the best at the best time. Before it got all watered down.

And I took the best qualities of all these DJs and I molded into what would be me. And I mean I started producing in 98 is when I made Worship Me. And I started engineering for Junior Vasquez and … just, it’s just in a whirlwind and all the people that were there with me and helped me create myself. I’m  right there with helping them recreate themselves and become relevant again.

I’m very loyal, I’m very stand up and when people are there for me, I’m there for them across the board.


F: And there’s nothing more gratifying than that.


Escape: No, that … and that’s why I came up with the equation I have. It’s more gratifying for me to showcase everyone … at the end of the day. I’m not the only person that everyone forgot about. Everyone forgot about all my challenges and they haven’t become relevant. The people I’m using, you don’t see playing everywhere.


F: No, that’s true.


Escape: But they’re all relevant to me. And they’re all talent and can really do it live. They’re not just playing off a play list or playing pre-mixed sets. They’re actually thinking like myself of what to play next. There’s no rhyme or reason, you go with the flow. You read the dance floor and you feed off the energy off the dance floor. I never go into a night knowing what I’m going to play. I know where I’m going to start and I know where I’m going to end.


F: Right, everything else is fair game.


Escape: Everything else is catered to the dance floor. Where I’m going to go? What I’m going to do? Am I going to go harder? Am I going to go softer? That’s all catered to … No, what are you doing eating all that ice? (laughter) Everything changed on the dance floor and the experience. You know what I mean, I embrace everything. If it’s a good record, I play it. And I showcase all my friends records and talent. And I’m about bringing back the old and embracing the new. You know and really having a full circle of people that can stand next to me and do it. If… And I’d try everyone. If there’s a DJ that can, old or new, and stand up next to me and perform like me and be able to keep up, I’m down. That’s what it’s all about and I’m not going to name the ones that can’t but I’ve named the ones that can.

I love playing at the Heretic. It is a smaller room. It’s intimate, you know, it’s always packed. The vibe is amazing.


F:  It’s definitely one of the better spots here in town.


Escape: And Allen is amazing to work for, it’s been an institution for over 20 years. Which means he knows what he’s doing.


F: He sure does.


Escape: He brings in one guest a month.


F: Yep.


Escape: He has great residents, between Lydia and Mike Pope, they’re stand up people that know what they’re doing.


F: I’ve been there a couple of times when they’ve played and they’re good.


Escape: I’ve known them both for a very long time and they both come out to hear me all the time. And they’re both good DJs. He has a lot of other great ones that work there that I know but those two stand out to me, and I know them.

I have a lot to say and this has been a long time coming. The last person to create his own brand and do what I’m doing is Peter Rauhofer.


F: Yeah, that’s true.


Escape: And if you go back in history, he was the last one to really hold that residence and he showcased all the new talent. So all these new guys that are playing right now, came up through Peter.

You know, I came up through a day of Junior Vasquez.


F: So, final question: What’s the long term goal then, from where you are at right now?


Escape: The long term goal is having served in all the major cities. showcasing all the right talents. Changing the sound from that dated tribal chug to fun house music. I play some tribal, I play some of the Brazilian stuff but not a whole night of it. As I said, it’s a journey and when these other guys play you get that all night long. From start to finish. Bleep. Bleep. Bleep. Commercial vocal after underground vocal and it’s the same thing all night long. It gets a little boring. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good, it’s fun, it’s energetic but it gets a little boring. The BPM are way too high. There’s no groove. There’s no soul. It’s a different demographic.


F: It is. A lot of times it’s just stuff we can’t really move to.


Escape: No. And people enjoy it but there’s no options. I’m creating an option. At the end of the day, I want people to see the difference, and see the option, and make choices for themselves. It’s not my goal to go compete. I just want to give people options. I’m not going to step into a market and compete.


F: Do you think you’ll ever get to the point to where like. Okay, I’m done, I’ve done all I need to do. I’m good to stop here.


Escape: No. I’m going to get to the point where I’m at now. I don’t want to DJ many full nights. If I play for 2 hours and just showcase what I’m doing and have my other talent do it, that I believe in. I’m good. I want to jump into producing the events.

I want to be the event producer. I want to showcase my brand. Showcase what I’m doing, showcase the artist. That’s where I’m at I’m at a different space and time. I’m happy.

I’m not working for promoters, I’m working for club owners. It’s a whole other vibe. What New York has enabled me to do is step back, which is the next step of throwing my own events and be the party. And I did that not but choice, I did that because I had to do it.  It was my only option. If I’m not going to create the opportunity for myself, no one is going to create it for me. And I’m just going to have all this talent and be shelved with it. And I refuse to do what everyone is doing and just put it online and give it away. And remix all the pop stuff for free. And all these DJs that have done that have killed the market. Because I would get paid a lot money to do all my remixes and there was a choice few that were able to do that. Myself, Ralphi Rosario. And now, we find ourselves not getting paid because everyone was doing them for free.


F: Right.


Escape: And we put out quality records.


F: Yep, the internet, it’s blessing and a curse.


Escape: So I mean, quality speaks.


F: It does.


Escape: And actions speak louder than words. And I’m ready to create some action and some difference and something new. Something old but new and familiar and an experience. And that’s what I want people to know my name as. When people think of Escape, I want people to go, wow.

Not only is he an amazing DJ. He’s an amazing producer and he throws amazing parties.


F: Is there anyone you would like to thank personally?


Escape: My remix partner, Tony Coluccio, we could shout out. Without him, none of this would be possible.




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Revealing Your True Shape With Zerona

By Dustin Shrader

Due to in-corrections about the treatment, Zerona, printed in our last issue, I have corrected information misleading the readers or guests of Salon Skanda to believe Zerona could cause any type of pain. Zerona is a painless treatment, which is what sets it apart and above other weight-loss systems. I apologize for the error of misinformation.     

When it comes to improving the health and style of people all around Atlanta, Salon Skanda in Buckhead is leading the pack with body-contouring treatment Zerona.

As seen on daytime television like “The Dr. Oz Show” and “Rachel Ray,” Zerona has become the first treatment of its kind to be cleared by the FDA. Salon Skanda’s coordinator Robert Ballew says it’s all about working with “our guests” to come up with the right plan for them.

“We talk about what their goals are, what they’re looking for, and we try to bring it to the most realistic point for them,” Ballew said. “There are definite benefits so most every guest, even apprehensive ones, are excited about it.”

A lot of work goes into getting Salon Skanda’s guests ready for Zerona, to ensure a successful experience, with Ballew working closely to accommodate any questions that may arise.

“I take measurements beforehand, we do before pictures then we decide what we’re going to focus on,” Ballew said.

The process itself is pain-free, and guests can choose which area to focus on, including thighs, arms and the midsection, which Ballew says is one of the most popular among male clients. He went on to emphasize that those who might still be worried about negative long-term effects should rest assured when it comes to Zerona’s safety.

“It’s a class-two laser, so there are no damaging effects, there’s no heat, no cold and no sensation,” Ballew said, “it’s not going to cause any damage.”

Something so simple might come off as skeptical to some, but Ballew assures that Zerona’s process is one that will be beneficial to anyone looking to rid themselves of excess flab.

“It’s a photonic light, so the laser is set at a specific frequency like a phone number, it ‘calls’ the fat cell which has its own number, and basically tells it to open up the door,” Ballew explained. “The liquid inside the fat cell is released, and liberated into the system, where it is processed via the lymphatic system.”

Most diet or exercise programs require a pretty large commitment to fitness, which is where Zerona differs. Guests who don’t normally work out only need to worry about taking a 15 minute walk every day and drink plenty of water in order to keep flushing out their systems. The whole treatment takes a minimum of 6 treatments done every 2-3 days, but Ballew says guests should expect to see results rather quickly.

“ I start to see results after the 3rd time,” he said. “About the 4th time I start to hear ‘my jeans fit different, everything feels a little different,’ so guests are seeing progress.”

With packages starting at $1300, Salan Skanda looks to carve out a safe, affordable way for its guests to reach the goals they set for themselves, eliminating stress and bringing amazing results.

Salon Skanda, 3324 Peachtree RD NE, Suite D Atlanta, GA  30326

(678) 705-1052

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President Obama Says “Federal Law Wins Out” In Regards To Alabama’s Struggle

By Dustin Shrader

President Obama weighed in today on the Supreme Court’s pending decision citing marriage equality as law of the land. He also suggested that Alabama’s Chief Justice Roy Moore’s resistance will more than likely no longer matter once the final decision is in.

At late hour Sunday night, Chief Justice Moore ordered all probate judges to not issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples on Monday morning. 16 out of Alabama’s 67 counties ignored the chief justice’s childish, last-ditch play.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, President Obama shared his opinion and the White House’s stance on this unnecessarily, controversial matter.

When asked if he thought Judge Moore’s move was similar to Gov. George Wallace’s civil rights display in 1963 at the University of Alabama, the president was quite candid.

“I won’t say it’s a perfect analogy, but there’s a core principle here that’s at stake, which is we have a supremacy clause in our Constitution,” Obama said in reply to the Wallace question. “When federal law is in conflict with state law, federal law wins out.”

“My recollection is that Judge Moore had a similar problem with a federal court ruling that you couldn’t put a huge Ten Commandments statue in the middle of your courthouse and, ultimately, federal law was obeyed, and I think that the same thing will end up happening here,” Obama said. “I think that the courts at the federal level will have something to say to him.”

(Finger snaps.)

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

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Sam Smith is Decked Out in Grammy’s Gold


By Dustin Shrader

It is time to bow down to a new king in the music biz. Whom might I be referring ? Why, the soulful, illustrious Sam Smith! Why is he the new king, you may ask? Because the soulful crooner just ruled the Grammy’s, taking home four awards for his debut album, In The Lonely Hour.

The out, but shy, musician walked away last night with accolades for Song of the Year, Best New Artist, Record of the Year and Best Pop Vocal Album.

None of this is a surprise, however. For anyone who has listened to his magnificent album knows it is on point!

Sam did let us know whom to thank for In The Lonely Hour’s success. During his acceptance speech, the singer gave a shout out to his ex-boyfriend.

“Just a quick one – I want to thank the man who this record is about, who I fell in love with last year. Thank you so much for breaking my heart because you got me four GRAMMYs.”

The 22-year-old stated it was “the best night of his life” and humbly revealed to the audience: “I just wanna say that before I made this record, I was doing everything to try to get my music heard… I tried to lose weight and I was making awful music. It was when I started to be myself that the music flowed.”

I, personally would also like to say thanks to this mystery jerk, for Sam’s album is the most played record on my iTunes. Congrats Sam!


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Hey Girl Hey!

Holler Poodles!

 This week I was very excited to check out another new and and upcoming spa Fenuxe sent me to in Midtown called the Pampers Day Spa. Located across from Piedmont Park, it is centrally located among the gay mecca that is midtown. I wasn’t quite sure what to think when I walked in but was pleasantly greeted by a cute twink behind the desk named Travis. He got up to give me a hug and it was then I noticed he was wearing a diaper. Oh! Duh!! Pampers Day Spa. I get it! What have I gotten myself into?

 Travis led me back to a changing room with adult sized changing tables and asked me to get undressed. I was more than a little nervous because I had let my Berber carpet grow out like shag for the winter, thus hiding my lady dick in dreadlocks luxurious locks. Travis noticed my dingleberries predicament immediately and ushered me into a shower with a depilatory which effectively clogged washed all my body hair down the drain. I now looked like a cross between the Michelin Tire guy and the Pillsbury dough boy with my light switch turned on. Travis noticed my lady boner and said it was quite normal and don’t be shy. He then laid me on my back and said just relax and let go. I thought he meant pee so I let a stream loose and he screeched “What the hell are you doing?” My stream cut off immediately and my lady parts went back inside my body to finish hibernating for the winter. He then placed me in a diaper and ushered me into the spa room with others in the same attire. Wow, people were just sitting around getting various massages and engaging in casual conversations with the intermittent grunt, frown and facial release. Suddenly, I felt a warmth overcome my body and jolted up.

 I awoke from my drunken stupor nap and realized Fenuxe Magazine had asked me to write about day spas and pampering. Oops. The alcohol must have caused me to have fantasies nightmares. I don’t give a damn apologize if the above content offended you.

Love and lashes,


If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please email me at maryedith99@gmail.com or on twitter @maryedithpitts

 I’m so happy to recommend Dr. Thomas Sparkman, DDS for all your dental needs. I recently went in for some work and was so pleased by my experience I just had to share it with you. First and foremost, his offices are impeccably clean and use the absolute latest in technology which means everything can be done in the office. His staff are warm and welcoming not to mention he has the best disposition of any doctor I know. More importantly, he gives back to the community on a regular basis and is just a great guy. Please give him a call for your next dental appointment located near Perimeter mall. (770) 396-8061

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ISIS Convicts And Kills Another Gay Man

By Dustin Shrader

Disclaimer: The following images are graphic and do not reflect the views of this publication.

ISIS has once again murdered a male citizen for being gay. The Islamic State militants threw the man off a building. The 50-something-year-old man reportedly survived the fall; however, he was then brutally stoned to death.

The new images that have emerged depict the masked terrorists blindfolding the hostage, forcing him to sit in a white plastic chair on the ledge, while his judgment was announced (accused of having a homosexual affair) before his sentence was carried out. The seven-story building in question is the highest point in the city of Raqqa, an ISIS basis point.

After hitting the ground the victim was still breathing. Men, women and children who witnessed his fall surrounded him and threw stones relentlessly until he was dead.

This is the fourth execution, ISIS has committed within the last month.

isis gay 2isis gay 3isis 4

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Altercation Between Lesbian Couple Ends In Violence


By Dustin Shrader

There are only few situations in life where no words can describe the severity and sadness of related events. A tragedy that occurred on Monday, Jan. 26, is specifically one of these situations. An Atlanta resident was killed by her domestic partner after an argument turned deadly.

According to the Atlanta Police Department, Laura Bozeman, 22, was charged with the killing of her girlfriend, Ashley Belle, 22, after the two had been fighting consistently for a few days. The incident happened at the couple’s apartment located at Auburn Glenn Apartment on Boulevard Avenue.

The murder took place at around 3:30 in the afternoon. Local WSB reported that Bozeman provided “incriminating statements” regarding her part in Belle’s murder.

At this time, Bozeman remains in custody in Fulton County Jail.

To help cover funeral costs, a gofundme.com account has been set up in Ashley’s honor. $120 has been raised thus far.

 Photo Credit: Atlanta PD

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Redfin Corp Names East Atlanta No. 3 Hottest Neighborhood


By Dustin Shrader

According to Redfin Corp’s Hottest Neighborhoods report, East Atlanta is the third hottest neighborhood in the country! Twenty-three cities were ranked with East Atlanta landing the no. 3 spot. As we all know, East Atlanta is filled with some of our favorite watering-holes, tasty restaurants and quaint little shops nestled in this corner of the city, ready to capture the inner-hipster in all of us.

Redfin suggests that East Atlanta is blowing up due to “millennials and empty nesters” flocking to the community.

“Buyers are realizing they can have everything at their fingertips by living near the city and are scrambling to buy homes here before prices rise,” Redfin agent Will Fassinger said in a statement. “Likewise, many tech sector workers who have relocated from the coasts are looking for an affordable area that offers the fun and excitement of a big city.”

Real-estate in East Atlanta starts out at $211,000 and rises depending on exact location.


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