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Affordable Leather Jackets

By Mikkel Hyldebrandt

It can be hard to be stylish and stay on a budget – which is why every week we search for the high-end items you want and their cheaper (we didn’t say knock-offs!) siblings.

A leather jacket is a basic item that every guy should own. It’s perfect for transitional weather and goes well with just about anything while giving it a little bit of an rock ‘n’ roll edge. Even though investing in quality leather is always a good idea, it doesn’t mean you need to spend a small fortune on a fashionable leather jacket. And if you are just going for the look, the jacket really doesn’t need to be made out of leather…

This Diesel leather jacket practically screams rock ‘n’ roll. Try on this premium leather and you’ll probably be tempted to buy it at $800…

Diesel Leather Jacket

Diesel Leather Jacket, $798

… but this 100% real leather jacket from Asos is a great alternative at only at fraction of the Diesel price.

Asos Leather Jacket

Asos Leather Jacket, $160

Yes, the construction of this Gucci leather jacket is amazing and the leather feels so soft. But it is almost $6,000!!!

Gucci Leather Jacket

Gucci Biker Jacket, $5990

If you want the biker look, why not go for this Top Shop version, which is not real leather, but will have you looking like Marlon Brando in no time.

Top Shop Leather Jacket

Top Shop Biker Jacket, $85

A brown leather jacket is excellent for fall when all the colors turn yellow and brown. We love this great leather jacket by Coach, but it’s a whopping $80

Coach Leather Jacket

Coach Brown Leather Jacket, $898

This faux leather jacket by Kenneth Cole has a great color and will have you looking fall ready for a mere $149 – and we hear it’s on sale right now…

Kenneth Cole Leather Jacket

Kenneth Cole Brown Leather Jacket, $149

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