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Affordable Leather Jackets

By Mikkel Hyldebrandt

It can be hard to be stylish and stay on a budget – which is why every week we search for the high-end items you want and their cheaper (we didn’t say knock-offs!) siblings.

A leather jacket is a basic item that every guy should own. It’s perfect for transitional weather and goes well with just about anything while giving it a little bit of an rock ‘n’ roll edge. Even though investing in quality leather is always a good idea, it doesn’t mean you need to spend a small fortune on a fashionable leather jacket. And if you are just going for the look, the jacket really doesn’t need to be made out of leather…

This Diesel leather jacket practically screams rock ‘n’ roll. Try on this premium leather and you’ll probably be tempted to buy it at $800…

Diesel Leather Jacket

Diesel Leather Jacket, $798

… but this 100% real leather jacket from Asos is a great alternative at only at fraction of the Diesel price.

Asos Leather Jacket

Asos Leather Jacket, $160

Yes, the construction of this Gucci leather jacket is amazing and the leather feels so soft. But it is almost $6,000!!!

Gucci Leather Jacket

Gucci Biker Jacket, $5990

If you want the biker look, why not go for this Top Shop version, which is not real leather, but will have you looking like Marlon Brando in no time.

Top Shop Leather Jacket

Top Shop Biker Jacket, $85

A brown leather jacket is excellent for fall when all the colors turn yellow and brown. We love this great leather jacket by Coach, but it’s a whopping $80

Coach Leather Jacket

Coach Brown Leather Jacket, $898

This faux leather jacket by Kenneth Cole has a great color and will have you looking fall ready for a mere $149 – and we hear it’s on sale right now…

Kenneth Cole Leather Jacket

Kenneth Cole Brown Leather Jacket, $149

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Style Savvy, Cost Conscious

Not all of us can afford this season’s Gucci. Some of us can’t even walk through Dillard’s without cringing at price tags. However, with the proper knowledge, we can all manage to update our looks. Local male image consultant and style expert Aaron Marino offered his advice on affordable options for revamping our style and wardrobe.

Update your look for under $100

Get a haircut. Hairstyles need to be updated. Some guys in 1985 got a cut and thought, “This is perfect.” And they’ve kept it for 25 years. For $15 you can get a new, stylish haircut.

Buy a new belt. So many men will wear a belt until it is long past its prime and effectiveness. Belts wear out. About every two years I recommend tossing out the belt you’ve been consistently wearing and getting a new one.

Buy a health club membership. Your body is your clothes hanger.

Invest in a shoe shine sponge or polish. Take care of the shoes you have. Replace the laces and shine them up.

Tailor your favorite shirt. It will cost you about $15. Even if you’re buying a fitted shirt off the rack it’s better than a standard-cut shirt but you’re still going to have extra room and bagging if you have a nice body underneath. If you have a big belly you can still get a shirt tailored because there are areas they can modify in order to get you into a shirt with a great fit.

Have an extra $100?

Treat yourself to a great pair of jeans. A lot of men wear jeans too long or haven’t tried on a bunch of different pairs. You can find a pair of nice fitting, great looking jeans for under $50. Jeans are one of the most versatile pair of pants you can own. Also, Levis has done a great job of rebranding itself. There aren’t just the 501 jeans anymore. There are a lot of different cuts and a variety of styles.

Invest in a black sports coat. One of my go-to places when I’m trying to save money is JC Penny, which offers sports coats and blazers that are literally $50.

Stumped on where to shop?
Try these:

K&G: You can find great items at reasonable prices. I’m sure you can find purple alligator shoes there, but you can also find a lot of stuff that is fashion-forward and style appropriate for the average guy.

Macy’s: They have a bunch of different price points. There’s always a sale going on. You can find some great items at some really good prices.

T.J. Maxx and Marshalls: Don’t be afraid to go into discount stores. If you see a great thrift store, go in and take a look. You can find jackets and sports coats for $4 or $5. Never buy shoes at a thrift store though. That’s the one thing I don’t think you should skimp on.

For more information about
Aaron Marino please visit

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Made in America: American Fashion Designers




The ambassadors of modern American fashion come from different backgrounds but have a common goal: to single-handedly define style. The gay community has been all too willing to help them out!

We take a look at four of the finest American-born, American-bred fashion designers who’ve defined style for decades.

Tom Ford

The openly gay Austin, Texas native turned around the Gucci fashion house and brought the Yves Saint Laurent brand to another level before striking out on his own in 2005 with the creation of the TOM FORD brand. Initially known for designing womenswear, Ford quickly expanded his reach to shoes, fragrances, eyewear and menswear. Celebrities and the fashion savvy have embraced Ford’s classic sensibilities. Fenuxe loves his racy yet sophisticated fashion ads!

Marc Jacobs

Glimpses of fashion from the 1940s to 1980s can be found in the dashing designer’s line. The New York-born Jacobs honed his skills at Perry Ellis before moving on to Louis Vuitton and designing his own beloved brand of women and menswear. The openly gay, married Jacobs isn’t afraid to speak out either: last year he launched a shirt at his boutiques demanding the legalization of gay marriage. Our neighbors to the south in Savannah have one of the few Marc By Marc Jacobs boutiques in the nation!

Vera Wang

Evan Lysacek skated to gold in one, Charlotte got married in one on “Sex and the City” and Mariah Carey got married in one in real life. It’s a Vera Wang. The Vera Wang is a New York gal who developed her style as senior fashion editor at Vogue for 16 years then for two years at Ralph Lauren before opening her own salon in 1990. Now we’ve got shoes, jewelry, fragrances, eyewear and housewares to keep us vibrant in Vera through the tricentennial!

Kate Spade

When innovators see something missing in the marketplace, they don’t complain about it—they create it. So went Kansas City-bred Kate Spade in the early 90s after a five-year stint in the accessories department at Mademoiselle in Manhattan, creating stylish but sensible handbags in classic colors and fabrics. The brand expanded (as always!) to shoes, housewares, fragrances, eyewear and beauty products available at her boutiques around the world, and right here in the Lenox location.

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