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Inaugural Krog Masquerade Goes Underground

By Dustin Shrader

Looks like Halloween will not be the only opportunity to wear a mask this fall. On Saturday October 25th, Atlanta’s iconic Krog Street Tunnel will be undergoing quite the transformation. A modern, European-style masquerade ball complete with live entertainment, street performers, DJ Salah, food, and music is shaping up to be a deliciously, sinful time!

According to the press release, “This event will “push the envelope” as guests are immersed in an unforgettable evening of cocktails, sounds by premiere Atlanta DJ Salah, and transformative vignettes behind a red velvet curtain. Brief tableaus of body art, burlesque and peep show performances will stimulate the imagination.”

The press release also advises that “taboo” will be the norm for the night. Masks, an open-mind and adventurous spirit are prerequisites to garner entrance.

Count us in!

If a night of dancing with mysterious strangers in a tight enclosure basked with erotic thrill sounds like a mind-blowing time, then the Krog Masquerade is right up your alley.

The festivities begin at 8 p.m. with pumpkin time commencing at 1 a.m. General admission tickets are $50, which grant entrance to the ball. $100 VIP tickets include five complimentary drink tickets and bites courtesy of 97 Estoria, exclusive interactive live entertainment, access to the VIP tent and more.

For more information and ticket purchase, visit www.krogmasquerade.com. The event is presented by the Atlanta Foundation for Public Spaces and Sean O’Keefe Events.

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Your Sexiest and Gayest Halloween Costume Ever!

By Mikkel Hyldebrandt

Every year around this time the all-important question beckons: What should I dress up as at Halloween?! If you are a good gay, you know how that thinking and planning ahead thing works wonders, which means that you have already given the important issue some thought, right? Umm, not even close… If you are like most gays you’re are running around right trying to put together a costume from what’s in your closet. But don’t fret because FENUXE will help you make this Halloween even simpler for you. Because we have set up some basic guidelines for you, so getting that perfect costume is going to be easier than ever – and will leave everyone else at the fright night wanting to carve your pumpkin because of how sexy it is …

FENUXE Gay Costume Sexy CopRule #1 – Go For Stereotypes
The Village People did it – and it worked perfectly! Sticking to recognizable and (thanks to the Village People) gay stereotypes is a sure way to sex it up at any Halloween gathering. Who doesn’t like a sexy cop, the hunky cowboy or the boyish sailor. If everything else fails, you can always go for the sexy Indian: All it takes is brown underwear perhaps with a (brown) cloth covering your junk and a colorful armband. And a feather if you’re like really like taking it like far..

Rule #2 – Go Cute and Damn Sexy
You know those girls who just show up in bunny ears and a fluffy tail (oh, and a sexy, skin-showing outfit to boot) and steal the attention of the whole party? Why not copy that, but do a male version of it? How about some of those adorable Mickey Mouse ears, red shorts, black shirt and yellow suspenders? Or a really sexy Santa? Or Easter Bunny? Any cultural icon will do really as long the skin is a-showin’…

FENUXE Atlanta Gay Costume Sexy FiremanRule #3 – Go Basic Or Go Home
Out of clever ideas for costumes? Or was the costume rental out of the 19th century nobleman with feathered hat and knee-high leather boots to match? Don’t fret but depend on the basics instead: sexy waiter, inmate, businessman and so forth. It’s simple and easy – just make sure that your costume is skimpy and sexy!

Rule #4 – Go For The Superhero
Who hasn’t had their share of superhero fantasies? Is there a double meaning to the moniker Man of Steel? Does Batman really mean that he is a top? And how big is Thor’s hammer? OK, we digress, but there is undisputed hotness surrounding any superhero, and you can benefit from that. You will probably need to wear pants of some sort, but that gives you good reason to divert attention to your bulging, uhm, biceps. And of course there is always the possibility of you forming one of those sexually ambiguous superhero duos with someone…

Rule #5 Go For Anything Sports
It’s hard to go wrong with any sports-related costume – unless of course it’s curling, darts or figure skating! And maybe golf. And bowling. The list of incredibly hot sportsmen is practically endless and will provide others with ample possibility to hook up with that tennis ace, football player, racecar driver, wrestler, swimmer (ok, you finish the list…)

If you’re not dressing up this year… you can at least let your house in on the fun. Check out this home we found in Atlanta on Whitefoord Road:

Halloween House Costume Atlanta FENUXE Gay

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Howl’een in Midtown

By Mikkel Hyldebrandt

Gay Atlanta loves their pups and you know it! And if you didn’t know there are plenty of pet-friendly places to go eat where you can bring your pup along for the fun!

On October 30th from 5-7 PM, come, sit and stay at some of Atlanta’s dog-friendliest patios for Midtown’s very first Pup Crawl.

Each Pup Crawl ticket includes a total of 5 specially-crafted canine cocktails from Henry’s Midtown Tavern, Einstein’s, Joe’s On Juniper, Cucina Asellina and Loews Atlanta Hotel.

The Loews Atlanta Hotel is the final stop on the Pup Crawl where even more Howl’een festivities are taking place at the hotel’s 4th Annual ‘Costumes on the Woof’ doggy costume contest from 7-9 PM. Your Pup Crawl admission will get you into Loews Atlanta Hotel’s Costumes on the Woof costume contest for free.

Celebrity guest judges will vote on which pup strutted its stuff best on the runway and owners will be awarded great prizes. Loews Atlanta Hotel will also have tasty hors d’ouevres for humans, an amazing snack bar for pups, a DJ, and a cash bar so the two- as well as four-legged will stay hydrated and refreshed throughout.

Pup Crawl tickets ($30/each) include a total of five specially-crafted canine cocktails at participating Pup Crawl locations and proceeds go to Angels Among Us Pet Rescue! Tickets can be purchased and picked up at any of the five locations.

Photography will be provided at the event by Puparazzi Portraits and there will also be vendor tables from: Barking Hound Village, Canine PhD, Di-O-Gi Pet Services, Peachtree Dog Training, Puparazzi Portraits, Sleek Soap, Taj Ma-Hound Gourmet Dog Treats, and Woof Gang Puck Bakery.

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Boo Girl Boo!

Boo Girl Boo!

Holler Poodles! With Pride behind us, the second biggest holiday of the year is coming up soon and I hope you all partake in the festivities. As a board member of Jerusalem House, I’m excited to share with you that Atlanta’s Premiere Open Bar Halloween Party will be giving away over $2,500. “Fairytales and Magic” will be at The Foundry at Puritan Mills on October 26th from 7 p.m. till midnight and I hope to see you all there! If you recall our past parties, you know this is one not to miss!

Don’t forget to book a makeup artist for all your Halloween needs. Why spend all that time and energy on a great costume and just average makeup? Check with your favorite drag queens to see if they are available to do your makeup. The better makeup artists charge $150 depending on your needs. I encourage you to book early–I’m already booked for three appointments on that Saturday. If you’re interested, I’m including a couple of pictures I’ve done.

Halloween Mary Edith PittsFENUXE Hey Girl Hey HalloweenFENUXE Gay Atlanta Halloween

Finally, if you just can’t get enough Halloween, join me down at Roy’s Hideaway on November 2nd for a great show, haunted house and lots of prizes and fun. Since it is a gay campground, I know its going to be lots of fun. This will be my first time performing there so make your reservations today! You know I’m gonna have to turn it out!

Have a safe and Happy Halloween everyone!

Boo Girl!

Love and lashes,

Mary Edith Pitts

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please email me at [email protected] or @maryedithpitts on Twitter.

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To Netherworld & Back Again


Nico Stoerner – Staff Writer, Content Manager

Halloween. In a matter of 14 days, it’ll be here… and if you’re still getting into the spirit we’ve got you covered.

The detailed sets at Netherworld challenge your grip on reality, while incredible special effects and some of the most original makeup and design work I’ve seen to date further enhance your experience. One thing is for certain – this is a haunted house that deserves your attention.

Admittedly, this was my first year visiting Netherworld… but let me assure you it won’t be my last. In fact, I’ve been toying with the idea of gathering a group to go back! (Whaddya say… are you in?)

With two haunts to tour, both Banshee and The Hive are extraordinarily intense and mind boggling in terms of their ability to manifest gruesome scenes with eerie detail. What’s even more exciting and blood curdling are the multitude of different types of gut-wrenching ghouls, mammoth monstrosities, and outlandish apparitions they have created for these attractions. Never mind the line, either – the haunting starts the moment you arrive, with fiendish creatures and demons touring the parking lots and sidewalks as wait.

Even better – bring a friend – especially one that gets nervous. By the time you leave you’ll either be running out hand in hand or laughing your balls off at your poor companion.

Don’t feel too bad, though… you could invite him up for a drink to make up for it afterwards.


On Sunday, October 21st Netherworld is offering Fenuxe readers a discount for their tickets. Just purchase your ticket online and use promo code “fenuxe13″ for $3 off the ticket price. We’ll see you there!

Find out more at www.fearworld.com

*Special thanks: Meghan Smith, 360 Media

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“The Ghastly Dreadfuls: The Last Ghast”

Nico Stoerner – Staff Writer, Content Manager

Halloween. Both our favorite childhood holiday (second only to Christmas) and a time when we celebrate our fears, dress in costumes, and tell scary stories…

What better way to enjoy those stories than with an adult-oriented puppet show?

As my first visit to the Center for Puppetry Arts I was floored by the talent, innovation, and fun set design of “The Ghastly Dreadfuls: The Last Ghast.” This show has become an Atlanta tradition over the last six years and apparently I missed it the entire time. What’s more? It’s their last production of the show (hence “The Last Ghast”).

A winner of the 2012 UNIMA Citation of Excellence Awards, “The Ghastly Dreadfuls” is one of those shows that brings out your inner child but satisfies you with adult humor (not to mention reasonably priced adult beverages). Spooky songs, devilish dance numbers, great singers, and even a live band make this an interesting and engaging show – but the artistry and creativity behind it are what will truly impress you.

I hate that this is their final production of the show after having had such a great time watching their performance, but I’m glad I got to see it. My advice: Give yourself a treat and go support this great local theater. It’s a real gem and just one more thing that makes Atlanta unique.

Happy Halloween!

The details…

What: The Ghastly Dreadfuls: The Last Ghast
Where: The Center for Puppetry Arts
How: Tickets $25/person.
When: October 13-29, 2012 @ 8 P.M.

For tickets and more visit: http://www.puppet.org/perform/ghastly.shtml

*Special Thanks: Chelsea Curtis, BRAVE Public Relations
*Photo credit: Clay Walker

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It’s Halloween… on bikes…

Nico Stoerner, Staff Writer

Have you ever seen a Power Ranger on a 10-speed?

How about a vampire on a tricycle? Perhaps a Penguin on a unicycle?

The best way to alleviate yourself of this obvious lack of experience? Make your way to the Atlanta Streets Alive Festival. Sunday October 7th it will return to North Highland Avenue for 4 hours (2-6pm).

Ways you can participate include:

-Joining in the Great Atlanta Halloween Bicycle Parade – which will be lining up at 1:30 at the south side of the route (near P’Cheen) and beginning at 2pm.

-Creating a tactical urbanism project for submission in order to win a $50-$100 prize (check out Blockee.com).

-Organize an activity like yoga, belly dancing, bike polo, zumba, salsa, bootcamp, tennis, a cappella singing, band, or anything human powered – minus zombie experiments.

Share with your friends, dress up and bike through town, and show your talents to the community…

…oh yeah – and keep an eye out for the pumpkin crossing.

*Remember kids – no vendors allowed.

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Well Hell, It’s Halloween!

At this point you’re feeling the heat and the pressure is on. Not only have you not found the perfect costume yet, you really can’t decide where you’d like to spend your hell of an eve. Well, Fenuxe is here to help you decide where to haunt this holiday! Check out these fabulous three favorites.

On Saturday, October 29th The High Museum, although known for showcasing famous photography, terracotta armies, and classic cars, is pulling out the stops for their Halloween bash. Culture Shock: Modern Masquerade, presented by Coca-Cola, will get you going with music from NYC band Pablo Picasso and keep you shaking it to tunes spun by DJ Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill and Le Tigre fame. Also, enjoy an alter ego-inspired fashion show emceed by Fenuxe favorite Mary Edith Pitts. Enter to win a chance for your alter ego to strut his or her stuff down the runway! Tickets are $15; $10 for Museum members. Doors open at 8PM

If giving back is your game check out Jungle Nightclub on Saturday, October 29th for an all-day affair. Jungle is proud to present a two part party, to benefit H.E.R.O., a nonprofit for children affected by Pediatric AIDS. The venue will open its doors at 11am to host a “carnival” for the children and families of H.E.R.O. The free daytime event will include a space walk, a children’s music band, face painting, carnival games, lunch food, and much more. There will also be a costume contest for the children. Then, beginning at 9pm the nighttime adult dance party event, Fiesta Fatale with New York City DJ Chad Jack, will raise funds to directly benefit Camp High Five, a free camp for the children with AIDS that costs H.E.R.O. upwards of $900 per child per week. Check out Jungle to give back through a great time.

Looking for something a little more spooky? Check out Halloween at the Heretic on Saturday, October 29th, as Billboard DJ Mike Pope spins for Nightmare on Cheshire Bridge. Doors open at 10PM. Register by 12:30AM to enter a delicious costume contest hosted by, you guessed it, Bubba D. Licious. Over 1,500 bucks worth of cash and prizes will be given away!

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Fashion K-911

Halloween is not only a chance for us adult boys and girls to get dressed up as our favorite alter egos, it is also a chance for us to torment gussy our pups up in spooky (or not so spooky) gay apparel. Fenuxe has a few treaty tricks to help you decide the best duds for your spuds.

Beanie Baby, Baby!
Canine owners on a budget can make their besty purty with a piece of construction paper and a few crayons. This one is great for the pocket pooches we love so much. Our inspiration on this one is a throwback to 90’s where the toy world was ruled by bean-filled lovelies. Our suggestion here is to cut an oversized heart out of red construction paper. Draw the two letter “brand” name onto the paper. Finally, humanely attach the tag to your puppy. Viola! You now have the cheapest, easiest pet costume of all time. Please note, this also works with felines and other furry creatures.

Well, Hot Dog!
If your puppy pal happens to be of the wiener variety our recommendation is to keep it in the link family. Dress your hot dog up as a hot dog, complete with mustard, ketchup and relish (or if you dare onions!) Try going a little avant garde and dress your hot dog as a bratwurst, all available at almost any pet retailer.

Go Gaga!
While we are discussing meat…why not go gaga with your doggie and create your own meat dress. Of course this costume serves two purposes. First, your pooch gets to show off his/her love for modern pop culture. Second, you have a handy snack to keep him/her nourished through the night. We really don’t have a clue as to how you make these sorts of things, perhaps consult your local butcher?

Superbass Beauty!
If you take offense to carnivorous costumes, but still want the dog to be divine, your pups can dress like the Minaj (hint: this works best with poodles of the standard variety). Try a simple up do and some strategically placed (pet friendly) hair dye. Once the ‘do is did, feel free to adorn the poods with as many crazy accessories as you feel appropriate. Remember less is certainly not more when it comes to this dressed up get up.

That’s Haute…
Finally, if you are the gay who likes to be the best, you can have haute couture made for your canine cuddlies. Try to reach out to Tom Ford, Chris March (check out our interview with him in this issue on page __) or Christian Soriano, but you may have better luck getting something in time from one of the designers on etsy.com. Our fav is Missteawinkie.

No matter how you dress your furry friend, make sure you do it safely for both you and your bud. We can’t wait to see all the fun duds on Halloween night. Be sure to drop pics of your pups to [email protected]

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AMC’s Southern Style Apocalypse

Sheriff Rick Grimes wakes up in an empty hospital after weeks in a coma. He stumbles out into the corridor to find the place in ruins. Hospital equipment tossed aside, the ceiling in tatters…and blood smears on the walls.

He makes it outside to find hundreds of dead bodies lining the pavement. His family is missing. Everyone and everything is gone. A survivor tells him that the dead are walking among them. And if he wants to find his family, he needs to make it to one place: Atlanta.

So goes the grim introduction to the epic new television series shot on location in Atlanta this past spring, The Walking Dead. The series premieres Halloween night at 10PM on AMC, a network with a record of groundbreaking shows including Mad Men and Breaking Bad.

The Walking Dead is based on a popular graphic novel and is brought to the small screen by Frank Darabont, the Oscar-nominated writer-director of The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile.

The cast and crew made Atlanta their playground during shooting, so if you thought you saw zombies skulking around Grant Park or swarming a military tank downtown, you weren’t mistaken. Local residents were recruited to fill the roles of the brain connoisseurs, and they were put through “zombie school” to learn the deadly (slow) moves.

But the show isn’t just about the blood and gore. The zombies are a terrifying backdrop to the main characters, a small group of survivors of the apocalypse who start to buckle under the pressure of fighting off death day after day.

It’s about survival, about holding on when faced with seemingly insurmountable odds. It’s about the fear of death. As actress Emma Bell, who plays the character of Amy, says in an AMC interview, “It’s a story about love and humanity and community”—all themes that will resonate with gay audiences in particular. The graphic novel delves into gay territory, so gay storylines and characters might be in the works for the series as well.

As one character says after learning that our fair city has (supposedly?) become a place of military protection, shelter, and food, “Atlanta seems like a good deal.” For the fan of survival stories and Halloween fright from the pros—or if you just want to spot all the Atlanta landmarks—The Walking Dead is a pretty damn good deal too.

The Walking Dead series premiere

Sunday, October 31st at 10PM ET on AMC

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