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Summer Fashion Show Heats Up Bloomingdale’s

Staring at a guy in his swimwear might make you feel a little creepy if you’re on the beach or at the pool. But, if the hunk is modeling the latest summer trends as part of a fashion show you’re encouraged to look all you want.

Drop by Bloomingdale’s at Lenox Square on June 14 for the Summer Fashion Show and Shopping Event to see which swimwear and summer fashions are hot this year. And, 10 percent of your purchases that night will benefit Joining Hearts, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing housing support to people living with HIV and AIDS in Atlanta.

Some of the models will include a few Joining Hearts bartenders and volunteers, so you may get to ogle that hottie you scoped out at the organization’s last event. Other goodies to look forward to are the complimentary cocktails (with a $20 donation at the door) by Ketel One, bites from Bridge Catering and music by DJ Travis.

To RSVP, please click HERE.

When: June 14, 6-8PM
Where: Bloomingdale’s, Men’s Level 1, Lenox Square
Suggested Donation: $20 at door

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Fenuxe ‘Best Bachelor’ Party Raises $17K for AID Atlanta

Ryan Lee, Associate Writer: News & Current Events

Atlanta’s most eligible bachelors helped Fenuxe Magazine raise more than $17,000 for AID Atlanta Saturday night, as the gays took over the Castleberry Hills neighborhood for an evening of festive fundraising.

A crowd of about 300 people filled the Raw Space Gallery just south of downtown, bidding thousands of dollars for the chance to win a date with Fenuxe‘s 10 Best Bachelors of 2012. The bachelor with the highest bid of the evening was Yhon Sanchez, a manager at F.R.O.G.S. Cantina.

The red carpet affair brought in $17,700 through bids on the bachelors, along with admission and raffle ticket sales, and donations were still coming in after the event. All the money raised will go to AID Atlanta, where proceeds from last year’s Best Bachelor event helped fund the HIV/AIDS clinic for two months.

Ketel One Vodka helped set the mood for the night, while the crowd was entertained by emcess Bubba D. Licious, along with drag personalities Nicole Paige Brooks, Mary Edith Pitts, Baton Bob and others.

Stay tuned to Fenuxe Magazine and Fenuxe.com for pictures from the party.

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Beauty Behind the Brand

Calisto Harvalias

Calisto Harvalias

Dino Thompson-Sarmiento, Fenuxe Contributor

If you’ve ever set foot in one of Atlanta’s gay hot spots you’ve surely spotted Calisto Harvalias. The tall, dark and gorgeous Greek has become a staple in many gay circles and usually shows up with an entourage of beautifully sculpted men scantily clad in ancient Nordic combat attire. But that’s just part of a normal work day for Calisto.

During daylight hours, he works as a stylist for Richie Arpino Salon in Buckhead. “Sexy starts with your hair,” Calisto says.

Before he was making others look like models, Calisto was walking the runway and posing for photographers himself. He had a successful run as an international model for such fashion powerhouses like Prada and Dolce & Gabanna, and he has graced the pages of GQ and Details. Calisto even snagged the title of Mr. Congeniality for Mister USA 2008. He has been in a number of TV shows, including “Wife Swap” and “Housewives of Atlanta” and most currently will be in the upcoming Hollywood movie “What to Expect” with Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz.

And what about all those barely dressed hunks we mentioned earlier? Well, they come as complements of Calisto’s other work endeavor as the nation’s first LGBT brand specialist for premium drinks giant Diageo. These hot men help support Atlanta’s diverse community while providing a variety of flavored ROKK Vodkas during their nights on the town.

In addition to ROKK, Calisto and his team provide tastings of Smirnoff, Ketel One, Jose Cuervo and Tanqueray at many local watering holes and special non-profit events.

Diageo, Calisto said, has supported a variety of Atlanta’s LGBT charities and events, including GLAAD’s 25 Year Anniversary Awards, For the Kid’s Toy Party, Human Rights Campaign, AID Atlanta, PALS, Atlanta Pride and Joining Hearts. They have done so with product, financial contributions, team support and of course the hot ROKK Vikings.

So, please don’t be shy and the next time you see him, say “Support the Spirit that supports you as you!”

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The Ice Party, 2011 Fenuxe 50 Awards: Celebrating Atlanta’s Gay Community

>>To View More Pictures, Click Here<<

The 2011 Fenuxe 50 celebrated the success of our community in a delightfully frozen world of sculpted ice set against a 360 degree view of Atlanta’s sparkling skyline.  Ornate bars sculpted entirely of ice by Ice Sculpture Inc filled the room while beautifully intricate ice sculptures accented the event as frosty works of art. The air was crisp and the evening wear well-pressed as the Fenuxe 50 celebrated the work that so many in our community do to make Atlanta a better place for all of us. 


As guests were treated to brand-new flavors of Smirnoff served in glasses made of ice and signature cocktails from Ketel One, celebrity guests and VIPs were flown in by helicopter providing a stunning entrance. The awards ceremony opened with an outstanding performance of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Panache, a group of singers from the Atlanta Gay Men’s Chorus.  Their beautiful voices set against the majestic backdrop of Atlanta’s twinkling evening skyline created a touching moment for all the guests.  Congressman John Lewis then addressed the crowd with a passionate and inspiring speech about marriage equality and civil rights.  While providing a narrative of how marriage rights have been won in the past, he stressed hope for the future.  Lewis stood tall as a resolute ally of the LGBT community and was a proud member of this year’s Fenuxe 50.  After Lewis captivated the crowd, Fenuxe publisher Tyler Calkins welcomed the evening’s guests and presented the Fenuxe 50 with their awards.  Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed and Vampire Diaries star Kat Graham, both in attendance, were also recognized as faithful allies to our community.

The evening was extraordinary and shined a well deserved light on members of our community whose work enriches all of our lives and makes gay Atlanta great.

In addition to the Fenuxe 50 and all of our guests we would especially like to thank: Ketel One, Kardon Events, Ice Sculpture IncVentanas Atlanta, Active Production & Design, Montgomery Catering, and Cami Cakes.

As we continue to compile Ice party photos, they will be published online and in print. Be on the look out!

Photo Credit:RNZ Photography, MetroMix Atlanta








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Drink of the Week: Ketel One Old Fashioned

A fresh spin on an old favorite! KETEL ONE® Vodka poured over a muddled melange of orange, cherry and sugar and topped off with a splash of soda. Served over ice. This is destined to be a new classic.

-1.5 fl oz KETEL ONE® Vodka
– 1 slice(s) Orange
– 2 Maraschino Cherry
– 1 Sugar Cube
– 2 dash(es) Bitters
– 1 splash(es) Club Soda


Place orange slice, cherries and sugar cube in bottom of a rocks glass. Soak sugar cube with bitters. Lightly muddle until sugar is mixed with fruit. Add KETEL ONE and stir. Top with club soda or lemon lime soda. Garnish with an orange slice.

Servings: 1

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Drink of the Week: Ketel One Brazilian

You’ll swoon for this Brazilian beauty! KETEL ONE CITROEN® Flavored Vodka and fresh lime over muddled citrus fruits on the rocks and topped off with a splash of lemon-lime soda…Saude!


-1.5 fl oz KETEL ONE CITROEN® Flavored Vodka
– 0.75 fl oz Lime Juice
– 0.5 fl oz Simple Syrup
– 3 wedge(s) Lime
– 2 slice(s) Orange
– 1 splash(es) Lemon-Lime Soda


Muddle 2 lime wedges and 2 orange slices in the bottom of a rocks glass. Fill with ice and add remaining ingredients. Top with lemon lime soda. Stir. Garnish with a lime wedge.

Servings: 1

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Drink of the Week: Ketel One Grand

Very little soothes the mind and body better than a complex libation. Give your taste buds an education in flavor with this spirited concoction containing KETEL ONE ORANJE FLAVORED VODKA.


1.25 fl oz KETEL ONE ORANJE Flavored Vodka
0.25 fl oz cognac
0.25 fl oz orange liqueur
0.25 fl oz Lemon Juice
1 splash Ginger Ale


Mingle ingredients in rocks glass. Top with ginger ale. Dress it up with an orange wheel.

Servings: 1

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Ketel One Martini – Fenuxe Drink of the Week

There’s only one choice of vodka for a premium martini, and it’s Ketel One!


-1.25 fl oz Ketel One Vodka

- 0.25 fl oz Dry Vermouth

- 1 twist(s) Lemon

Stir your smooth Ketel One Vodka and dry vermouth with ice in a cocktail shaker and strain into a rocks glass over ice. Garnish with a lemon twist for the final touch and admire your work one last second before enjoying it for real!

Check out more info and drink recipes at www.thebar.com

Please Drink Responsibly




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Ketel One Double Orange – Fenuxe Drink of the Week

Brighten up your week with a Ketel One Double Orange featuring Ketel One Oranje!


-1.5 fl oz Ketel One Oranje Flavored Vodka

- 3 fl oz Orange Juice

- 1 twist(s) Orange

The natural essence of mandarins and valencias in Ketel One Oranje will mix perfectly with some fresh orange juice over ice in a rocks glass. Finish off your spring treat with an orange garnish, sip and let the sunshine complete the moment!

Check out more info and drink recipes at www.thebar.com.

Please Drink Responsibly


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High Tea – Fenuxe Drink of the Week

Make a toast to spring with this smooth number featuring the natural essence of mandarins and Valencias in Ketel One Oranje.


- 1.5 fl oz Ketel One Oranje Flavored Vodka
– 1.5 fl oz Green Tea Beverage
– 0.75 fl oz Orange Marmalade
– 0.25 fl oz Lemon Juice

Combine Ketel One Oranje, green tea, orange marmalade and lemon juice in a shaker with ice. Shake it up well, strain into an ice-filled collins glass and garnish with an orange twist and mint sprig. Open the windows, turn the music on and take over the porch. It’s spring!

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