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Rough Gods

Rough God 1Michael Alago loves photographing masculine men, and it’s safe to say his fans avidly support his obsession with the male physique. Nearly 64,500 people follow the New York photographer’s Facebook page “ HYPERLINK “https://www.facebook.com/roughgods” Rough Gods.” Michael, and a few of his models, will be at I.D. Lab in West Midtown on Friday, February 10, to sign copies of his books “Rough Gods” and “Brutal Truth” and to kick off his first Atlanta photo exhibit. Until then, check out what Michael had to say about his art.

marks fistFenuxe: What first sparked your interest in photography?
Michael: Like the Rod Stewart song “Every Picture Tells a Story,” that’s exactly what I felt. I always wanted to know the back story to each and every picture I saw and if nobody told me I then made up a story in my mind to complete the picture. Pictures just fascinate me, and I have collected hundreds of images over the years.

Rough god 2Fenuxe: This is a silly question, but why do you like photographing men?
Michael: I love to photograph big, rugged, sexy—and sometimes tattooed—men because I am attracted to them. I never wanted to really go through modeling agencies to find men because that becomes too homogenized. I love the thrill of finding a man on the street and having a conversation and the next thing you know I am shooting his picture. He loves being in front of the camera, and sometimes he is naked and all hell breaks loose and the image is a success.

Rough god 3Fenuxe: You photographed some Atlanta men. How did you find them?
Michael: I shot three men from Atlanta the last time I was there. I am pretty resourceful. I ask men on the streets and online, and I am very persuasive. So it usually works out, and when the man loves the results of his photograph I always ask him to recommend me to his other “rough” friends.

MarkFenuxe: Any plans for another book?
Michael: My latest book, “Brutal Truth,” is almost sold out of its first edition, so that was a success. Right now I am pulling together portraits of men. I’m also working on some more flower pictures and writing some poems and observations that will make their debut in my next book. I am trying to get it out by Christmas 2012.

See more of Michael’s work at www.roughgods.com.

Rough Gods Exhibit Opening
Where: I.D. Lab, 996 Huff Road, Suite C, Atlanta
When: Friday, February 10, 7-11PM
Cost: $5 donation to Joining Hearts

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Richie Arpino’s Stunning 2012 Calendar hits streets now!

Richie Arpino’s Stunning 2012 Calendar hits streets now!

Move over Far Side, Ansel Adams, and Nascar!  Richie Arpino is back with an even more steamy, sultry and seductive calendar to rock our socks off for 2012.  Yumm.  If you aren’t familiar, become acquainted this year.  Each new calendar year brings forth a new installment by celebrity stylist and photographer Richie Arpino.  Fenuxe is proud to say we’ve gotten our hands on one of this year’s first copies and my, my, my, this year is the best.

All proceeds from calendar sales go directly to local AIDS and cancer foundations.  Aprino says he really believes in providing something beautiful for the community while also giving back in a unique and creative way.

This year’s calendar marks Arpino’s sixth edition.  The theme for this year is North versus South.  The explanation?  He shot six hunks from New York and six studs from Atlanta.  There is definitely a little something in there for everyone!  This edition also has a very special significance for Arpino.  A message on the final page reads, “This calendar is dedicated to my mom, who lost her battle with cancer last year.”

The calendar features not only our very own May 5th cover model Christian Velella of Caliber Models, but also Bravo’s A-list star Rodiney Santiago and Project Runway’s Jack Mackenroth.  Great job boys!

If you come by our Fenuxe 2011 Best of Atlanta Party tomorrow evening at By Design Furniture Showroom be sure to stop off afterward at Indulge at The Living Room in W Midtown Atlanta for the official Calendar Release party, starting at 9pm!  Calendars are also available for purchase at Brushstrokes, Outwrite Bookstore, Metrofresh, and Richie Arpino Salon in Buckhead. The cost is only $28 for a beautiful, large 11” x 16” format glossy page book.

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