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Coming to America

DJ Robin Skouteris

DJ Robin Skouteris

Although he’s spun tunes around the world, Greece’s DJ Robin Skouteris has never brought his talent to the U.S. That is, until now. On Friday, the internationally renowned mash-up producer makes his American debut at the Atlanta Eagle with Mash Attacks as he collaborates with local DJ Pat Scott to raise funds for Lost-n-Found, which serves homeless LGBT youth.

The two DJs will kick off the donations with $1,000 of their own money to help fund the organization’s home for LGBT youth in need. And, they’ve challenged Atlanta Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to match it. The Sisters will be taking donations at the door and conducting a raffle.

With his arrival in Atlanta swiftly approaching, Fenuxe asked DJ Robin about his pending visit and being an international DJ.

Fenuxe: Why did you organize Mash Attacks?

DJ Robin: I wanted to create a series of parties where everything is about blending the right stuff. I never liked genre-themed nights because I can never listen to the same kind of music for too long; it could get boring. I make my own productions, and most of them are presented in those parties.

Fenuxe: What do you think about visiting Atlanta and the U.S. for the first time?

DJ Robin: I am beyond excited to visit, after having it as a dream all those years. When you work in your small room in Greece and mix tracks, going to the USA to play them in a big club sounds like heaven. I have heard Atlanta has a great club scene, and I can’t wait to be a part of it. My U.S. tour starts in Atlanta, so it will be a whole new experience for me. Going to a different culture, is always a challenge, but I am coming to the land that loves mash-ups. For the longest time I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to come to the U.S., and my friend DJ Pat Scott has done a great job helping me make it happen.

Fenuxe: What do you like most about being a DJ?

DJ Robin: Being a DJ comes with the privilege of traveling and meeting people that love music. What makes it even better is if I’m playing my music and people are coming to hear it. It makes it all very special to me. As a producer that makes his own stuff, I enjoy the fact that I am going to present something that I created, even if it samples something popular. I never liked the idea of being just a DJ who plays other people’s music because I wanted to present something special. It would take away the creative process that I love so much. Even if I wasn’t making mash-ups, I would still tweak it in a way that feels like I gave my personal note. Then you can feel the people are there for your contribution to the track and not for listening to popular music that could be heard anywhere else.

Fenuxe: What is the most memorable moment in your DJ career?

DJ Robin: The most memorable moment must have been my gig in Tel Aviv, Israel. The response was great; I felt like the biggest star in the world. I had a guy approach me while I was waiting to go on the decks, and he whispered in my ear that I am a true inspiration for him and got him start mixing again, after he had quit for years. It was such a great feeling that I did something for someone without even knowing it. I actually began to tear up, and I had to escape to the bathroom.

Fenuxe: You’ve traveled all over the world as a DJ. Which spots are your favorites?

DJ Robin: Every place holds a special spot in my heart for different reasons. Singapore was my first gig abroad. Although they were not familiar with the mash-up thing, and they seemed that they didn’t know what to do with it at first, I still feel it’s special as my first experience because I feel like I introduced something new for them. Spain had the warmest people, and they were so open to fully experiencing what I do. Tel Aviv had the most loyal fan base. Most people know exactly what you do, and they were there to enjoy themselves. Austria had the most incredible dancers; some people would come in and start grooving on the dance floor immediately.

Mash Attack
Who: DJ Robin Skouteris and DJ Pat
When: Friday, February 24, 10PM-3AM
Where: Atlanta Eagle

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