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RuPaul Lets It All Hang Out

Berlin Sylvestre, Staff Writer

When you’re lucky enough to score an interview with one of the most famous public figures in our community, you’d best check yourself for a pulse if you don’t get a little jittery. (“What if I stumble over these questions? What if I can’t articulate what I’m trying to ask? What if I sound like a complete nerd?”) Thing is, RuPaul constantly reminds us that we should be comfortable in our own skin and, lucky for me, the audible smile in the “Hello?” coming from the other end of the line put me in good company. “Ru” is quick to laugh – and it’s a loud, infectious, genuine laugh that millions of people worldwide know well.

So let’s talk Atlanta! How has living and working here help shape the RuPaul we know today?

Well, Atlanta is Mecca for drag – at least when I was living there. Let me tell you: I was poor as dirt living in Midtown, back when there was affordable housing. It was great. We could go to [the now-closed nightclub] Illusions on Monday night and for $2 see the world’s greatest drag queens, and we studied them, got to understand the vernacular and what it means to be a part of that society. It created a basis for us. I think they looked at us as mocking them, though. We were punk rock, genderfuck, antiestablishment types.

When you say greats, who are you referring to?

Erica Adams, Lisa King, Dina Jacobs, Tiffany Middlesex, Charlie Brown, Lily White, Apple Love, and Tina Devore.

How do you think Atlanta is representing on the show?

We’ve had many contestants from Atlanta, but we choose the best of the auditioners from wherever they come. It’s a process, but we choose the best of the best from all over. This season coming up, we have our first girl from San Francisco. People have been going, “WHY don’t you have San Fran girls on?” and I’m like, “Send me some and we’ll see!” I mean, Nicole Paige Brooks is from Atlanta … Phoenix … and season two’s winner [Tyra Sanchez] lives in Atlanta now, so Atlanta’s well-represented.

You were born and raised in San Diego, but you consider Atlanta your true birth place. What happened here that makes you claim that?

Honey, I had my bar mitzvah there. It’s where I became an adult. It was my coming out – not of the closet, but out of my shell. In San Diego, I was involved with my parents’ melodrama. I was, at best, a background actor in their drama. In Atlanta, I was able to be the star of my own movie. It was such a conducive place to develop my personality.

Your mantra “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love someone else?” has a real self-discovery feel to it. Are you ever hard on yourself?

I wouldn’t say I’m hard on myself, but I’m always having a conversation with myself. There’s this … internal dialogue I keep: “What’s going on with you? How do you feel?” I’m always present, always in the moment, and focusing on the now – and am diligent about it.

We can tell! So pretend you’re coming to Atlanta this weekend: What places would you want to hit up first?

I’d wanna walk around Piedmont Park. It was a hub, our Central Park. I’m telling you, 1976 to 1987 was the boom time for Atlanta. It started in ‘74 when Maynard Jackson took [mayoral] office. The city, like a phoenix, reinvented itself. From ‘76 to ‘87, we had an amazing time!

And then what?

Well, big business took over Midtown and tore down all the clubs, got rid of affordable housing, and really just … changed the texture of the city. Piedmont Park is still there, though.

But can you do that, as famous as you are? Can you just walk around?

I can, sure – especially if it’s a little chilly. I put on a hat and no one knows it’s me. People are usually texting or doing their taxes or something. And it’s weird to me, that people aren’t there, even when they’re present.

You’ve talked about, how after your parents’ divorce, you and your sister took on the reverse role of parenting your mother, who more or less turned her back to the world. Do you think that maternal instinct and experience kicks in with the contestants on “Drag Race?”

Absolutely! But even if it wasn’t my story, it’s intrinsically part of me to be empathetic and compassionate. I place kindness at the top of my human virtues – I always have. I always try to be understanding of [the contestants’] doubts and feelings. Helping them self-realize is the role I play on the show. Even in my personal life, I ask people questions they should be asking themselves.

And what about you? Is there anything you’re insecure about?

That’s a good question. In my constant dialogue, I sometimes have to check myself and say: “Ru! Honey! There’s nothing to be afraid of!” Well, actually, there is one thing … and it’s the ignorance and fear in other people that can scare me sometimes. But am I insecure about the way I look? No. There comes a point where you just say “f*#k it.”

I’m at that point too. You should see what I’m wearing, it’s awful. Usually is.


So let’s take some fan questions: Since you had contestants play it on “Untucked,” choose one drag queen from “Drag Race” you would marry, one you would screw, and one you would kill.

*laughs* Well, you know … they’re all my kids so, as the Mommy, I can’t play favorites. I want all of them to know I love and respect them, so I really can’t answer that!



How did you feel about giving Team Latrila the chop?

I hate it everytime I have to give the chop, but I also understand that it’s life. We’re on a competition show – someone’s gotta go, someone’s gotta win. It’s like life: You have to acknowledge night and day. But the thing is … I’ve chosen each girl to be there. I’m in love with them, sure, but someone’s gotta go. I understand and live with it. But just because the competition is over doesn’t mean they’re not being watched or sought after.

No way! It’s career launching just to be on.

Absolutely! Even the first girl to leave is sought after immediately.

OK, now what happened to Willam?

Well … *nervous laugh* … several things happened but the big thing was that she broke the rules. We take away cell phones, computers, all outside contact and … well, Willam had a computer and outside contact. You just can’t do that.

Another fan question: “Do drag queens, as a result of facing so much prejudice historically, have more ‘license’ to say whatever they want?”

Its not just queens – it’s all of us. As people, we’re ego-driven. The ego has to separate itself from other people, because in reality, we’re all one. Ego will tell you you’re better or worse and it’s true for all people unless they actively work on overriding the ego. So yeah, there’s prejudice and nastiness wherever you go, but I think drag queens actually have less of that because they understand you can’t take life too seriously. You can’t take identity too seriously. And that’s what drag is all about.

What did the young Ru want to be as an adult?

I just wanted to be famous. I wasn’t sure in what capacity, but I wanted to be famous. My mother prophesized I would be, so …

So she hit the nail on the head with that one!

She certainly did!

Well, I do appreciate you taking the interview.

It was an honor. Thank you, Berlin.

Season 5 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” premieres January 28 at 9pm on Logo.

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Backpack in the Park Helps Underprivileged Children

A young girl approaches a pile of new backpacks and hesitantly selects one. At first, she seems unsure if she’ll be able to keep it. Eventually, a bright smile spreads across her face and she refuses to take it off, even though it’s slightly too big and could topple her over at any second.

In the five years Alison Hall has served as a For the Kid in All of Us board member, she’s observed this very experience more than once. Since 2006, the volunteer organization has provided backpacks full of school supplies to underprivileged children through Backpack in the Park.

“It’s just a great feeling to witness pure happiness,” Alison said. “Every child deserves to start the school year fresh with a sense of pride and the tools necessary to be successful.”

So far, the group has collected 7,100 backpacks filled with supplies and gift cards. More than 1,200 bags were donated last year, and Alison said For the Kid hopes to round up more than 1,500 during the July 28 event at Piedmont Park’s Greystone Pavillion.

The theme for this year’s kid-friendly cocktail party is “summer camp.” Nostalgic camp food will be served, and DJ Vicki Powell will be spinning. The entry fee is one brand new backpack filled with school supplies or a $35 gift card. The bags will go to various beneficiary organizations, including AID Atlanta, CHRIS Kids and Jerusalem House.

“We work with organizations that serve the needs of Georgia’s neediest children, and we provide something that may not be a priority when children have so many other needs like shelter and food and healthcare and safety,” Alison said. “Our beneficiary organizations are typically ones that provide many programs and services on very limited budgets. Each year we include an elementary school that has a high population of children on free or reduced lunch, a leading indicator of economic need.”

Official School Supply List
Folders (6)
Spiral Notebooks (2)
150 Sheets Filler Paper (1)
Pink Eraser (3)
Ruler (1)
Glue Stick (1)
No. 2 Pencil 12-Pack (1)
Crayons 24 Count (1)
Colored Pencil 12-Pack (1)
3×5 Index Cards Pack (1)

When: July 28, 4-7PM
Where: Greystone Pavillion, Piedmont Park
Details: ForTheKid.org

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Florence + the Machine Invade Piedmont Park for Music Midtown

Ryan Lee, Associate Writer: News & Current Events

Music Midtown is rekindling the magic of its earlier years, bringing some of the music industry’s biggest names to Piedmont Park in September. Coming off of multiple Grammy wins earlier this year, the Foo Fighters will headline the two-day concert, playing the Piedmont Park Meadow Sept. 21.

The other marquee act is Pearl Jam, although more modern acts are sure to draw big crowds to the park. Here’s a run-down of the two-day roster:

Friday, Sept. 21

Van Hunt

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts


The Avett Brothers

Foo Fighters

Saturday, Sept. 22


Civil Twilight



Florence + the Machine

Girl Talk

Pearl Jam

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Gay Chairman Dishes on Dogwood Festival

When it comes to any given arts event, it’s safe to say at least one member of the LGBT community is involved. We realize we’re being presumptuous, but we truly believe even in the deepest depths of the Bible Belt there’s a closeted gay bringing art to his or her corner of the world.

Although very open about its gayness, Atlanta is no different. Just take the Dogwood Festival for example. On the board sits Chairman Jamie Ensley, the first openly gay chairman in the festival’s long history. And just so you know, the festival celebrates its 76th anniversary this year with the April 20-22 event.

Jamie Ensley, the first openly gay chairman of Atlanta's Dogwood Festival

Jamie Ensley, the first openly gay chairman of Atlanta's Dogwood Festival

Jamie, who has served on the board for the past six years, eagerly shared some interesting facts about the festival.

“It’s actually the third oldest fine arts festival—and one of the largest—in the United States,” he said. “It’s something for all of us Atlantans to be proud of.”

Not only is it a monumental event, it’s a diverse one as well. Representatives from about 20 countries participate in the festival each year, he said. That should come as no surprise considering the number of people involved on an annual basis.

About 250,000 people visited the festival last year, and between 250,000 and 275,000 are expected this year. With that many patrons walking the paths of Piedmont Park, it takes a healthy number of vendors, volunteers and artists to cater to them. Jamie said it takes about 500 people to make the festival a reality.

Of course, quite a few artists make up the number of those people who make it possible.

“We have about 1,100 artists apply for booths every year,” Jamie said. “We can only pick about 265, so we have a different panel every year that judges the artwork and selects which artists can show at the festival. That’s why our fine arts work is such high quality.”

In addition to the art booths, the festival also features food, music and, after last year, rides. A concert is also planned this year, with the legendary Roberta Flack as the headliner. Although he did confirm there will be rides again this year, Jamie kept the specifics under wraps.

“We had the Ferris wheel from the Seattle World Fair last year; it is the largest portable Ferris wheel in the world,” he said. “We’re not going to have that this year but we’re going to have some additional rides. We haven’t announced them yet but they’re going to be spectacular.”

That’s what we call a “tease.” You’ll just have to attend the festival to check out the undisclosed rides. And you’ll enjoy the art and music anyway. You know, because you’re gay. There we go being presumptuous again.

76th Annual Dogwood Festival
When: April 20-22
Where: Piedmont Park
Details: www.dogwood.org

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Pet Greyhound Nourishes Midtown Man’s Soul

Shannon Jenkins, Associate Writer, Lifestyle & Culture

Much like the sustenance he needs to survive, Kyle Rose can’t imagine his life without the jet black Greyhound he named Star. Ensuring she remains with him, however, isn’t a decision that rests entirely in his hands.

His situation stems from the fact that Kyle has lived nearly 20 years longer than expected. When he was diagnosed with HIV in 1989, he said the life expectancy for those infected with the virus was about three years.

“The people I started out with in support groups and the friends I had back then are all dead,” he said.

Despite the seemingly inevitable death sentence, Kyle kept plugging along, and in 1996 his illness progressed into AIDS. Over the years he’s battled a long list of health issues, including DVTs, a pulmonary embolism, hyperthyroidism, neuropathy in his hands and feet, broken bones from falls and a heart attack. At present, though, Kyle’s health is in good shape thanks to his dedication to exercise, yoga and eating only organic foods. But, the same can’t be said for his finances.

“Largely I’m at where I am financially because when you find out at age 30 you probably only have three years left you do not invest in retirement accounts, life insurance or longtime career goals,” he said. “You live in the moment. After you make it through those three years that extra year that comes one at a time is not enough to catch up. But all of a sudden there it is, and you’re 50 years old.”

At a little more than $900 a month, Kyle’s disability income keeps him on an extremely tight budget. So, he counts on various charities and organizations to maintain his simple lifestyle. One such organization is P.A.L.S., a non-profit which provides free pet food and basic veterinary care for senior citizens and critically ill and disabled Atlantans with pets.

“If it weren’t for P.A.L.S. I could not afford Star,” Kyle said.

He discovered the pet-oriented company about four or five years ago while he was still going through the process to go on disability. At the time he had his first Greyhound, Turk.

“I’d spent all my savings, I was flat broke and I needed help,” Kyle recalled. “I went online and looked for different services that could help. P.A.L.S. was one of the ones that came up.”

Kyle spoke with the organization’s executive director, Kevin Bryant, who helped his new client with the cost of caring for Turk until the canine passed away two-and-a-half years ago.

“I’ve got a soft spot for P.A.L.S., and Kevin is a great guy,” Kyle said. “He’s always been there for me. I think it’s really important what he and the organization do. If I had money to leave, I’d leave it to P.A.L.S. They fill a need no one else does.”

The organization filled his need once again when Kyle found Star shortly after Turk’s death. Two years later, she has become a loyal and comforting companion.

“When you’re not feeling up to it or you’re tired you still have to take care of her,” said Kyle, who walks the Greyhound three times a day. “She really is a very important part of my life. Sometimes I do meditation and they tell you to think of something that makes you happy and her face comes to mind.”

Unfortunately, Kyle recently faced the fact that Star could easily be extracted from his life. Last July he moved to Midtown after spending years in Newnan. Kyle moved from Ohio to the quaint town around 2002 to care for his father, who died of cancer nearly four years ago. With the help of The Living Room, an agency that offers financial assistance to people living with HIV/AIDS, Kyle secured a compact one-bedroom apartment near Piedmont Park. In July that assistance ends, and Kyle has been looking for another resource to keep him in the neighborhood he considers home.

Kyle began the process of housing assistance with another high profile Atlanta charity but discovered in an interview that he’d be forced to relocate to Sandy Springs—without Star.

“Midtown has become my home; I love it here and feel good here, and Star is my family,” he said. “I’m not going to just cast her out of my life. I wrote them that the cost of their housing was too high a price in my life.”

Meanwhile, Kyle continues living his life as he explores options for future housing. He exercises routinely and enjoys his yoga classes. He also reads, dabbles in photography and he admits he watches too much TV at night. And, whenever possible, he prefers to spend his time outside in the park with Star.

Please visit www.palsatlanta.org to find out more about P.A.L.S.

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Pride Dates Announced

Start collecting all the glitter and rainbow paraphernalia you can because Atlanta’s Pride Festival is set for October 13-14 in Piedmont Park.

Leading up to the Atlanta Pride Festival, the Atlanta Pride Committee will be organizing events and activities throughout 2012 to build enthusiasm for the festival, including special events during the month of June to commemorate the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. Additionally, the partnership with the Georgia Aquarium, for the Kickoff Party, will continue as part of the 2012 Pride celebrations. A full schedule of programming and parties is still being developed for Atlanta Pride Week.

Applications are now open for parade participants as well as market vendors. The APC encourages interested parties to submit their applications and payments early as both parade and vendors slots have sold out in previous years.

The Atlanta Pride Festival will follow National Coming Out Day on October 11 and the Out on Film Festival, which is set for October 4-11.

More information is available at www.AtlantaPride.org.

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Sports Are Gay

Photos by Offhand Photography
Abundant in athletic homosexuals, Atlanta offers plenty of options for sports-minded LGBT members. Want to chase men around a field? Try the Bucks Rugby Football Club or the National Flag Football League of Atlanta. Enjoy hitting balls over a net? Check out the Atlanta Team Tennis Association. Prefer kicking them around? Try Hotlanta Soccer. Or perhaps you’d rather use a bat? Then the Hotlanta Softball League is for you. Find out more about these and other sports organizations below.

Patrick Hanson of the Razors softball team

Hotlanta Softball League
Organized in 1982, HSL is one of the oldest members of the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Association. HSL will have more than 30 Open Division and 10 Women’s Division Teams in the 2012 spring season.  There are four divisions in the Open Division A, B, C and D.  The Open Division allows both men and women to participate.  The Women Division has two divisions—one competitive and one non-competitive. The league expects at least 40 to 50 teams will be playing this season.

All games and the Big Peach Tournament will be played at the Metro Softball field at 7301 Cambelton Road in Atlanta.

HSL will host player sign-ups on the following dates:
January 29 at Blake’s from 3 to 6 p.m.
February 2 at Joes on Juniper from 7 to 10 p.m.
February 18 at Woofs from 1 to 4 p.m.

For details, visit www.hotlantasoftball.org.

Adam Helewski of the Bitsy Grant Honey Badgers tennis team

Atlanta Tennis Team Association
With more than 250 members, the ATTA sponsors teams in men’s, women’s and mixed leagues, and tennis is played year-round in the various leagues. Each season typically lasts seven weeks, followed by the playoffs. There are also opportunities for singles players and doubles pairs in ladders and league play for individual competitors. The United States Tennis Association runs a full schedule of tournaments for all skill levels, and ATTA organizes two tournaments each year including The Peach International Tennis Championships celebrating its 25th year in 2012. ATTA also sponsors monthly social tennis events and weekly Open Play.

Important ATTA dates include:
ChATTAhoochee Doubles Classic (early March)
ATTA Singles Ladder begins (mid-March)
ALTA Spring Season begins (March 17)
ATTA Doubles Ladder begins (mid-April)
Summer Season (ALTA Mixed/USTA) begins (June 2)
The Peach International Tennis Championships (Labor Day weekend)
ALTA Fall Season begins (September 8 )
USTA Winter Season begins (November 10)

For more information about ATTA, visit www.atta.org

Zack Gruczkowski of the National Flag Football League

National Flag Football League of Atlanta
Registration for the 2012 Spring/Summer NFFLA League is currently open.  The league fees are $70 for early registration on or before 11:59 p.m. on February 6 and $80 for regular registration on or before 11:59 p.m. on February 27. Pre-season games will be held March 10 and 17, with the regular season beginning March 24.

NFFLA’s annual “Play ‘N Greet” orientation sessions will be held February 25 and 26. These sessions are optional for returning players, but attendance at one of them is mandatory for all new players. The 2012 Draft is scheduled to be held February 28, and the Team Reveal Party will be March 1.
To register, visit www.NFFLA.com.

Emmanuel Clay of the Atlanta Bucks Rugby Football Club

Front Runners Atlanta
Front Runners Atlanta is a running, walking and social club for gay people and friends. With about 80 registered members the club is open to all people regardless of race, pace, age, gender, sexual orientation or athletic ability. Through weekly runs and social events, the club offers opportunities for fun, fitness and socializing.

Alex Aviles of the Hotlanta Soccer Association

There are no minimum requirements and FRA allows each member to determine his or her own level of involvement. Online registration for 2012 opens in February, with annual membership dues costing $25. The club’s big event of the year is the Pride Run 5K held in Piedmont Park during the last Saturday in June.

For details, visit www.eteamz.com/frontrunnersatlanta or email [email protected]

For more information about the following sports organizations, click on the team name:

Bucks Rugby Football Club

Atlanta Rainbow Trout

Hotlanta Soccer

Hotlanta Volleyball Association

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Shop & Drop | 6th Annual Backpack in the Park

THERE ARE THREE things us gay boys love to do: dance, shop and give. Could you imagine if were able to do all three at once? You’d faint right? Well grab a chair; we have an event which lets you combine all three into one fabulous day: For the Kid in All of Us 6th annual Backpack in the Park: A Back-To-School Benefit.

The idea: help underprivileged kids by shopping for a stylish (kid-friendly) backpack, fill it up with fabulous school supplies and drop it off at Piedmont Park on July 30th between 4-7pm during the Backpack in the Park community picnic. Once you leave the goods behind grab some free grub, play a couple of carnival games and dance to the beats of DJ Vicki Powell. If you can handle more fun, join the “After Party” at Joe’s on Juniper for $1 shots!

Last year’s event pulled in over 1,600 backpacks! This year they are hoping to top that number. For the Kid’s president, Chris Bess explains: “With each year of Backpack in the Park, the need gets greater – and this year we have raised the bar again. Our goal is to collect at least 1,800 backpacks.” Upon Completion of the party For the Kid distributes the bags to organizations like: AID Atlanta, Camp Horizon, CHRIS Kids, Cool Girls, Nicholas House, and many more!

For the Kid in All of Us started in 2003 as a group of friends looking to make a difference in their local community. Their main goal was to help the staggering amount of underprivileged kids in Georgia by raising awareness and to lessen the struggles of families during the holiday season.

Their first event was “The Toy Party” which was put on as an event where members of the LGBT community and our allies could come together to support a cause that would help children across the state. Over the years they have doled-out more than 31,500 toys and gift cards, 5,100 backpacks and raised over $450,000.00 to help Georgia’s less fortunate children.

If you don’t like shopping (gasp!) don’t worry you can still come to the party just make sure to bring a gift card worth more than $30 which can be used to buy school supplies (no, iTunes downloads are not school supplies). A complete list of needed supplies can be found at www.FortheKid.org. If you don’t have time to shop (again gasp!) check out www.chariteeheart.com/forthekid for pre-stuffed packs.

What are you waiting for? Grab your best guy friends, an iced mocha lava java and shop for a cause!

Backpack in the Park
Piedmont Park –
Greystone Event Facility
July 30, 2011 4-7PM

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Ryan Nickulas of The A-List New York | The Fenuxe Interview

By Michael Vorndran

RYAN NICKULAS LOVES his new found fame as a member of Logo’s “The A-list: New York”, but his real love is hair. Ryan sat down with Fenuxe to dish on the show, his love life and the Ryan Darius Salon!

Fenuxe: Have you ever been to Atlanta?

Ryan: I have. I have a few friends down there. I have been to a few weddings and pride. I love Piedmont Park and Swinging Richards is always fun too (giggles).

Fenuxe: You’ve been to Swinging Richard’s?

Ryan: Before I was married, before I was married (laughs). I might have danced a few numbers at Swinging Richards, just kidding.

Fenuxe: Whatever happens in Atlanta stays in Atlanta right?

Ryan: Pretty much. You boys in Atlanta are so polite.

Fenuxe: You are from Massachusetts…how did you end up in NYC?

Ryan: I grew up a half hour from Provincetown. After college I went to hair school in Boston, while I was paying for hair school I was slinging cocktails at this amazing bar in Boston, Club Café. And that is where I met Desmond. And Desmond and I have been friends ever since. I reference him as my Mr. Big on the show a lot. There is so much parallel between Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big in our relationship. Never at the right place at the right time, but the connection was always huge.

Fenuxe: How did you finally “connect” for good?

Ryan: Every six months or so we would check in with each other. Five years later we started dating. We started dating in May and I moved to New York in October. So I moved here for love.

Fenuxe: Are you happy that you did?

Ryan: Yeah I think it worked out for me (laughing). Still in love!

Fenuxe: What was the energy like when the Marriage Equality passed in New York?

Ryan: Pride was that weekend. I think that it was electric in this city. Just for myself I was so proud to live in New York. Proud to already have a wedding ring on my hand and to have someone to call my husband on a daily basis.

Fenuxe: We don’t see a lot of Desmond on the show. Is that going to change? Is that by design?

Ryan: You know we film during the day and my husband has a job. (laughs) I own my own business so I can create my own hours. It isn’t going to change very much. You’ll see him at some charity events. You know the other thing too, not to be disrespectful, but my husband is 38 years-old and an executive. What the hell does he have in common with Austin? Nothing! It doesn’t make sense he doesn’t know those boys that well; just not his cup of tea.

Fenuxe: You mention on the show that you want to have a baby. How is that going? Are you adopting?

Ryan: We are doing a surrogacy which is pretty different than adoption. You will get more of that during the season. I can’t reveal too much about that. But yup the family is in the works. You will see what happens this season.

Fenuxe: How did you end up doing the show?

Ryan: I auditioned. A girl friend of mine saw an ad, on Gawker for the “Real House Husbands of New York.” They changed the show name right after we filmed the pilot and they called it “Kept” and I am not a kept boy. A lot of people think that I am because my husband is very successful, but I pay my own bills. My business sustains itself; I actually do make a living (laughing).

Fenuxe: So you do have clients? It always looks empty on the show.

Ryan: (Laughing) I have a team of four stylists. I know when you watch the show it looks like it’s just me and it doesn’t look like there is a lot going on. I did that out of fear. I have some amazing women and men with very discreet lives. God forbid, god forbid one of the boys blows up and starts a fight in front of one of my best clients. Doctors and lawyers and wealthy, wealthy people are sitting in front of a reality show on national Television. I kept my clients away from the filming.

Fenuxe: Are we going to see more of your salon manager, TJ, this season? He is hilarious!

Ryan: Of course, of course. I am so happy that he became such a fan favorite. Here I have my best friend, who I went to high school with, who is probably one of the funniest bitches I have ever met. It was so cool that I got to share that with him.

Fenuxe: You two should have your own show.

Ryan: That is sweet, thank you. TJ and I were the only two characters that truly knew each other beside Reichen and Rodiney. You can kind of tell that we naturally have that kind of chemistry. We are kind of like the Kim and Nene.

Fenuxe: So…You have a girl on your show this season. How did that work?

Ryan: She’s amazing. She is going to turn the show out. I think it would have been boring without her. The new characters and new dynamics of everything keeps the show fresh and vibrant and unpredictable. There is never a dull moment. I have to truly, truly give props to Nyasha

Fenuxe: It was kind of strange that there weren’t any woman anywhere in season one.

Ryan: It was sort of a little too gay, believe it or not (laughs).

The A-List New York
Logo Network
Mondays, 10PM

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Fenuxe Best Of Atlanta 2011

Winners: To Download Your Best of Atlanta Logos, Please Scroll to the Bottom Of This Post

Fenuxe loves to celebrate the gay community here in Atlanta and highlight the positive side to how we live, work and play. So, this year we wanted to pay tribute to the gay-owned and gay-friendly businesses that are the bedrock of our community.

We decided it would be a great idea to let our readers choose who truly is the Best of Atlanta. We were blown away as the nominations and the votes rolled in by the thousands. Some of the winners were expected while others came as a little bit of a surprise (in a good way). Thanks to everyone who took part in this amazing process. Our hope is that you and other Atlantans will use the list of nominees and winners as a resource guide.

Now…without further ado…we are proud to present the winners of the first annual Fenuxe Magazine: Best of Atlanta. Congratulations to all!


Best Local Art Gallery
Bill Lowe Gallery

Local artists, art lovers and Fenuxe Readers agree: Bill Lowe Gallery is the best local art gallery. Under the direction of owner Bill Lowe, the gallery showcases artists with a combination of power and eloquence. Artists love to have their work seen in the gallery because the space has soaring ceilings and gorgeous clean lines. Art lovers enjoy seeing art at Bill Lowe Gallery because they have powerful collections of great beauty, impressive events, and a warm helpful staff!

Best Museum
High Museum of Art

Their newest claim is they’re hijacking modern art and bringing it to Atlanta. Now it seems that they have hijacked all the votes in our poll! They walked away with an astonishing 80% of the vote! The museum is loved by locals due to their impressive collection, the ability to pull in exhibits from artists like Salvador Dali and Annie Liebovitz their inventive way of opening nights and other special events. In October the High takes the museum even, well, higher with an exhibit called “Picasso to Warhol: Twelve Modern Master” which will not want to be missed.


Best Car Repair Shop
Atlanta Car Care

There is little worse in the world than trying to start your car in the morning and you get a big fat nothing. Have no fear Atlanta Car Care is here!!! John Spilane and his team of automotive experts have been providing Atlanta boys and girls with quality, trustworthy and friendly service since 2001. No job is too small or too big. They can do everything from replacing a light bulb to rebuilding a tranny (and by that we mean transmission.)

Best Car Dealership
Nalley BMW

Some of the best cars on the road today are the latest BMWs. According to Fenuxe readers the best place to pick-up your beamer is at Nalley BMW. This will come as no surprise to people who have purchased vehicles from the dealership. The sales team is top-notch; they take a no pressure approach and let you enjoy the experience of buying your first (second or third) BMW. After getting behind the wheel you may want to call the BF and let him know you won’t be pulling over anytime soon.

Bar Scene

Best Drink Special

The drink specials at Amsterdam bring all the Fenuxe boys to the bar!!! Get tipsy on Tuesday with $3 beer, enjoy hump day with $5 L.I.Ts, end the week with Fishbowl Fridays (be sure to try the Green Iguana, yum) and Smirnoff Saturdays! The bar also features a fantastic menu, seriously, good food. Enjoy the lively video entertainment while you sip your delicious cocktail! No matter what your vibe; Amsterdam will have it!

Best Bar inside a Hotel
Whiskey Park @ W Midtown

Sophistication. Style. Class. Whiskey Park inside the W Hotel has it all! Sip on award winning cocktails while sitting under dramatic, oversized chandeliers or nibble on sophisticated munchies lounging on the fantastic garden-style outdoor patio. Doesn’t matter if you are a local or a guest; this is the place for classy, adult-style fun! Find out the latest on their Facebook page:

Best Dive Bar

Looking for some good, southern, dirty fun? Then head on down to Mary’s, the best dive bar (and we mean that in a bad-ass deliciously dirty way) in the ATL. The folks at Mary’s pride themselves on being the perfect place for people to gather, let their hair down and be themselves. They love catering to a diverse crowd of gays, lesbians and even a few straights. Don’t spend too much time primping and priming , that’s not what this place is about. Note: Their website states – laughter will ensue should you wear flip-flops.

Best Place to Dance

When Atlanta gays feel the itch to move their feet to the sound of a pulsating beat they head into the Jungle! This place isn’t your standard issue dance floor thrown in the middle of a bar with little room to shake your thang. Jungle’s dance floor is one of the biggest in town and gives all of us plenty of room to move our body and strut our stuff like you were on a catwalk, yeah! They also bring in world famous DJs like Tony Moran and Lydia Prim to make sure the music will truly move you.

Best Sports Bar

Yeah that’s right; there are a few of us gay boys who like sports and we aren’t ashamed of it. What is better than watching hot boys run around holding bats, chasing balls and patting each other on the bottoms? Woof’s was voted best partly because they boast 31 TV sets scattered around the bar to make sure you are covered no matter what sport you watch. During the summer they carry all the out-of-market baseball games and, of course, cover the gridiron on Sundays in the fall and winter.

Best place to see and be seen
Blake’s on the park

Atlanta knows the best and only place to see and be seen by hot boys in the ATL is at Blake’s on the Park. This place is always packed full on any given night of the week. Boys looking to see the parade of trade can perch themselves at one of the comfy lounge seats at the upper bar. Guys looking to be seen can pose themselves near the 10th street windows in the lower bar. Or you can do what we like to do, get the best of both and wander throughout.

Best Overall Bar

Atlanta knows that if you want the best drink specials, the best entertainment and dancing, and the best eats, there is no choice but Burkhart’s. They have a huge selection of food which even includes a New York steak for less than 8 bucks! Seriously you can get in, grab some meat, down a drink and be ready to mix and mingle all night for less than fifteen bucks! They also have some of the best drag entertainers in town who pride themselves on delivering the best show every performance night of
the week.


Best Place to get a haircut
Helmet Hairworx

Need your hair did? Then make your way to the salon the Gay Atlanta
named the best place to get your haircut in the big A… Helmet Hairworx. Our readers run to the stylists whenever they need a trim, tint or tone because they’re experts in both cutting and coloring. Randy Addison and his team of super-stylists enjoy giving all their clients the best service from start to finish. If you need a full-service ‘do, don’t get tossed around like a basket of biscuits at family brunch, head to any of the Helmet locations for personalized service.

Best Cosmetic Dentist
Chip Hill, DDS, PC

Are you afraid to smile because your teeth are a couple of shades south of white? Well it’s time you saw Dr. Chip Hill, DDS, PC, the man voted as Fenuxe Magazine’s Best Cosmetic Dentist. Conveniently located on Peachtree in Midtown, Dr. Hill can fix your grill with services that include basic whitening and bonding all the way up to bridges and veneers. The team over at Dr. Hill’s office will clean you up and get you model beautiful using state-of-the-art equipment and 15 years of experience.

Best Dermatologist
Dermatology Consultants of Atlanta

Old and young alike love to get their face pampered at Dermatology Consultants of Atlanta. Gays just love this place because they can go in for something as simple as having a wart removed, something as complex as treating skin allergies and/or something “elective” like Botox or collagen injections. All the boys in the know run to the consultants for the latest and greatest in body sculpting technology… CoolSculpting! If you don’t know what it is, check it out!

Best Gym
Gravity Fitness

When gay Atlantans need to get in shape they know the best place to go in Atlanta is the gay-owned Gravity Fitness over on Faulkner. The 16,000 square foot space is the perfect place to check out guys, err, we mean get in shape. You can choose from state-of-the-art Life Fitness Signature Equipment, old-school free weights or jump in for a class or two. When you are done looking, sorry, we mean working out, the massage team can give you a good rub down!

Best Place to get your Nails done
Nail Talk & Tan

There is nothing wrong with having pretty fingers and toes, in fact there are many of us who believe that it should be illegal to walk around in public with fuggly nails. They say you can see who a man truly is by looking at his finger nails. A boy with nice clean nails says he cares about himself, but one with jacked-up nails says he doesn’t care about nothin’! Which one do you want to be? We prefer the former so we take yourself to Nail Talk and Tan for your manis and pedis.

Best Spa
Blue Med Spa Midtown

Even if you don’t have time for a vacation or a stay-cation you can still treat yourself to a little escape. You chose Bue Med Spa as the best place to “get away”. The spa offers up all the goodies you can find at a five-star hotel in Fiji right in the heart of Midtown. You can escape, relax, de-stress and rejuvenate with one of their men-focused treatments. They do such a good job of helping you escape you may be a little surprised when you realize you’re still on 10th.

Best Tanning Salon
Simply Sun Tanning

We all love lounging around pools sipping a drink, checking out the hot swimwear (as well as what’s underneath!)and soaking up the sun. Sometimes, though, it is just too darn hot to enjoy the process. So, when you need that beautiful bronze glow, head over to Simply Sun Tanning, voted best tanning salon in Atlanta. Simply Sun is conveniently located in Amsterdam Walk. Of course, tans aren’t only for summer, Simply Sun can keep you July golden all through the year.

Best Plastic Surgeon
Abramson Facial Plastic Surgery

As you well know, In our gay world aging is not an option. Most of us try to stay young at heart by eating well and working out. Yet still living life to the fullest. There are times when Mother Nature catches up to us and we need a little “refresher”. If you need a little facial work, head on over to Dr. Peter Abramson’s office at Abramson Facial Plastic Surgery, voted this year’s Best Plastic Surgeon. Dr. Abramson and his team are highly skilled at doing everything from a little fill to a big lift.

Best Place for Massage
Massage Envy Midtown

Did you spend a little too much time dancing the night away at Jungle? Back feeling a little stiff? No worries, head over to Massage Envy-Midtown where one of their therapists will get you all loosened up for another night of over-doing it! Check out their own signature “Hot Stone Envy” which is one of the many reasons they were voted best massage in Atlanta by the Fenuxe readership.


Best Benefit Party
For The Kid: Toy Party

The city of Atlanta has a large amount of fabulous organizations that hold events which have a positive impact on the often harsh world around us. We know when people voted the Fenuxe Magazine Best of Atlanta poll it wa hard to choose the best among a crowded field of greatness. Atlanta has spoken and the winner is The Toy Party held each year by For the Kid in All of Us. The event brings together the LGBT community for a night of child-like wonderment as we all get to give an under privileged kid a toy and a smile during the holiday season. The Toy Party has collected and distributed over 31,500 toys since 2003.

Best Event
Atlanta Pride Festival

Some of the best gay events in the world are held each year right in the big A, but there is not one bigger, better or gayer than the Atlanta Pride Festival. For the very few of you who live here and have never been; let’s just say it is one rocking party! The two-day event is held each year in Piedmont Park and features parties, booths and a fantastic parade. This year’s celebration will take place October 8 and 9 to coincide with National Coming Out Day. So starting making your plans and make sure to look for the Fenuxe boys in the parade!

Best Gay Sports Team
Atlanta Bucks Rugby

A great thing about being a gay boy in the ATL is the fact that there is a burgeoning LGBT amateur sports community. While there are many great sports leagues around the city the Fenuxe readers have voted the Atlanta Bucks Rugby Football Club the winner of the best sports team. The team is full of a bunch of great guys who work hard, play hard and give back to the community. They even took some time out of their lives to make an “It Gets Better” video to help reach kids across the country. If you haven’t seen them play a match make some time during their next season to show your support!

Best House of Worship/ Spiritual Center
St. Mark UMC

There are a lot of people out there who think that gays and God don’t get along. Luckily for the Atlanta gays who like to take in a service there are plenty of places to worship that welcome members of the LGBT community with open arms. While all our nominees were worthy of a win the Fenuxe readers have anointed St. Mark UMC as the best place to worship in the Big A. www.stmarkumc.org

Best Local Nonprofit LGBT Organization
Jerusalem House

Choosing the best Non-Profit is like asking someone which of their kids is their favorite. This year, the winner of the Fenuxe Magazine Best of Atlanta Non-Profit is the amazing Jerusalem House. For those of you new to town – this is an organization that spends their time and energy housing individuals and families affected by HIV/AIDS. The literally help people get off the streets and provide them with a safe place to live. The organizations started out in 1989 with the ability to house just five people, but today they have the ability to house 12 single mothers and their school aged kids at the house plus another 133 in apartments scattered around the city.

Best LGBT News Outlet
Project Q Atlanta

The way people consume news in 2011 in much different than it used to be. Back in the old-days (2000) people would be forced to wait for the 6 o’clock news or the morning paper to know if Congress passed a bill or the Biebs got a new tattoo. Of course, there are still some who love the feel of a newspaper. But in today’s digital world news is reported and read 24-hours a day through on-line sources, which is probably why Project Q Atlanta was named Best LGBT news outlet by the Fenuxe readers! They are able to provide their readers with stellar news when it happens as it happens.


Best Chorus
Atlanta Gay Men’s Chorus

When Gay Atlanta wants to be entertained by some of the best classics and all time favorites, there is only one place for them to go… Atlanta Gay Men’s Chorus. The singing boys have celebrated their 30th year with some amazing performances and still have a few more to go before the year ends. If you get the chance make sure you check out a show! Top of the line talent right here in our Atlanta community.

Best Drag Show Venue

Winning yet another coveted Best of Atlanta award, Burkhart’s has also been voted Best Drag Venue. Not only have they created a space that is perfect for drag entertainers from near and far to deliver their devilish shows, their shows also boast some of Atlanta’s top attended events. Of course, one of the most attended nights is Sunday, when resident divas, The Armorettes, perform. Make sure you get there a little early so you can find a perfect spot to view the queens work their magic all night long.

Best Live Performing Arts
Actor’s Express

This particular theatre company was on the verge of extinction just a few months ago, but today we are proud to announce Actor’s Express have been voted as the best live performing arts by Fenuxe Readers. The company is often thought of as one of the most daring theatre companies in the Southeast. Each season AE performs five to seven plays, working with nationally known talent paired with up and comers through their internship program. If you are craving some quality, thought-provoking theatre you must get to a show at Actor’s Express!

Best Local Cinema
Landmark/ Midtown Arts Cinema

Fenuxe readers voted Landmark – Midtown Art Cinema the best movie theater in Atlanta probably because of the fact that they show a variety of blockbuster and indie films across their eight screens. Movie lovers can enjoy their movie with a tasty gourmet treat from the impressive concession stand. The theater also will host the majority of the films screened during the 2011 Out on Film Festival.

Best Music Venue
Eddie’s Attic

If you like good old-fashion piano parties Eddies Attic is probably not the place for you, however if you like music from radical singers, famous or not than you will love Eddie’s Attic. This place has been a staple in Decatur for the past 19 years and is still going strong. Even as they attract big names like India.Arie, the Indigo Girls and Edwin McCain they also continue to play host to newcomers like out singer Jay Brannan. They also hold a weekly open-mic night for local singers to showcase their skills. Check out their calendar for a full schedule of shows catering to all types of music lovers.

Best Comedy Club
Laughing Skull

If you enjoy a night of laughter, fun and good food then you will love the Laughing Skull Lounge. That is why the Fenuxe readers named it the best comedy club in our Best of Atlanta poll. The lounges plays host to hilarious comedians like Judy Tenuta and Tory Toler and also opens up the mic every Tuesday and Wednesday night to help local comedians perfect their punch lines. www.vortexcomedy.com

Best Trivia
Joe’s on Juniper

Okay we have a question for you? Who won this year’s Fenuxe Magazine best trivia? Hint: the answer is just above these words! That’s right; our readers voted and named Joe’s on Juniper best trivia in Atlanta! Now with the addition of Mary Edith Pitt’s Wednesday night trivia mash-up, Joe’s hosts three fun and fact filled nights of quizzes! You can enjoy the game while sipping a fabulous cocktail on their open-air patio. So get over there, grab some brews and learn a thing or two!

Best Karaoke

You say karaoke Mary’s says Mary-oke, but don’t worry we won’t call the whole thing off. If you think you hate karaoke check out a Tuesday night at this East Atlanta hot spot and see why Fenuxe readers scramble to watch CJ and the ragtag bunch of locals sing their lungs out. It seriously could change your life for the better. If you need to get a buzz to build up the courage to give your own show, have no fear Mary’s offers some very tasty libations to give any introvert the rock star edge.

Best Theatre House
The Fox Theatre

When it comes to seeing big-time theatre in the city of Atlanta there is one place that Fenuxe readers choose as their pick… Fox Theatre. “The Fox”, as us locals refer; is routinely hailed across the country as one of the best “small” venues in the industry. This allows the theatre to attract many of the best Broadway tours to date including a recent stop by “Rock of Ages” and the upcoming “Come Fly Away”. They also host fun events like movie nights and sing-a-longs. If you love theatre, music and entertainment check them out today!

Best Outdoor Event
Atlanta Pride Festival

This thing is so good our readers had to celebrate it twice! Atlanta Pride has been voted by the Fenuxe readership as the best outdoor event in the big A! In an effort to not repeat ourselves we will discuss what you can expect on October 8 and 9 when you visit the largest pride festival in the southeast. The market place hosts literally hundreds of booths featuring food, merchandise and clothing. Of course the only one that truly matters is the Fenuxe booth so make sure and check us out for some special surprises. Musical acts will be announced soon so stay tuned to Fenuxe and we will keep you posted!

Best Classical Music Performance Group
Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

Often times hoity-toity citizens of other large cities don’t consider Atlanta a true “metropolitan” city, but the fact of the matter is those of us who live here know different. This city is burgeoning with quality arts and cultural events. We are also proud to call the ATL home of one of the best orchestras in the country, which is probably why the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra was voted Best Classical Music Performance Group by our readers. Each year the ASO performs more than 200 concerts around the city teaming up with talent like Idina Menzel and Cirque du Soleil.

Fashion/ Retail

Best Local Boutique & Best Place to get Sexy Underwear
Boy Next Door

Now there may be a correlation as to why Boy Next Store has been named both best boutique and best place to get sexy underwear in the Fenuxe Best of Atlanta poll. Think about it; they cater to the gay crowd, they provide a safe and comfortable place for us to browse (flirt?) and they offer a ridiculous selection of reasonably priced underwear in all shapes, sizes and colors. Of course they also have other things like designer jeans, shirts and swimwear. Which is great because mixing in regular apparel won’t make you look like an underwear addict.

Best Bang for your Buck & Best Gifts and Novelties Store

When you talk about staples of gay Atlanta there are a few places that come to mind, one of those is Brushstrokes, the winner of two Fenuxe Best of Atlanta awards. The first award was for best bang for your buck because of their overall reasonable prices on everything from books to CDs. The Fenuxe readers also named them best gifts & novelty store due to their wide range of unique trinkets for your home, car or bedroom! You are sure to find something to please you and yours!

Best Florist
Twelve Boutique

Mothers and girlfriends think they have the market cornered on getting flowers, but we are here to tell you that us gay boys love to get flowers from our suitors as well. Especially when the arrangement comes from Twelve Boutique. If you have seen their work you know why our readers named them best flowers in Atlanta. Twelve owner, John McDonald, opened his doors back in 1996 with a vision to provide sexy flower arrangements as well as help foster the local art community. By all accounts he has succeeded in both missions.

Best Bookstore
Outwrite Book Store

In a world of Amazons and Barnes and Nobles, it is great to know that places like, Outwrite, winner of the Best Bookstore in Atlanta, can still exist. Phillip Rafshoon and his employees make sure you are covered whether you prefer Hemingway or Handler. They bring some of the biggest names in gay literature to the store and invite the community to stop by, look, listen and learn. Outwrite also plays host to local book clubs and other community events. Next time you need a book or just a cup of coffee stop by and support the team that supports us!

Best Jewelry Store
Worthmore Jewelers

Diamonds are known as a gal’s best friend and ain’t that the truth! Honey, we all love shiny things no matter how big or how small. We also love gold, silver, platinum, heck who are we kidding we love anything pretty that we can show-off. When the local LGBT community thinks about jewelry they think of Worthmore Jewelers, this year’s Best Jewelry Store in Atlanta. The folks at Worthmore love providing exceptional service, value and quality. Next time you need to impress pick-up something to add a little sparkle!

Best Liquor Store
Tower on Piedmont

Fenuxe readers voted and named Tower on Piedmont the best liquor store probably because the boys in Midtown know that when they need to get a good bottle for the party there is no place better around. Tower moved into the neighborhood back in 1952 and has helped thousands (millions) of local boys and girls get their buzzes on ever since. They pride themselves on providing excellent products and service all for a reasonable price. Cheers!

Best Place to Shop till you Drop

Fenuxe readers know if it wasn’t for the fact that they have a restaurant in the middle of the store you might literally see shoppers dropping all over the store because the place is so big. We are proud to give our Swedish friends the award for best place to shop ‘til you drop. Of course you may also drop when you get home and realize you have to put all that stuff together. Nonetheless, give us a good cinnamon bun, 50 cent hot dogs and a space to roam; we’ll be occupied for hours!

Best Thrift/ Second Hand Store

We always had a suspicion there were other gay boys and girls who shopped at Goodwill, It was something no one really talked about. The good news is that we can all come out as Goodwill shoppers because you named the non-profit the best thrift/second hand store in the ATL. And what’s not to love, second chances for perfectly good merchandise ranging from apparel, home products and even electronics!

Best Shopping Mall
Lenox Square

As we all know shopping is one of our favorite things to do in the entire world. It doesn’t matter if we are shopping for a pair of socks, new jeans or bath soap; we just love doing it all over town. But, according to our readers, the best place to get it all done in one place is the Lenox Square Mall. Since 1958, Lenox has come a long way from the open air concept, now boasting some of the most luxurious shops in the southeast.


Best Gay-Owned Restaurant & Best Brunch
Radial Cafe

A true Sunday fun-day can only start with the perfect brunch, which is why the first place you should think about is Radial Cafe. When you go to the café for Brunch don’t expect just your ordinary lunch infused breakfast items. The chefs take it up a notch with gastric delights such as Sake & Pear French Toast, Chai-Coconut Vegan Cakes and Tillamook Cheddar Grits with fried shrimp. Gay Atlanta has also bestowed Radial with the best gay-owned restaurant award! The café was fairly recently taken over by well-known, gay-activist Frank Bragg who has definitely continued with the high-quality service and products. He also continues to give back to the community by working with local nonprofits and using his walls of the restaurant to position local art.

Best Bloody Mary

Now we have all heard of salad bars and Bloody Mary’s but have you heard of a Bloody Mary Bar? Obviously the Fenuxe family has because they voted Einstein’s as having the best Bloody Mary probably because of the bloody bar offered on Saturdays and Sundays. If you can’t make it during the weekend, don’t trip potato chip, they offer a range of homemade Mary mixes to tickle and please any pallet.

Best New Restaurant

When Hob Nob hit Midtown last year it caused quite a stir because it seemed like just another tavern/bar. However the doubting quickly turned to love and addiction and people just couldn’t get enough. The love has led to the Hob Nob being named the best new restaurant in the Fenuxe Best of Atlanta poll. The joint is owned by the Yeremyan Brothers (Gilbert’s) and they enjoy making sure their delicious food is served with a smile!

Best Coffeehouse
Dancing Goats

We were a little sad when we went to the Dancing Goats coffee house the first time because there are no goats dancing anywhere, in fact there is no dancing at all. However, we did find out their namesake exists because of a legend of the discovery of coffee. A goat-herder noticed his goats “danced” after eating this small red fruit off a shrub. The more you know (shooting star). We also were delighted by the bold coffee, tingly teas and scrumptious desserts. They also offer a variety of seating options that include communal, group study-friendly tables and more intimate areas with comfy couches and chairs.

Best Desserts
Cafe Intermezzo

There are moments in life that call for something sweet to soothe the soul. According to the Fenuxe Readership the best place to do that is at Café Intermezzo. Owner Brian Olson took his fascination and love for European coffeehouses and created one right in Buckhead. For those of you who have never been; a trip to the café is like stepping out of Atlanta and into a decadent bistro in the middle of Austria. This is a great place to take a date!

Best Mexican Food
No Mas Cantina

What started out as a furniture and home décor store has now also snagged the title Best Mexican Food in Atlanta! How they went from decorating to cooking is beyond us, but at they do both very well. Their food just melts in your mouth… in fact, just thinking about it makes our mouth’s water!They are known across the big A for quality, authentic Mexican nibbles served up from the best serving and bar tending team in town. They are located in the Castleberry Hill art district and feature a patio perfectly designed for relaxing the day or night away!

Best Bakery

A great bakery has more than just sweet treats and decadent desserts; there are also savory items like breads and dinner tarts. When you visit Alon’s Bakery, the bakery that our readers voted best in Atlanta, you will be shocked at the range of baked goods they offer. Which is great considering when they started back in 1992 they only offered three types of freshly baked breads. With inspiration from Europe and New York Alon Balshan and his wife Janine have made this place a must visit for all Atlanta foodies.

Best Burger
Farm Burger Decatur

Gourmet burgers are all the rage these days. It seems that everywhere you turn there is another “must-have burger” joint popping up. The truth is only a few of them rise to the top of the absolute best burger in Atlanta. Our readers decided the burger for them is Farm Burger in Decatur. One thing that separates a place like Farm Burger is the fact they only use 100% grass-fed beef which is dry-aged for two weeks. Farm Burger also gets their meat from local farms in the southeast. Living and eating local is the only way to go!

Best Margarita

In the heat wave that has taken over the ATL this summer all we can think about on TGIF is grabbing an ice cold libation to chill our bones. Apparently a lot of our readers like their concoctions to originate from south of the border and they say F.R.O.G.S on Monroe offers up the best margaritas in town. If you stop by on Thursdays they serve them by the pitcher for just $12 and on Fridays you can get a ‘rita for just $5. Cap your weekend (or night off) with a refreshing beverage from our friends over at F.R.O.G.S.

Best Pizza Joint

There are two cities in America that are synonymous with Pizza; New York and Chicago. But the city of Atlanta is starting to become a city covered in sauce, anchovies and pepperoni. If places like Fritti, our readers’ favorite pizza place, keep popping up there may be a day that Atlanta is known as the city of peaches and pizza. Fritti serves up authentic Napoletana pizza that is certified by the Verace Pizza Napoletana Association (it’s a real thing we looked it up). They also offer other delicious cuisine, but if you go you must try one of their pies. Yum!

Best Gay-Friendly Restaurant
Roxx Food and Spirits

There are places all over the city that call themselves “gay-friendly.” But there are few that go above and beyond like Roxx Food and Spirits over on Cheshire Bridge. It is no wonder that the Fenuxe Best of Atlanta voters named them the best gay-friendly restaurant in town. From the outside it looks like your typical “tavern” style place. Once inside you realize you have stepped into an establishment that will treat you right. The drinks are divine and the food is fine! 404-892-4541

Best Sushi Place
Ru Sans Midtown

When our readers need a good fix of raw fish [SAKE BOMB!] they head over to Ru Sans-Midtown because according to their votes this place has the best Sushi [SAKE BOMB!] in the ATL. Maybe it is the informal atmosphere, the friendly service or the convenient location on Piedmont. Who knows and who cares [SAKE BOMB!] the point is that everything is fresh and tasty.

Best Thai Place
Little Bangkok

Are there any other boys out there who wake up in the middle of the night craving Pad Thai or Red Curry? We bet there are a few and we know that you go to Little Bangkok because you named them as the best Thai food in Atlanta! Just thinking about it right now makes us want to stop working and run over there for a taste of their Yum Yai salad or Yum Woon Sen.


Best Quality
Room & Board

As we get older the desire to spend money on quality furniture is unrelenting. Gone are the days of buying something “for now” that is easy to move. Once you park yourself in a place you want to stay for a while the best thing to do is find some quality furniture to spruce it up. The Fenuxe readers think the best place to do that in the Big A is at Room & Board. This place takes great care to ensure that all of the items they sell you are built to last. The best part is you don’t have to sacrifice style for quality, they give you that too.

Best Boutique
Flora Dora

Flora Dora may sound like a character from “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”, but in fact it is a fine home décor boutique. This place is so chock full of interesting pieces to purchase the Fenuxe readers voted it the best furniture boutique in the city. With one step into the showroom you understand why they have been around for more than two decades. While they do offer a serious selection of sexy furniture they also give good accessories as well!

Most Trendy & Modern
By Design

When Fenuxe readers think about uber-trendy and modern furniture in Atlanta they only think of one place… By Design. Since their opening way back in 1990, their vision was clear. They wanted to combine European design with American scaling while keeping comfort at the forefront. The showroom at By Design is populated with more cutting-edge stylish furniture and accessories than any other spot in the city. Check them out for all the gotta-have furnishings!


Best Place to Meet Women – Bellissima
Best Place to Meet Men – Blake’s On the Park

When it comes to finding love in the big city there are many options for both boys and girls. However, just like fishing, if you cast your net wide you have a better chance of snagging a hottie. Fenuxe readers think the best place in Atlanta to net a guy or two is at Blake’s on the Park. The female readers think the best place to hook a hot shorty is at the legendary Bellissima. Both places serve up a fine platter of possibilities.

Best Place for a Blind Date
Atlanta Botanical Garden

One wonders if our readers picked the Atlanta Botanical Gardens as the best place to have a blind date because it has the best places to hide should you not like your date. Hmm… Probably not. The gardens offer a unique location for new love birds. They can wander through the beautiful rose garden, sit for a spell on the expansive great lawn or walk hand-in-hand through the Fuqua Orchid Center. Who knows maybe one of them can steal a kiss in the edible garden!


Best Chiropractic Center
Live Well Chiropractic

Atlanta has spoken and picked Live Well Chiropractic as the best place to get re-aligned in Atlanta. Live Well was founded by Dr. Kristy Francavilla and Dr. Shoshana Kreinces back in 1999. They have performed (by their count) more than 100,000 adjustments. If you’re your back went out of whack at Joining Hearts 24 than book your appointment now.

Best Hospital
Piedmont Hospital

None of us ever want to need a hospital, unless of course we are scooting out hot doctors while we wait for our friend to re-coop from his tummy tuck. However there are times when we need one. And when we do, the Fenuxe readers think the best in the ATL is Piedmont Hospital. The place takes great pride in delivering cutting edge medical services to all types of people.

Best HIV Care and Treatment Facility
AID Atlanta

Many people in Atlanta think of AID Atlanta as a place where people can get tested for HIV, get educated or counseled. However, they also have a highly trained medical staff and offer a full-range of services. AID Atlanta works closely with Morehouse Medical Associates Inc to ensure all patients get the best care possible. It is no wonder our readers named them best!

Best Pharmacy
Absolute Care Pharmacy

According to the Fenuxe readers if you need script filled the best place to go is AbsoluteCARE. They moved to their current location in 2010 where they quickly built a reputation for quality service. They offer one-on-one consulting with a pharmacist to ensure you get the prescription you need. If you can’t make it down to the facility they can arrange to have it delivered to you.


Best Doggie Daycare
Piedmont Bark

Us gays often think of our dogs as children. We dress them up in designer duds, we pamper them with gourmet treats and of course we bring them to daycare. According to the Fenuxe readers the best place to bring your pooch for daycare is Piedmont Bark! This place is a five-star resort for pups! They have over 8,000 square feet of exercise and play space. Bark on the street says the hounds are happiest when lounging around the indoor park-like setting!

Best Pet Groomers
The Pet Set

Yes, Pet Set has been named best pet grooming in Atlanta by our readers, but we all know they truly should be called a “Pet Salon.” They offer styles for both canines and felines. Be sure to ask them about their special Lion and Star Wars cuts for your kitty. Your animals will be the talk of the town!

Best Dog Park
Piedmont Park

That’s right boys there is more to do in Piedmont Park then just watch shirtless guys running and biking. They also have an exceptional pooch play area. Our readers voted and named the palace ark as best dog park. The newly renovated space includes a 3-acre dog run, play areas for both large and small dogs and even a place to sit for those humans!

Best Pet Supply or Store
Highland Pet Supply

Fenuxe pet lovers know that when buying supplies for the canine or the feline the best place to go is Highland Pet supply. This isn’t your run of the mill pet-superstore. They offer a huge selection of specialty dog and cat food as well as unique toys and these things called treats. One of the best things is the fact they won’t sell something they haven’t personally tested.

Best Veterinary Clinic
Briarcliff Animal Clinic

Sadly even our precious pets get sick. When they do the Fenuxe Readership thinks the best place to get them healed is Briarcliff Animal Clinic. Maybe it is because they are open on weekends and use state-of-the-art equipment to fix-up any pet! When in need bring your dog, cat, bird, tortoise, or lizard on in and they will fix them up good!


Best Neighborhood to Live

Okay, does it come as a shock to anyone else that the Fenuxe readers named Midtown as the best neighborhood? Of course not. The area plays home to most of our best of winners and is a wonderful place to primp, prime and play. Literally all in one corner you can get a facial, meet your favorite author and then party the night away!

Best “Up & Coming” Neighborhood
Avondale Estates 

Could one of the reasons our readers voted Avondale Estates as the best up and coming neighborhood is because the name sounds like something out of a fairy tale? Who knows, but the one thing we do know is that area has quickly become a place the LGBT community loves. They offer a stupendous array of chic restaurants, snazzy shops and homey homesteads. They pride themselves on being “Diverse in every way.”

Best Hidden Gem
Kudzu Antiques

To most of us Kudzu is a plant that can’t be killed, but to the hip Fenuxe readers Kudzu is the best hidden gem in the ATL. This place, located off the beaten path in Decatur has been offering up a staggering selection of antiques since 1979. Owners, Kate and George Lawes create a warm and comfortable market which allows shoppers the time they need to find that perfect antique.

Best Hotel
W Atlanta Midtown

Money may not be able to buy you class, but it sure can buy you a classy hotel experience. The W Atlanta probably has been named best hotel by our readers because they offer uber-comfortable rooms, excellent dining choices and of course fantastic bars. One of the best things about the hotel is the pool area called Wet! There is not a better place in town to see sexy boys running around in their Andrew Christian swimwear.



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